On August 2, our reader Angelica wrote, “I am wondering why hildabeast isn’t getting enough coverage here. Everything is pointed towards DT.” We admit that most of our stories this year have been pointing out either pro-Trump or anti-Trump pieces in the media. Why? The answer is. . .frankly. . .Hillary’s boring. She’s not doing much. She’s not making any big, stupid mistakes. She’s just lying low (pun unintended).

There’s just not that much being written about Hillary, because everyone is fascinated by The Donald. But for your benefit, we scoured the Internet for Hillary stories, and here are a few. Fox News says she’s up by ten points now. Oh, wait, that’s not what you want to hear. . .

Ha! We just wrote about Newt Gingrich, Mark Cuban, and WSJ’s William McGurn have been talking football since Donald Trump’s complaint about the NFL games. Hillary’s getting into the act, too.

Hillary Clinton would like to discuss some football.

“My dad played football at Penn State,” she reminded a crowd here during her swing through the Rust Belt. “My brother played football at Penn State.”

The story is actually about Hillary making a play for her toughest audience: white men.

Bill Clinton came along to stand sentinel onstage, adjusting his schedule to linger a day longer than planned among his wife’s chief skeptics: the voters who look like him. . .

There is no group that views Mrs. Clinton with greater antipathy. A New York Times/CBS News poll two weeks ago found that white men preferred her Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, to Mrs. Clinton almost two to one, 55 percent to 29 percent. (White women were split at 40 percent each.). . .

[In] Ohio and Pennsylvania, which Mr. Trump will almost certainly need to win the presidency, Clinton aides sense an opportunity to put him on defense [ed: more football metaphors!]. They need not catch Mr. Trump among white men, or even come particularly close. . .

She appeared with her two top ambassadors to white men: Mr. Clinton and her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. . . A sign near the stage carried reason for hope among Clinton partisans: “I am male, white, over 40, Southern Baptist pastor,” it read. “And I’m with her.”. . . Mr. Biden is scheduled to campaign with Mrs. Clinton in Scranton, Pa., his birthplace, on Aug. 15.

However, RealClearPolitics says she has mostly written off blue-collar white males.

The convention, which started on a divisive and dramatic note with leaked emails showing the Democratic National Committee had favored the candidacy of Hillary Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders all along, ended up, by most accounts, a great success. Yet it also illustrated what polling shows – that the ascendant coalition in the Democratic Party of women, young voters and non-whites may no longer find common cause with blue-collar white men. . .

It didn’t help that when asked by PBS, halfway through the convention, about Hillary Clinton’s trouble attracting white working-class males, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said: “I think so many times white, non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interest because of guns, because of gays, and because of God.”. . .trade policy and immigration have become [flash points] for white men who believe Democratic policies are responsible for wage stagnation and job loss. . .

These voters once loved her husband. And in 2008 Hillary Clinton openly questioned Obama’s weak support among “hard-working Americans, white Americans,” insisting she had a “broader base” to win with. She pummeled Obama in the primary contests in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio and Kentucky with large rural populations by winning white men. . .

Not only did Clinton, and her fellow speakers, not focus much on the issues energizing blue-collar white men, but their anti-Trump message – that America is already great – will be interpreted as dismissive of their disaffection. . .

Trump’s new post-convention leads among non-college whites range from 23 to 39 percentage points, and some polls show Clinton’s negative ratings among this group at higher than 70 percent, worse than Trump’s negative ratings with women. . . .Hillary Clinton may win in November, but it’s safe to say she will lose white men badly.

But don’t tell that to “Bubba” (Bill Clinton).

With four months to go until Election Day, the presumptive nominee’s husband is “singularly obsessed” with bringing back to the fold white voters who twice elected him to the Oval Office, according to a source familiar with his thinking. . .

