The same question I’m sure was asked in 2008 but I think we found the answer to “no” once the campaign heated up. This time around, Hillary Clinton has a little more political baggage than she did in 2008 as the junior Senator from New York. That being said, the larger question, with the reemergence of Monica Lewinksy, is whether Bill Clinton’s political past will come under the spotlight in 2016 if Hillary launches a campaign.

Report from Fox News:

For Hillary Rodham Clinton, the last few months might be comparable to a spring cleaning: An airing of her political past before she sets the course for her much speculated-about future.

As the former secretary of state and first lady mulls a presidential campaign in 2016, reminders of the tumultuous periods of her career have re-emerged in recent weeks: her husband’s affair in the White House with Monica Lewinsky, her ill-fated attempt to overhaul the health care system and the deadly 2012 attack at a diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

Bill Clinton said presidential campaigns always need to be about the future, but that gets complicated if Hillary Clinton runs again after losing out to Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

Republicans might press the argument that at a time when many Americans are unhappy with the nation’s direction, she represents a bygone era marked by political soap operas.

Yet many Democrats say reminders of the 1990s — remember the booming economy? — could help Clinton, and that rehashing her past more than two years before the next presidential election could dispense with a variety of distractions.

The theme seems to be a push for voters to desire the economic growth of the 1990s but forget the scandal and partisanship that dogged Bill Clinton’s second term in office. Of course, Hillary was not in charge at that time so how does this play out in 2016? Maybe the answer, from a campaign strategy perspective, is forget the 1990s because Hillary wants to build a bridge to the 2020s.


  1. “Karl Rove stunned a conference when he suggested Hillary Clinton may have brain damage.”

    From the New York Post article entitled : Karl Rove: Hillary Clinton May Have Brain Damage

    After listening to Tokyo Rove whine for the past four years that the Tea Party is running candidates that spout stupid remarks he comes out with this. Go ahead GOP now try to defend this hornets nest when it wasn’t necessary. Rove is the one who’s brain dead!

  2. Mrs. Clinton proved she didn’t have to worry about her husbands affairs hurting her back in 2008 and it will be even less of a concern in 2016.

    She will attempt to run in 2016 as she is setting history by being the first woman president. She will run spouting the logic that she has experience in government both in Congress and in a high administration position. She will tell of how many world leaders she has met and how many miles she has traveled as a public servant.

    All this BUT no mention of any accomplishments while being in these positions. AND THE PROGRESSIVE WING AND MSM WILL FAWN ALL OVER HER WHILE BRUSHING ASIDE HER NEGATIVES. You see the country has reached the point it does in every 8 year administration where they are tired of the incumbent and looking for the next administration. Thus all the “READY FOR HILLARY 2016” stickers and slogans that have been popping up. Call him a lame duck or “The Shrinking Presidency” but even the LIBERALS know President Obama is done. Especially if the Congress goes republican in November.


  3. While in the White House she became known as Bill’s enabler-in-chief for Clinton-chronicles rating affairs spanning at least as far back as his Governorship in Arkansas. When they finally departed the people’s House it was under the disgrace of later having to return antiques lifted from there which belonged to the White House as having been part of the nation’s history. When in place as Secretary of State she was instrumental in the Benghazi treason for which both she and Obama deserve nothing more or less than a military tribunal. On what does she have to run that could possibly get that infamous impeachment tarnished couple back into the White House? Our memories are anything but limited. Let Ted Cruz run to become the first American President of Hispanic descent in 2016 – he will be a shoo in and in the meanwhile the Clintons may finally slip back into the ash heap of history where they rightfully belong. We the people do NOT wish to see the Clintonian spectacle played out across our television screens throughout the presidential campaign of 2016 but that is exactly what is likely to happen if they let Hillary onto the ticket for that electoral cycle. May God save America!

  4. Victoria, I agree with everything you say about the Clinton’s and I too like Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, I feel that Cruz now has the reputation of wanting the spotlight too often.
    Rove should be happy to have fewer debates. Last election, the GOP candidates had too many opportunities to ‘beat each other up’. They took advantage of it (especially Santorum) and we all lost.
    We should get behind one candidate early and make sure that candidate wins. Another liberal president will complete the ‘transformation of America’.

  5. Bill Clinton was criticized for running for HIS re-election, but not doing anything to support senators and representatives.

    It’s may be possible that Hillary may be wanting to get out all kinds of Democratic weaknesses now, to make it all “old news” for 2016–but damage those who are running in 2014.

  6. I’m for Hiltlery Clinton to run in 2016!

    From Whitewater killing to Benghazi murders — her ugly baggage may finally be exposed under the scrutiny of a presidential election — and land her in Jail, where she belongs (NEVER the White House)!

  7. “The ugliest stuff about the Clintons has been public knowledge for decades.”It seems a good portion of the population is going to ignore all that and treat Hillary Clinton running for president as a referendum on her being the first women president.They won’t be dissuaded by ads, or Benghazi or Monica Lewinsky or anything else. In fact one guy in the video claims to be writing his thesis on Mrs. Clinton and names Benghazi as one of her major achievements. “The only real mystery is whether there is enough independents in addition to stalwart party line Democrats to give her an insurmountable majority.”


  8. For old folks, do you remember this?

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    I just wrote that as a joke, because I wanted to send a “test” post to see if I’m still having trouble posting. The ironic thing is that AS I was writing it, the radio station I’m now listening to did an emergency test. Cripes! You don’t even have to SEND an email before the feds are reading it!! 😉

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