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Was Trump’s Pre-Covid Economy Stronger than Obama’s?

There is one issue in which Trump has beat Biden in polls most of the year. That is, who would be better...

More Covid-19 Considerations—Including Economy/Finance

Covid-19 has caused a lot of change. It may cause more. We know that people will not want to immediately go back...

Trump to Win Landslide in 2020?

Donald Trump has faced massive criticism for four years. It seemed that the Access Hollywood tape would destroy him. More recently, his...

A Quarter-Billion People Are On The Move

Some of the crises we are exploring are natural. Others are human-made, and in some cases, such as climate change, it’s a...

Election Models Choke on Coronavirus Data Points

During any given presidential election year, economic data points act as reliable pieces of information upon which data modelers can try to predict the...

CNN Poll: Trump Still Winning on Economy Despite Covid-19 Lockdowns

Ever since the Covid-19 "stay-at-home" orders began in mid-March, and businesses classified as "non-essential" were ordered closed, political observers have wondered how President Trump...

Covid-19 Will Impact More Than Those Directly Infected

A lot of energy has been expended lately in pointing fingers and trying to find someone to blame and punish for Covid-19....

Moody’s Election Model Gives Trump Easy 2020 Win?

According to new data released by Moody's Analytics, President Trump is on track for a win in 2020 if the economy holds steady and...
What is Ddistributism

Distributism: A Conservative Concept Whose Time May Have Come

With all the talk of “socialism” this year, one might think that it is the only alternative to capitalism. It’s not. Even within capitalism,...
U.S. Debt Trump China Tariffs

Might China Fight Trump by Dumping Debt?

People have said that it makes sense for us to raise the trade war with China since they sell us so much more than...
Donald Trump 2020 Re-election

Economy And Incumbency Drive Trump’s Re-election Effort

Along with covering the ever-growing and extensive Democratic primary in 2020, there is also the prospect of Donald Trump's re-election campaign to examine. We...
Trump 2020 Economy

Economic Indicators Point to Trump Victory in 2020?

Sure, it's early, and the Democratic field is still taking shape, no primary votes have been cast, and no debates have taken place. However,...