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The ‘Power’ of a Donald Trump Endorsement

Just over a week ago, JT Lewis, a candidate for Connecticut’s 28th District at the State Senate level, claimed that President Trump was “73-0”...

The Trump-Twitter Tiff Makes No Sense

As if we did not have enough drama in our lives, suddenly we have the Trump-Twitter soap opera. And it doesn’t seem...
Trump Join Democratic Debate

Trump May Join The Democratic Debate With Live-Tweets

You didn't think that Democrats would get away with having four hours of national broadcast airtime without President Trump trying to intervene and push...

Even Breitbart Condemns Trump’s Sessions-Tantrums

Sometimes, Breitbart is the only medium of any kind that comes up with a way to support Donald Trump. Part of that is...

Trump is Destroying Jeff Sessions on Twitter

But, Jeff Sessions is the man tapped by Trump as Attorney General you say? Why yes, yes he is. Why is the President so...

Poll: Americans Think Trump Tweets Too Much

There is some conventional thinking right now that if the President simply took a hiatus from his twitter account, that he'd do himself and...