This is a red-hot topic, I’m aware. Here’s an open thread for discussion of the ongoing conflict.

Report on the latest via Fox News:

Israel resumed strikes on targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire from the area shortly after the expiration of a cease-fire between Israel and the terror group Hamas, Israeli military officials said Friday.

The move came after military officials said Gaza militants had fired a barrage of at least five rockets at southern Israel soon after a three-day truce between Israel and Hamas expired. The Israeli military said it responded with strikes “across Gaza.”

At least one of the rockets fired from Gaza was intercepted by the Iron Dome system over the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon while two rockets fell in open areas without causing casualties or damage, The Associated Press reported.

Thus far, Israel was withdrawing after crippling the infrastructure of the Islamic terrorist organization known as Hamas. However, it appears Hamas has begun launching rockets again so the fight continues.


  1. Good work, Nate, but the “red-hot” discussion is actually back on the last page–BEN CARSON HIRES CAMPAIGN MANAGER.

    We probably should have moved the non-Carson comments to this page. “We now join this program, already in progress. . .”

  2. Nate;
    There seems to be a lag in time from when post are put up and actually showing. My last thread “Ben Carson….” shows 61 comments but I can only see 51. This thread shows “0” but there are two posted. Are the rest awaiting monitoring?

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  3. Why Israel is a Neo-Nazi Terrorist Zionist State — and we, the USA, should cut them loose!!!

    See the full discourse here:

    Here is a teaser:

    The most upsetting video documenting slaughter of Palestinians by IDF
    rockets on a HOSPITAL AMBULANCE (yes, an ambulance w/ rockets launched ON A HOSPITAL). Extremely graphic, especially the second video in link.

    IDF doing “ritual” dancing & singing blessing artillery shells before launching them onto (schools & hospitals of) Gaza:

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