In interviews with more than a dozen party leaders close to the former president or involved in his wife’s campaign, Bill Clinton’s allies discussed his personal connection to the voters who have slowly deserted the Democratic Party — and how that has only increased his personal desire to win them back. “Whoever he thinks he can’t get, he doubles down,” psychoanalyzed one longtime associate. “It’s the Bill Clinton nature. He knows that he connects with those voters. . .”

The article goes on about Bill Clinton’s dedication to winning back white voters, but if you read between the lines, they see non-college white men as a lost cause that “Bubba” couldn’t make worse. On the other hand, letting him focus on them will keep him away from audiences of women and African-Americans, whom he has alienated with some things he has said this year.

The New York Post says Donald Trump can’t lose what the paper lovingly calls the “white trash” vote. Warning: not politically correct!

J.D. and his people are called rednecks, white trash, hillbillies. . . Looking back on his youth, and all he fled, yields a frank, unsentimental, harrowing memoir, “Hillbilly Elegy.”. .

Though “Hillbilly Elegy” is about people, not politics, it is an eye-opening field guide to an unruly and hard-to-understand group, many of them born and bred Democrats, who could cost Hillary Clinton what looked like an easy election win. White voters without a college degree have favored Republicans for some time — they voted for Mitt Romney by 18 points in 2012 — but they love Donald Trump. In an average of six polls this month, he is beating Clinton by a margin of 58 to 30 among these voters. . .

Trump’s promises to stand up to the Chinese are resonating, as is his message that “the system is rigged” against a proud group of Americans, Americans who built the postwar glory but now feel they’re being ignored or outright mocked. White trash is the one ethnic group it is still OK to make fun of. . .

The anger in hillbilly country is understandable. Vance grew up thinking it was perfectly normal for couples to have screaming matches that frequently turned violent. Neighbors would slide open the window to listen when the folks next door started going at it. . .

In hillbilly country, a code of honor runs so deep that if you casually call a man a son of a bitch, he’ll beat you senseless for the implied insult to his mother. But then you wouldn’t call the police because you figured you deserved to get a licking. Trump’s me-against-everybody combativeness, his refusal to back down, his vows to disrupt Washington deal-making are giving the hillbilly class a feeling they haven’t had in decades: that they’ve got a friend at the top.

So. . .the bottom line is that Hillary probably can’t win the non-college, white, male vote, although Bill Clinton will try to appeal to them anyway—and they’ll end up voting for Trump in record numbers.

Sorry Angelica. We tried to write about Hillary, but without Bubba and The Donald, the story would be just tooooooo boring.


  1. You would think that the Wicked Witch could easily dupe the so called WHITE TRASH. Apparently these people aren’t as backwards as some articles I have read make them out to be.

    This group can plainly see that Billary is a lying, back stabbing, vile POS. She is no more than a power hungry MEGALOMANIAC and I believe the entire electorate will soon see it.

    By the way I am a college educated white man.

        • Only that you lean towards the millennial generation. Probably a Bernie supporters now moved on to Hillary.
          Goethe read your titles. Even when you are making an article about Hillary, you start by attacking Trump. Every article you write is biased leaning to the left. Thankfully we are used to the media reading into things, editing, and forming ideas out of hate. We see thru it now. We see bad things shake our heads and pray. While others will destroy building, cars, block roads, safety vehicles, and fight. Why? When did a peaceful protest not become news? Because the news anchor don’t think it is news worthy. That is a shame. Maybe you could offer the truth behind the election. The facilitator of the election all the debates, Rally, and interviews all in one place. Let us decide. It seems like every channel leans one way or another. I’m not leaving, even if I don’t agree. I am going to continue to leave comments because it is just not right. Maybe someone else will read the comments section and realize your article is being critical of just one.

          • How does your Nielsen link say “why these articles are so biased”?? The link is to the Nielsen ratings, and they said that the Democrats beat the Republicans EXCEPT the last night. How does that prove “why these articles are so biased”?

