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2020 DNC Day 2: Speaking Schedule, Start Time, Live Stream (August 18)

Night one of the first virtual national party convention was gaveled in on Monday with Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders...

Hillary and the Non-College, White, Male Vote

On August 2, our reader Angelica wrote, “I am wondering why hildabeast isn't getting enough coverage here. Everything is pointed towards DT.” We...

What Bill Clinton Should Have Said—And Trump Shouldn’t Have

In a rather surprising admission, Barack Obama said that Hillary Clinton is much more qualified then he was when he ran against her eight...

Trump’s Right: Politicians are Stupid

As Donald Trump keeps saying, politicians are stupid. And that, apparently, includes politicians Trump and Clinton. Case in point is the flap over his...

Trump ‘Goes There’ With Baggage from Hillary’s Past

Well, that didn't take long to escalate into a full-blown battle between Donald Trump and the Clintons over decades of scandals and stories that...

Hillary: Bill Would be in Charge of ‘Revitalizing the Economy’

Many have speculated what role would be filled by former President Bill Clinton if his wife were to win the Presidency in 2016. Hearkening...

Bill Clinton Hits Campaign Trail for Hillary

Former President Bill Clinton will be taking the stump on behalf of his wife in several upcoming campaign appearances. Similar to the 2008 cycle,...

Hillary faces questions raised by ‘Clinton Cash’ book

At this point, the media stories are too numerous to mention individually so I'll try to give a little rundown of what is happening...

Does Hillary risk airing her political laundry in 2016?

The same question I'm sure was asked in 2008 but I think we found the answer to "no" once the campaign heated up. This...