During his concession speech in South Carolina tonight, Jeb Bush announced he is ending his presidential campaign and will withdraw from the race. Bush was hoping for a strong 2nd or 3rd place finish as validation for continuing his campaign. At the moment, it appears the best he could hope for is 4th place sitting just ahead of John Kasich but far behind the top three candidates.

Report from The Hill:

Jeb Bush is ending his bid for the White House after a disappointing finish in South Carolina’s primary.

Bush is in fourth place, well behind Donald Trump and Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

He announced to supporters that he would suspend his campaign in sometimes emotional remarks from his headquarters in South Carolina.
Bush failed to finish any higher than fourth place in early GOP contests despite a campaign backed by outside groups spending millions on his behalf.

The ultimate political insider, Bush came from a famous family and rich political connections. But the Bush name seemed to be more of a hindrance in a political cycle dominated by outsiders like Trump.

Trump entered the GOP race a day after Bush, who began his campaign on June 15 as the favorite. Trump’s attacks on Bush as “low-energy” resonated with GOP voters and hurt Bush, who struggled to compete with the business mogul.

The two men were side by side at the first GOP debate in August. Trump dominated that contest, and Bush slowly but surely was pushed farther from the center of stage in later debates as his campaign faltered.

Bush hurt himself with awkward moments on the campaign trail, and he struggled to outmaneuver home-state rival Sen. Marco Rubio with his pitch of experience.

Cruz (R-Texas) also topped Bush in polls and won the Iowa caucuses, while Ohio Gov. John Kasich bested Bush in New Hampshire.

The nail in Bush’s 2016 coffin came this week when South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who was tapped to deliver the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union this year, endorsed Rubio.

Here is the short speech Bush made following his loss in South Carolina:

We’re down to five major candidates now moving forward.


  1. I wouldn’t call Kasich or Carson “major” candidates
    …maybe “minor”
    …maybe “lieutenant” or “sergeant.”

  2. I thought JEB! would have stayed in a bit longer, I guess he burned through too much money, that is the only reason I can think of why he would drop out, for obviously he was getting beyond desperate the past couple of weeks. As to who is next, I would have to say Carson, I think he drops out after getting destroyed in Nevada or at most Super Tuesday. Kasich is interesting, for depending on how he performs during Super Tuesday, he will either stick it out as a 4th candidate, or drops out.

    Now the biggest beneficiary of Bush dropping out, has to be, Rubio. Given that Rubio is a Senator from the state of Florida, you are going to get a lot of Floridans going to him, and given the bad blood between Bush and Trump, I don’t see many voters (or delegates) going there. Cruz or Carson (not many will go his way) may pick up more the Evangelicals (even though Rubio performs well with them, Cruz and Carson are more their candidate). Kasich will get a small handful, but no more than that, for after the performance he had in South Carolina after the great performance in New Hampshire, I doubt too many establishment voters will go his way.

  3. Sad day for Jeb but what can you expect in this sideshow clowncar race. Jeb payed for the sins of his brother & was successfuly edged out of the race by the secret alliance, the Trump/Clinton Political Syndicate, the road is now clear for the centrist/moderates to muddy the water even more… it was always supposed to be Jeb!?! Wow! America is going to hell in a handbasket with the choices we have now! Are the opponents of my opponent my allies or my opponents? Clearly we need a big messy fight at both the Republicat & the Demoblican conventions to solve this uncertainty.

      • Oh yes Sergeant there is a conspiracy for Xmas… Donald & Hillary are skipping all the way to there indistinguishable parties hand in hand to a personality cult contest that will lead us tomorrow’s greater depression!

  4. Another reason to estimate the size of the “silent majority” in the U.S. as enormous.
    In this case, “silent majority” meaning those voters, both party registered and unaffilliated, who don’t associate any candidate of the 2 major political parties as being sufficient in representing their interests.
    Among Trump supporters , we can assume a significant portion are using their vote to mean “none of the above other candidates”.
    As well, much of Bernie Sander’s vote may represent the choice of “not Hillary Clinton”.
    Our next President is likely to have the enthusiastic support of only a small minority of citizens, with a vast majority simply resigned to accepting the circumstances as they are.

    • Maybe not. I WS thinking about thiis last night.

      If priebus and his gang succeed in giving their “pet boy” the nomination, that could trigger an independent run by Trump. In the past, that would be foolish, but look–Ross Perot was schizoid in 1992, and still had a good showing.

      More importantly, people “belonged” to parties then. My dad said he was going to vote Perot, but when he got in the booth, he had to vote for his party.

      But this year, MOST people would probably love to vote against the two parties.

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