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Clinton, Sanders Agree on April 14th Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have agreed on upon the date of April 14th to hold a presidential debate. The debate will take place...

Donald Trump to make presidential announcement June 16

It's true, I've been forced into posting a topic on Donald Trump's impending announcement coming June 16. He is expected, by most accounts, to...

New York now off the 2016 Democratic Convention short list?

Given the recent events in New York City regarding police actions, the murder of two police officers, and the rhetoric of Mayor Bill de...

DNC narrows 2016 convention list down to three options

..and then there were three. The Democratic National Committee axed Phoenix and Birmingham off the list leaving only three remaining options for the 2016...

Democrats narrow 2016 convention cities down to six

Not to be overshadowed by the Republican timetable in choosing a convention site, the Democratic National Committee has also narrowed down a list to...