In a year where Hillary Clinton appeared to be headed toward a comfortable nomination, and the Republican Party seemed embroiled in a 17-person brawl to a contested convention, the fortunes have seemingly changed. The Republican Primary is, for all intents and purposes, over, and we haven’t even hit June yet. On the Democratic side, however, the emotions are running high as Bernie Sanders vows to press on toward California and refuses calls to exit the race.

Following the nail-biter victory for Hillary Clinton last night in Kentucky, and Bernie’s win in Oregon, the tension over the race is becoming palpable for many Democrats. Mediaite reports:

Democratic pundits Bill Press and Hilary Rosen butted heads on CNN’s New Day Wednesday over Bernie Sanders’ fight with the Democratic Party, with the rhetoric getting somewhat personal at times.

“I personally think [DNC Chair] Debbie Wassermann Schultz should learn some lessons from [RNC Chair] Reince Priebus about being an impartial chair that brings people together and soothe things down rather than stirs it up,” Press began.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Rosen could be heard saying as Press spoke, leading host Chris Cuomo to interrupt and let her get a take in.

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” she responded. “Just last night Debbie was on TV, our DNC chair, asking if Bernie should get out, ‘No, absolutely.’”

“The DNC has been scrupulously objective and stayed out of this for a long time,” she continued. “The trashing of the DNC leadership is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. Just because Bernie Sanders is losing, all he’s doing is whining about the process. And, Bill, this is beneath you. Come on!”

“I would go back to Martin O’Malley, way back into Minneapolis. I went to the DNC meeting in Minneapolis, it was a set piece for Hillary Clinton,” Press responded.

O’Malley and Sanders were both on the record at times voicing their concern that the Democratic National Committee was not be impartial in treatment of candidates.

The sentiments were echoed on MSNBC, as the Daily Caller reports:

Appearing on “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, Brzezinski said that Sanders treatment by the Democratic Party “has been very poorly handled from the start. It has been unfair and they haven’t taken him seriously, and it starts quite frankly with the person that we just heard speaking. It just does.”

Brzezinski’s call for a change of leadership was in response to Wasserman Schultz’s criticism of Sanders from Tuesday night when she said, “There is a way to deal with frustration over process. But the fact that the Sanders campaign has issued a ‘but’ in between condemnation of violence and frustration over the process seems to excuse their supporters’ actions, which is unacceptable.”

Wasserman Schultz was referring to the chaotic Nevada convention they held last week where chairs were thrown and Sen. Barbara Boxer ?was booed off the stage.

The chair of the Nevada Democratic Party Roberta Lange has reportedly received threats for her handling of the Nevada Democratic Party Convention.

After the clip of Wasserman Schultz ended, fellow host Joe Scarborough said, “That’s where it all started with rigging the debates.”

It’s no surprise that the DNC and the Clinton campaign would like to see Bernie start to wind down his organization and make a concession speech to begin unifying the party. However, I think Bernie truly feels that the system is “rigged,” as he puts it, and may see an inherent principled stand in continuing to move forward. The evidence throughout this process has only proven to strengthen his claims.

If you stand back and look at the race, the Republican Party looks like the one that is, at this point, more unified and moving toward the general election. In a way, the primaries are a race to see which party can get past the unsavory process first and start healing and fundraising. It looked like Hillary would have that one in the bag, but this cycle has provided numerous twists and turns. Just days before the Indiana primary, most pundits were still talking about how to brace for a contested GOP convention. Yet, here we are.

Bernie is on the cusp of attempting to push for a contested Democratic convention, though he’ll need the cooperation of many superdelegates to have a chance at making that happen. Then again, this year doesn’t look like other years, and Bernie has vowed to press on with intentions to win California.


  1. The Hillbot, Hilary Rosen, is a baldfaced liar covering for fraud. The DNC is committing nonstop fraud for Hillary — look at the money laundering they committed through the Hillary Victory Fund.
    All the Hillbots have are electoral fraud, compulsive lying, and incessant carping. Talking over people doesn’t make you right.
    #BernieorBust #NeverHillary

    • I wish CNN and the many pundants would stop calculating the superdelegates into Hillay’s delegate totals. This could cause Bernie supporters to stay home because they might think their vote doesn’t make a difference. Superdelegates only count at the convention. Neither Hillary or Bernie can get enough pledged delegates to close the deal on the nomination. DNC candidate will be decided at a contested convention. It doesn’t matter what CNN wants.

      • I understand, and empathize with, your anguish, but people like being with “a winner.” At this point, with the Superdelegates, Hillary is only 90 votes away from the “promised land.”

        The Superdelegates are not likely to jump ship when victory is guaranteed, just three weeks away. California has 546 delegates, and that’s after the Virgin Islands (12) and Puerto Rico (67).

        • A winer? Depense on the angle. If you compare the national polls bernie is the winner and if that trend continius it will hit the celing called common sense. Beating the donald easily with sen. Sanders or go with clinton and risk a defeat.
          #clinton 4 devil

          • Raoul, I was not saying that Hillary “should” win. But face it, if you were a Superdelegate, already publicly committed to someone who has the nomination in the bag, would you switch at the last minute?

            Even without Superdelegates, Hillary is 274 pledged delegates (and more than 3 million popular votes) ahead. With the Dem proportional primaries, to catch up, Bernie would have to win 410 of California’s 546 delegates–that’s 75%.

