Trump: Israel and Palestine ‘Ready for Peace’

Call me skeptical here considering how many Presidents and world leaders have worked toward the goal of an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal and failed. The...

Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang to Make First Democratic Debate

Pete what? Andrew who? The first few Democratic debates, which will kick off in June, may be filled with a variety of candidates, both...

2020 Drop Outs: Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer Exit Before Super Tuesday

For billionaire businessman Tom Steyer, a third-place finish in South Carolina, a state in which he spent a considerable amount of time and money,...

Super Tuesday Fallout: Mike Bloomberg Drops Out, Endorses Joe Biden

In contradiction to his advertising, Mike will, apparently, not get it done. The bright spot for former New York Mayor City Mike Bloomberg's big...
Trump tax return California 2020

California Tries Again to Force Release of Trump’s Tax Returns in 2020

Donald Trump chose to buck the precedent during the 2016 presidential campaign by opting not to release his personal tax returns. After making various...
AOC Green New Deal

2020 Democrats Respond to the “Green New Deal”

Newly elected Democratic Congresswoman from the 14th district of New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, released her plan on Thursday for what she calls the "Green...

Mitch McConnell Strikes Back!

We earlier noted that Mitch McConnell had worked out a deal in December to keep the government running. Trump said he’d sign it, then...

Afghanistan Becomes Trump’s War

President Obama went through the same gauntlet when taking over the White House from President Bush in 2008. Each new administration must pickup where...

Iowa Caucus Rule Changes and Reporting App Could Spell Chaos for Democrats

We're bearing down toward February when Democrats will actually get to put their pen to paper and begin voting to support the candidate of...

Would Michelle Obama Accept Biden’s VP Spot?

The "Veepstakes," as it's known, runs far and wide in the weeks after a nomination appears to be wrapped up and the presumptive nominee...
2020 Democratic Debate Stage

Which Candidates Will Make the First Democratic Primary Debate?

Unlike prior years, when participation in primary debates was more strongly curtailed by both national parties, the 2020 Democratic primary debate stage will be...
Joe Biden Bernie Sanders 2020

Is Biden Treating China Like Obama Treated Russia?

If you put your presidential history cap on and think way back to the ancient year of 2012, you may recall the pivotal Presidential...