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Abortion Alabama 2020 Election

Abortion Explodes Into The 2020 Presidential Race

This past week, with the approval of the Alabama law which restricts abortion in the state, without any exceptions, the issue has exploded onto...

The Final Word on Alabama’s Special Election

The big story of 2017 was the bizarre, or we should say, “Strange” campaign and election in Alabama, for the senate seat left by...

What Happened in Alabama?

It was a narrow win for Doug Jones in Alabama, but it was a win—in a seat where Jeff Sessions had won with 97.5%...

Pollsters Puzzled by Possibilities in Alabama

There’s a myth that the polls were wrong in last year’s presidential race. They were not. Certainly, the polls swung wildly, but that’s not...

Trump Offers Full Backing of Roy Moore While RNC Resumes Support

What a difference a few days can make in the world of politics in 2017. Just weeks ago, as the allegations broke about Republican...

The Alabama Senate Race and… Busby??

The Alabama race to replace Jeff Sessions in the US Senate has become the big political story of 2017. It started with expected winner...

Republican Lee Busby Announces Write-In Campaign Against Roy Moore

The Alabama Senate race, which concludes with voting on December 12, is getting crazier as the days dwindle. The national Republican Party has withdrawn...

Why Roy Moore Will Win The Alabama Senate Seat

Remember the Access Hollywood recording? Donald Trump was heard to say that if you’re famous, it’s easy to sexually abuse women. It seemed...

Long Way to Election Day in Alabama

There used to be a show on TV called “Short Attention Span Theater,” in which stories were distilled down to just a few minutes...

Roy Moore Still Has Support in Alabama Senate Race

Not everybody is jumping on the “trash Moore” bandwagon. Sean Hannity has been a strong voice of support for Roy Moore, the Alabama...

Bannon Preaches ‘Trumpism,’ Sometimes Against Trump

With the Alabama Senate runoff ending in Steve Bannon's favor, the former White House strategist has begun to consolidate power behind the scenes, even...

Trump’s Candidate Facing Likely Loss in Alabama

Amid the noise about National Anthem protests, there is an election happening today in the state of Alabama. Today marks the runoff election between...