Following a disappointing showing in New Hampshire, a state which Chris Christie had hoped for a decent finish, the Governor of New Jersey is officially ending his 2016 presidential campaign. Christie originally pledged to push into South Carolina, however, there doesn’t appear to be any conceivable path for him to the nomination.

Report from CBS News:

After a sixth place finish in New Hampshire’s Republican primary on Tuesday, Chris Christie is calling it quits.

The New Jersey governor made the decision after conferring with major donors. He concluded that he did not have the financial support to continue his campaign, reports CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett, citing a senior campaign source.

Christie spent significant campaign resources on the New Hampshire primary, wooing voters and banking on the state’s famous friendliness to governors running for the GOP nomination. Last week, Christie received plaudits for his debate takedown of rival Marco Rubio in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he slammed the Florida senator for his automaton-like answers to moderators’ questions.

But on Tuesday night, Christie finished with just single-digit support, behind Donald Trump, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and Rubio. After a poor showing in Iowa, Christie is the only candidate left running who has so far accumulated zero delegates.

Christie has been in contact with Donald Trump since last night and there are rumors that an endorsement deal might in the works. On the other hand, it’s plausible that Christie sits out for now given that his record as a Northeast Governor isn’t going to play strongly in conservative South Carolina.

Christie was already likely to miss the cut for the CBS News Republican Debate on Saturday. The field continues to thin though it appears the remaining candidates will all stick it out through South Carolina.



    Interesting article:

    It says by “New York Values,” Cruz meant–Jewish–even using the Yiddish word, chutzpah. Also discusses other Cruz nastiness.

    Also, the sleaze continues. We’ve heard about the oral AND printed lies that Carson was dropping out AND, amazingly, claimed that he was making a major announcement after Iowa. There’s no way THAT can be a “misunderstanding.” Pure lie.

    In addition, there were the letters, including the individual recipient’s VOTING RECORD, shaming them that whether they vote is public record, and their friends and relatives can know if they don’t go to caucus. (The implication was that the Cruz people would tell everybody if you voted.)

    Now, we learn, CRUZ did the same thing in New Hampshire:

    In addition, Cruz sent out a letter with “check enclosed” on the cover of what looked like a government mailer–

    –but when recipients opened it, there was a FAKE check endorsed to Cruz!

    You know, you hear one thing, and you can ignore it. You hear a second, and you have to wonder. We have several dirty tricks in EVERY caucus and election so far–and only from ONE candidate.

    Cruz is the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy.

  2. He only hung around so Trump could benefit from his foghorn obnoxious comments to Trump’s benefit then eventually for his own as a possible Attorney General in a Trump administration. THAT really would be a great fit and very entertaining to watch Christy chew up and spit out the likes of Killery thesuperbitch Clinton in a court of law.I for one would put on an orange jumpsuit to commemorate Christy helping to put this despicable woman where she belongs. Christy had one HUGE problem (and no I do not mean his size) which was (and as I predicted early on) was that albatross of a photo of him and bath house Barry about to embrace each other in a mini love fest….BAD move and impossible to remove no matter what his actual intentions were. His becoming a real AG to dispose of the criminals who served BHO would also be a smart step into the office of the presidency next time around. Become an anchor Chris for the constitution and the people will love YOU for it.

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