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Democrats Would Like to Run Obama Against Trump

Even former Vice President Joe Biden personally evoked the name of President Obama early and often during the Democratic debates of last year trying...

Lesser of Two Evils? Biden Might Win That Question

As we have touched on many times, the 2016 election seemed rife with the question of choosing between two candidates that were fairly disliked...

How Presidential Approval Affects Midterm Losses

A party's performance in midterm elections, which are classified as elections outside a Presidential year midway through the President's term, is often tied closely...

Why Is Trump’s Approval Tanking?

In our reporting on Tuesday’s primary, we noted that Donald Trump is on the upswing, according to the RCP average of reliable polls. His...

Mitch McConnell Now Polling Worse Than Putin

These are polling numbers within the United States, mind you, among his fellow citizens. Democrats, and Clinton voters more specifically, have had disgusts for...

Looking Deeper in the Polls, Here’s the Good News for Trump

You'd think the end was near and the President will be handing in a resignation letter soon depending on which media outlet you watch....

The Public Hated Comey, So Why is Trump in Trouble?

Republicans are already writing their political obituary in 2018 and basically crediting the Comey firing for ending Trump's presidency. As is often the case,...