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Videos concerning the 2016 Presidential Election

Hillary Clinches Nomination, General Election Begins Today

As the 2016 primary season draws to an end, with the exception of the District of Columbia Democratic Caucus on June 14th, the general...

Video: Democratic Divide Widens After Tuesday Primaries

In a year where Hillary Clinton appeared to be headed toward a comfortable nomination, and the Republican Party seemed embroiled in a 17-person brawl...

Full Video: The Megyn Kelly/Donald Trump Interview

It was hyped for weeks by Megyn Kelly, and just about the entire Fox News conglomerate. The big sit-down interview between Donald Trump and...

Report: Cruz to Announce Carly Fiorina as VP Choice

Ted Cruz has billed a "major announcement" at his rally later this afternoon in Indiana and sources have now confirmed that the announcement is...

Video: Trump, Clinton Win New York Primary

Donald Trump won a resounding victory in the New York Republican primary with John Kasich earning 2nd place, and Ted Cruz rounding it out...

Full Video: CNN Democratic Debate from Brooklyn, NY

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidates took the stage on Thursday night for a debate sponsored by CNN and NY1. This debate comes just 5...

Full Video: Fox Business Libertarian Presidential Debate (Part 1)

Three candidates for the Libertarian Party squared off tonight on the Stossel show on the Fox Business Network. This was the first part in...

Video: Trump and Clinton Speak After Primary Wins

We're still waiting on some of the Democratic results, and the GOP results in Missouri, but it's safe to say that Hillary Clinton and...

Marco Rubio Suspends Presidential Campaign

Following a stinging loss in his home state of Florida, Marco Rubio announced during a concession speech tonight that he is suspending his presidential...

Rubio Urges His Supporters to Vote Kasich in Ohio

In a mad dash to head off the potential that Donald Trump can amass the 1,237 delegates needed to outright win the Republican nomination,...

Full Video: CNN Republican Debate from Miami

The four remaining Republican candidates met in Miami tonight for the last GOP debate before primary voting in several major states, including Florida and...

Full Video: Univision Democratic Debate from Miami

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met in Miami tonight for a debate sponsored by Univision and The Washington Post. As expected, with the large...