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Trump Rally 2020

Can Dems’ “Blue Wall” Hold Back Trump’s “Red Wave”?

Democrats are crawling all over the Midwest, hoping to bring States like Wisconsin and Michigan back into the Blue column. If they can, they...
Blue Wave Midterms 2018

Blue Wave in Trouble? Mixed Polling Suggests it’s Overhyped

Everyone is talking about the "blue wave" in November. It's the assumption that Democratic voters are so motivated and ready to vote against President...

Blue Wave Turning Into a Trickle?

In a recent article, we reported that FiveThirtyEight is giving Democrats a three-to-one chance of taking the House in November. We did question that,...

Both Parties Push “Wave” Narrative in Ohio Special Election

We're coming up on a special election in Ohio for a congressional seat abandoned by Republican Pat Tiberi after he retired in January. The...