            How, exactly, is it “pro-Hillary” to say she’s boring and not worth writing about?? Then making fun of her for thinking talking football will attract men. Then, pointing out that she has written off the blue collar vote. Then calling Bill “Bubba,” and saying they’re having him talk to white males so he won’t screw up. Then that the beleaguered white voters who are called “rednecks” have a “friend at the top” in Trump. And then repeating that Hillary is boring.

            Your problem is that if someone doesn’t 100% agree with you, all the time, you think the are some kind of leftwing fanatic. We’ve gotten lots of flack from people who say we’ve promoted Trump way too much.

            • First Paragraph on the link above:

              Nielsen’s Hub for the Data Behind the 2016 Presidential Election

              On Nov. 8, 2016, Americans will vote in the 58th U.S. presidential election. This year, we’re using our Election Central to showcase the data behind the campaigns, the methods candidates, parties and political action committees (PACs) use to reach voters and the voters themselves—all based on insights from Nielsen Political Solutions. We’ll be updating data through Election Day, so check back regularly!
              Notice Election Central, now a deeper look would provide additional support.
              Hillary is anything but BORING! Her life leading up to this election has been in the news as well as the court system. She says whatever people want to hear at the moment. Then when the truth comes out, well the people misheard. Now it even appears some fact checkers are twisting the truth to fit the policies of the white house, instead of the truth.
              I just a very aggravated citizen. I would have been what you would have called a feminist back in the day. I’m a 40 year old industrial electrician, industrial mechanic welder, have 2 Class C waste water operator certificates for anaerobic & aerobic systems and a mother. Right now I am a Class A panel field operator. I am also first natural born citizen, I grew up hearing about the corrupt governments and our land of opportunities, the promised land my grandmother used to say. She had became a citizen also. I have had many jobs and studied many fields, I love to learn. I try to educate people and it is a responsibility that I put on myself as a citizen to learn about who is running and what they are about.
              As I see it Goethe, you have a responsibility to provide a great service unlike MSNBC AND FOX a new an exciting website for all those working people that can go to your website and put out just the facts, video and articles written associated from them. Not a commentary piece, you can add your voice to the comment section. That is what this site used to be. I sent many people here because they needed to hear the whole speech not just a section. Things get twisted and people get angry when the media distorts the truth. I am not saying your voice is not important, it is as important as mine and every other citizen around. I love to hear it. Sometimes I agree and sometime I think your wrong. But it is the beauty of our Rights that we can talk about it. And I think you as the senior Editor can provide it as a comment instead of providing snippets and links within your editorial.
              I guess in the end I simply miss the old site, that used to crash, but provided a great service of video regarding this election. I am simply tired of editorials and am interested in finding the facts.

            • My sincerest apologize for the grammar and writing. Having reread it, I am deeply disappointed and hope some of my message came across although I see it as a hot mess. LOL. Have a good day. …

            • No, I think you did well. If you read all of the pieces, you’ll see that I almost never praise anyone. If you go through the archives, you’ll find that Ron Paul is the last candidate I praised, consistently–and his son, inconsistently. There are times when I think other people’s criticism of a candidate is so over-the-top/off-the-wall, that I pipe up to give a little equilibrium. It’s actually very seldom that we’ll write our own opinion. Mostly, we find what people are saying in the media, offering as many as 15 or more links to explore, on the one topic. If someone wants the full comment, they only need to click. I will probably poke YOU now and then, because you’re tough enough to take it and, frankly, you’re pretty sure of yourself. I’m glad you’re here.

  2. Hillary Clinton’s disdain and contempt for the blue-collar middle class is clearly evident. This person is contemptuous of anyone who does not share her world view which basically is, as I see it, that she knows what is best for society and anyone who does not agree should shut up or else. Her lust for power rivals only that of Obama’s. Both of these political charlatans are, in my considered opinion, nothing more than neo-marxist parasites who see themselves as the “rightful guardians of society.” In reality, they are both dangerous demagogues whose corruption is despicable!

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