Opinion Polling Getting Harder All the Time

Despite the propaganda, polling in 2016 was surprisingly accurate. The public mood did swing dramatically. Yet, the final polls were within the margin of...
Electoral College 2020 Election

Electoral College May Become Obsolete

Donald Trump won the 2016 election in the Electoral College, despite losing the popular total by about three million votes. Since the founding, there...
NBC News 2020 Democratic Primary Debate

Preview of June Democratic Debate From NBC’s Chuck Todd

We're just about four months away from the first Democratic debate of the 2020 cycle set to take place in June. The event will...
Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders 2020

2020 Democrats Shy Away From Bernie’s “Socialist” Label

The progressive lane in the 2020 Democratic field will be crowded, but there is a line being drawn, by the candidates themselves, between "progressive"...
Mitch McConnell Chuck Schumer 2020

Chuck Schumer Targeting Mitch McConnell’s Senate Seat in 2020

While the big race next year is for president, who controls the Senate is also important. Currently, the GOP has a six-seat edge, 53-47....
2020 Democratic Candidates

How Should Democrats Pick Their 2020 Candidate?

Some say history repeats. Others say it’s always the same. Whichever, there are things we can surmise about the future, based on past experience....
Trump 2020 Nicknames

Report: Trump 2020 Strategy Includes Testing Dem Candidate Nicknames

In the laundry list of things that Donald Trump did which were considered well outside the conventions of your average presidential campaign, perhaps assigning derogatory...
Trump Maduro

Venezuela Crisis: More Complicated Than It Seems

Venezuela’s economy seems to be in free-fall. That’s relevant here because it is likely to become a presidential campaign issue. The country that sits...
Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

Bernie Sanders Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

As we reported over the weekend, it appeared that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was inching closer to launching a 2020 Presidential campaign by recording...
Bernie Sanders 2020

Report: Bernie Sanders Taking Steps Toward 2020 Campaign Launch

The news broke earlier today that Vermont Senator, and former 2016 Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has reportedly recorded an announcement video with the expectation...
Bill Weld 2020 Trump

Weld Won’t Win, But Could Cause Trump To Lose

We had recent articles about all of the Republicans (here, here, here, and here) who are considering, or making moves, to challenge Donald Trump...

NBC Scores First Democratic Primary Debate, CNN Will Host the Second

As we noted yesterday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) released some further details on the upcoming Democratic primary debates which begin in just a...