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Will Biden Really Pick Amy Klobuchar as VP?

While the COVID-19 lockdown debate rages over Memorial Day weekend, several prominent Democratic women are getting attention from former vice president Joe Biden. No,...

Democrats Grumble Over Lack of Diversity After Kamala Harris Exits

Remember the "most diverse" primary field in history? Well, not anymore since Sen. Kamala Harris decided to exit the race. The result of Harris'...

Bloomberg Blows Past Kamala Harris in New Democratic Primary Poll

Perhaps we're underestimating the appeal of fresh blood given that we're eleven months into a primary which remains choppy and unsettled. The process is...

Kamala Harris Closing Campaign Offices, Qualifies For December Debate

Sen. Kamala Harris, of California, seems to be entering a do-or-die phase of her struggling presidential campaign. With reports of office closures in New...

Tulsi Gabbard Tops Kamala Harris In New Democratic Primary Poll

Could there still be hope for Gabbard to make the December debate stage? The latest numbers out from a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll pegs...

Kamala Harris Clings To Life With Iowa Campaign Blitz

We haven't reported much on Sen. Kamala Harris, of California, since her attack on former vice president Joe Biden at the first Democratic debate...
Kamala Harris Medicare For All

Kamala Harris: I Support Medicare For All, Just Not Bernie’s Plan

The topic of healthcare, namely in the form of Medicare For All, has been a widely debated and contested issue during the first two...
Harris Warren Dem Primary

Harris Loses Support After Detroit Debate While Warren Shines

Heading into the second Democratic debate, an event which CNN pitched as a "rematch" between Sen. Kamala Harris and former vice president Joe Biden,...
Next Democratic Debate ABC September

These 10 Candidates Have Qualified For The September Democratic Debate

Now that the dust has settled after the latest round of debates in the Democratic primary, here's an assessment of where the campaign is...
CNN Democratic Debate Night Two

Full Video: Watch Night Two Of The CNN Democratic Debate

The fireworks were quick to start Wednesday night on night two of the second Democratic presidential debate hosted by CNN. Former vice president Joe...

Biden Support Remains Steady While Harris Weakens Before Debate

Following the first Democratic debate, back in June, Sen. Kamala Harris saw a jump in her poll numbers as her attack on former vice...
Mueller Testimony 2020 Election

Robert Mueller’s Testimony Leaves Voters In Charge

Following a day of intense testimony from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill, the end result seems to be that President Trump faces...