The 2016 Democratic presidential candidates took the stage on Thursday night for a debate sponsored by CNN and NY1. This debate comes just 5 days before the pivotal New York primary on April 19th, a crucial contest for both candidates as we head into the home stretch.

Thursday, April 14, 2016
CNN/NY1 Democratic Debate from Brooklyn

Location: Duggal Greenhouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
Moderator: Wolf Blitzer
Transcript: Washington Post

Here is full video of the Democratic debate from New York:
Alternate Video: Link 1

Report from CNN:

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton came out swinging in a fiery, high-stakes debate on CNN Thursday night, as he cast doubt on her judgment and she criticized his command of policy and record on guns.

Sanders accused his rival of “lacking the kind of judgment we need to be the kind of president we need.” But he found himself on defense for not releasing his taxes and said he would do so on Friday.

Clinton again found herself on defense for her paid speeches to big banks, declining to release the transcripts when pressed by CNN moderators. But she counter-punched by referring to the Vermont senator’s trouble explaining some of his core policies in an interview with the New York Daily News.

The debate and the New York primary on Tuesday come at a critical juncture in the Democratic contest, as Sanders tries to change the dynamics of a race that has delivered many more delegates to Clinton, while the former secretary of state tries to halt an unexpectedly strong challenger who can claim he has momentum on his side.

The debate was the most combative yet, with the two delivering harsh attacks that at points needed intervention from the moderators. The rowdy crowd, meanwhile, stoked the tension, loudly cheering and hissing throughout the exchanges.

The event, held just across the river from Wall Street, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, quickly turned to the issue of the big banks and their perceived excesses.

This debate took an aggressive tone from the start with many exchanges over Wall Street and corporate connections. Of course, being held in the financial capitol of the world, finance and the economy was a natural topic and point of contention between both candidates.


    • You’re a bully = Trump
      When Birnie was asked at the debate last night to come up with one proof to back his accusations against Hillary, he couldn’t because it was none.
      Is Birnie really a democrat?
      How hypocrite is that !! Anything just to gain votes!!!
      ” false promises make fools happy ” like the saying says!!
      Most Americans are very smart!! I’m sorry!!

      • Of course Bernie gave an example of her decision making influenced by her connection to Wall Street, which was INACTION when action should have been taken to curtail the banks’ power.

        • America is #1 on earth & that’s not just my opinion! That’s the whole world ‘s opinion, at this second, every body from all over the world is dreaming to come and live here in America! If you have problems , seek for help but don’t talk bad about our country just like Trump And ISIS !!
          AMERICA is the best & it will always be! And God bless AMERICA ????

          • Fatima – see in the MANY photos, videos, and documents in the petition below what ‘this great country’ is doing to myself and my lifelong partner as we try to protect some of the USA’s PRIME environmental habitat, historical infrastructure, and PUBLIC LANDS FOR ALL TO USE, here by the majestic Connecticut River in New Hampshire – we should be recognized as TRUE PATRIOTIC CITIZENS and instead, during the last 3 YEARS we are being driven into financial, mental, and soul-destroying ruination by CORRUPT individuals, and, YES, governmental ‘officials’… THIS COUNTRY CAN AND SHOULD BE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER, TO EARN THE DESIGNATION OF ‘BEST’…

          • America is not number 1 on earth. Here, have some facts about the great US of A.
            America ranks in the global peace categories as follows According to the GLOBAL PEACE INDEX – DO YOUR RESEARCH

            Gender equality = 23rd
            Freedom of the press = 46th
            Child wellbeing = 26th
            Literacy = 24th
            Leisure time = 27th
            Happiness = 17th
            Peacefulness = 99th
            Working hard = 11th
            Freedom from corruption = 24th
            Median wealth = 27th
            Healthcare = 37th

            The only category America was first in was Number of people incarcerated per 100,000 population, hahah
            Doesn’t sound like a great country to me XD

        • You’re a Bully ! Mentally handicapped who feels good by trying to push people down!
          Trump =Bully
          Stop copying Trump

    • hmmm…O.K….read that article and it is putting Bernie down for expanding government regulation in the direction of International Trade and it is putting down Hillary for being a part of the old boy’s economic power club….but other than that the Panama Papers have nothing to do with Hillary do they? The whole article segwayed over to size of government.

