CNN Debate Night 1

Full Video: Watch Night One Of The CNN Democratic Debate

Night one of the second Democratic debate on CNN Tuesday night featured a battle between moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic party. Center...

Trump Plans Multi-City Convention Due to Covid-19 Limitations in Charlotte

With the Democratic National Convention already being moved from July to dates in August, and likely to take place in a mostly "virtual" form,...

Republicans Are Split Going Into The Fall Election

It’s an odd year. Oh, you’ve heard that? One thing that’s odd is that Donald Trump has an organized opposition in his...

More Covid-19 Considerations—Including Economy/Finance

Covid-19 has caused a lot of change. It may cause more. We know that people will not want to immediately go back...

Andrew Yang Could Be The Dark Horse For Democrats

Despite (or thanks to) his total lack of political experience before this year's Democratic primary, businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Yang continues to connect with...

Trump Admits He May Lose Election

There’s gloom in the Donald Trump re-election camp, but is it justified? People usually think a president will automatically stay for a...

Watch Live: The CBS News Democratic Debate Tonight From South Carolina

It's only been less than a week removed from the most recent Democratic debate in Las Vegas, where former New York City Mayor Mike...
Trump 2020 Fundraising

Donald Trump Wins First Quarter Fundraising Race

We've been reporting quite a bit on the fundraising numbers released during the first quarter of 2019 for the 2020 Democratic candidates. Some of...

Trump Widens Exemptions On ObamaCare Contraception Mandate

The news coming just minutes ago that the Trump administration has issued new regulations, through the Health and Human Services Department, that would widen...

Trump Threatens GOP: Repeal ObamaCare or Face Voters

President Trump is putting the entire weight of the presidency behind the American Healthcare Act being pushed in the House by Speaker Paul Ryan....
Joe Biden 2020

Biden: I’m 70 Percent There to Running in 2020

We've been watching closely and speculating whether former Vice President Joe Biden will take what would conceivably be his last stab at higher office...

The Next Covid-19 Health Crisis May be from Farm Animals

In the last article, we explored the impact of Covid-19 on housing. Now, let’s look at food—since food, clothing, and shelter are...