Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met in Miami tonight for a debate sponsored by Univision and The Washington Post. As expected, with the large Spanish-language audience of Univision as the backdrop, immigration reform was a big topic occupying the first part of the discussion. The debate was aired on Univision and simulcast on CNN.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Univision Democratic Debate

Sponsors: Univision and The Washington Post
Moderators: Karen Tumulty, Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos
Transcript: Washington Post

Here is the full video of the debate:

Report from USAToday:

Former secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders sparred over which one had the more progressive immigration policies Wednesday during a Florida debate hosted by the Spanish-language network Univision and the Washington Post.

Clinton and Sanders squared off in Florida before a mostly Latino audience during their eighth Democratic presidential debate tonight.

At the start of the debate, both candidates said they support comprehensive immigration reform including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Moderator Jorge Ramos pressed Clinton early in the evening on the scandal that has dogged her campaign: Her use of a personal email account to conduct official business as Secretary of state. Ramos asked whether she would drop out of the race if she were indicted for mishandling classified information. “That is not going to happen,” she said. “I am not even answering that question.”

The debate at Miami Dade College, followed Sanders’ surprise upset Tuesday night in the Michigan primary, giving him a surge of momentum just as Clinton began to look ahead to the general election.

“It was a very close race,” Clinton said when asked about the loss. “I’ve won some, I’ve lost some.” She called the night a success because she trounced him in the Mississippi primary. She said she received “100,000 more votes and more delegates” overall than Sanders.


  1. THERE IS AN EDIT IN THIS VIDEO: i watched this video THIS MORNING and at video time 1:09:34, there is now an edit omitting a few sentences by BERNIE. BERNIE had more to say about the state of our healthcare system: the people hosting this video seem to have edited OUT a 10-second or so section of this debate where BERNIE talks about outrageous deductibles and copayments and is greeted without huge cheers from the audience. This edit occured in the last 4 hours. I want answers. Who curates this video?

    • This video comes from a YouTube user we regularly get debate videos from. I will find a better copy that is not edited. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. This is the paragraph that the curators of this video DELETED from the debate (and perhaps there are more, this is the one I noticed). I looked up the transcript, at 1:09:34 an edit is made that omits the following paragraph that BERNIE said and was greeted with great applause (washington post’s transcript):

    “Many of you may have insurance, but you have outrageously high deductibles and co-payments. One out of five Americans cannot afford the prescription drugs their doctors prescribe. Elderly people are cutting their pills in half.”


      • thanks for taking care of this so quickly.
        your site is the first result for well-crafted google searches for this video. Important to get it right! I’ll be back!

  3. FIXED! New video seems to have fewer edits and the spot I mentioned is now 1:22:08.
    Thank you, the curators of this website, for addressing this issue. Be wary of this, especially THIS election cycle!

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