      • “…a couple of other names pop up in the Panama Papers, including those of a few well-known associates of Hillary Clinton: longtime Democratic Party fixers John and Tony Podesta and Clinton sycophant Sydney Blumenthal. And why not? Hillary Clinton has been up to her neck in crony deals from the very beginning. All the way back in 1978, for example, she indulged a sudden mania for trading cattle futures, from which she made just shy of $100,000 in less than a year—a lot more money back then than it is now, and a whole lot for a young couple like the Clintons. She has shown no interest in commodities trading since, which is surprising considering how successful she was at it. But maybe not so surprising when you consider that her trades back then were made under the guidance of an attorney who worked for a large company that just happened to be regulated by her husband. Gee, that almost looks like a bribe.

        That’s the kind of thing that’s all over the Panama Papers, and it’s
        what Hillary Clinton has been doing forever. It’s how the Clintons
        suddenly made $100 million in the first few years after leaving the
        White House, with nothing to offer the business world but their
        political connections. It’s why the Clinton Foundation got massive donations from Russian businessmen with deals that required State Department approval.”

        • Brain washed by Birnie Sanders!!!!!!
          Mr sanders all of sudden wants to be Mother Teresa traveling abroad just to talk about poverty just to gain votes!
          Where was he last 50 years??
          How manipulative is that??

          • He was INVITED to go and speak. The type of people he attracts believe in the power of communities coming together for everyone’s benefit. His platform has never changed since he started public service. If you don’t believe it, do some research.

      • You’re for prison because of your offensive comments based on your brain washer Birnie (who owes HUGE apology to Sndy Hook victims families) based on Desperate Birnie false accusations toward Our former Senator who did so much for us!

  1. At the end of the day, we all know Flip-flop Hillary wants to sound like Sanders so badly because these are the issues important to the majority of the US population. Did you notice that she outs Sanders so as to state that he was not the first to bring them up and that he has not done a thing to help with the issues.

    Sadly her history has shows that is so hard to believe that she will be fighting for issues in office. Words should not be enough to get your vote, please do not vote based on what candidate is saying at the heat of the moment when they will say anything you want to hear to get their votes.

  2. See why my partner and I support Bernie Sanders – we have been embroiled in a 3 YEAR hellish struggle with various levels of ‘Government’ and CORRUPT individuals being thus far ‘shielded’ by THE GOVERNMENT in our struggle to protect Assets of the USA WHICH BELONG TO ALL OF US CITIZENS – go to FB page ‘CT River-Cheshire Rail Trail’ and/or the following petition, and you will realize that

  3. How many times can Clinton repeat the lie that only one industry is immune from liability?

    What about the Vaccine manufacturers — who have been completely immune for 30 years??? I mean, that’s just a fact. Clinton just lies, and Lies, and lies, and then lies — and then Lies…. and then she lies some more. It’s freeking amazing.

    • Civilized and educated people specially may argue, disagree, and still communicate with mutual respect and there is no room for hatred!!!
      If you’re raising a child, you want to teach him to respectful & be open minded &that hatred is not healthy and it’s not sign of civilized world!
      You know what the base for ISIS? Is hatred.

  4. People who INSIST that they have your back, often don’t. WORDS cost nothing, ACTION speaks volumes. After the elections in November, who do you think really has your back? Your VOTE matter greatly!

  5. New York, let’s change the course of our history on April 19. In a democratic society your VOTE may help create the REVOLUTION that can no longer wait…for you, for your kids, for our community, for the environment. DIG DEEP, listen to your instincts.

  6. I have to say that it is complete BS that you ask me to complete a survey to watch the video and then after I complete the survey, the video has been removed.

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