            The most recent poll (4/30) has Hillary ahead in California, 51% to 41%. Meanwhile, the betting odds are 75% to 25% in Hillary’s favor.

            I’ve been watching politics for more than 60 years. I’ve seen a lot of better candidates lose. It’s painful, but wishful thinking doesn’t help; and hostility hurts.

            • So tell me, do you think clinton will defet trump if the democrats keep hitting on sanders suporters (nevada state con.)? In my point of view they need dose bernie supporters to win the general election, don’t they?

            • Raoul: Hillary is an awful candidate. She doesn’t talk to an audience, she talks at it. She also seems smug and out of touch.

              Yes, if she is to have any chance, she’s going to need a great running mate. Trouble is, in a newer page, we point out that men hate her a lot more than women hate Trump. So picking Elizabeth Warren might make matters worse.

              As noted, I’m not saying she “should” get the nomination. I’m just reporting that it seems unavoidable.

            • If I was a super delegate I would switch to Bernie Sanders. I was going to be voting for her when she announced but her dirty tricks and Bernie Sanders announced he was running voted for him instead and will again in November. I will write him in if I have to. I will not pick the evils.

            • This is exactly the problem. The superdelegates don’t even count until a convention occurs. Therefore, they shouldn’t be counted in the prinaries.

              Moreover, if the supers get to pick the November candidates then why go through the whole primary process because we the voters will be rolled iver by the superdelegates and the party elite get what they want anyway! Damn why don’t people wake up and smell the crap their shoveling!

            • NONE of the delegates “count” until the convention.

              When Superdelegates COMMIT to a candidate, they are not “pledged” in a legal sense, but they can be counted.

              It gets so tiring hearing Bernie fans claim to be “the people,” when Hillary has over THREE MILLION more popular votes.

              And as much as you want to cry about Superdelegates, Bernie is still significantly behind in pledged delegates, needing TWO-THIRDS of all remaining pledged delegates.

              Even if all Superdelegates were “raptured” tomorrow, that fact remains.

        • The superdelegates only count at the covention and can be swung. Hillary only has about 298 or less pledged delegates more then Bernie. Neither will get enough to get the nomination outright. It’s going to a contested convention.

        • Not true. Voters want to win the national election, not just the nomination. Bernies poll numbers show he is the stronger candidate, not Hillary. The DNC is like the GOP they dont want to relingish any power to an interloper.

          If the primaries and caucuses had all been open, which they were not, Bernie might very well have more voters in his corner then Hillary!

        • Not true. Do not count the super delegates. Don’t be like MSM garbage. She has a long way to clinch and it’s not 90.

      • That’s the reason they are doing it. To persuade people. Voter suppression at its finest.

        • I know right! Another thing I am sick and tired of is CNN making the news, not “breaking the news!” It’s sickening! I can tell just what the commentators
          believe and who they support by the way they act and speak on air. The candidates they support, they treat with kit gloves. The ones’ they don’t they repeat the same question until they piss em off, and then they accuse them of trying to hide something. I believe that Jesus could appear on CNN and endorse Trump and Jake Tapper or Don Lemon or whoever, would put such a prejudicial spin on Jesus’s statements that even the Devil would doubt him! LMAO STOP MAKE THE NEWS, AND START REPORTING THE NEWS, CNN!

  2. hi;
    Dear sister you really understand it and the DNC black officials are all corrupted like Hilary Clinton does.
    We shall ask did she want to be president? Of course because of money and she always use African -American for her dirty purpose because they don’t know who she really is?
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    If the democrat don’t want to consider Bernie it is better to vote for Trump because Hilary Clinton is more racist and dangerous than Trump only that she hide it.
    When African-American were killed around us states before the election race, did you ever heard her say something about it?
    Obama is a disaster for the whole Africans because he was even able to defend his own people and i bet that if it was an Arabes or a Saudi- American who was killed one time, he will take an adequate resolution to avoid a next killing and make sure that those polices are brought to justice! What a shame!
    Dear sister and brother African-American we are black but we are human being and some of our brother are corrupted but a proverb it is better to face an early cancer stadium discovering than it will be too late and we don’t want to be slave for ever.

    • I know right. I often wonder why Black Americans even vote for Dems. I know Kennedy helped Dr. King, but that was for political reasons. Tricky Dick almost aided King. Had he done so, I wonder if blacks would vote for GOP candidates? I mean no insult with my use of “black.”

  3. It is just rediculus to say that Donald Trump speech helps ISIS to recruite people, who created them without learning from her husband mistake in Afghanistan,what abig experience!

  4. Hi sister,
    I was a little occupied ; and i think it is important that you start explaining to our brothers and sisters at your side that we’ve learned to know the familay Clinton in Africa and honestly speaking there are not only liar but also hate Africans.
    If you want to know more about Bill Clinton just trace congo path and you will cry because nobody should be treated like this.
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    Most of Africans American democrat leader are corrupted and don’t care about fi not only when they need your vote.
    Just tell them at the convention that you only want Bernie ar you will vote for Trump period; it yours and your kids future that is important because their own is secured.

  5. well…I re-registered to vote against killiary…after I do that, I’ll go back to the PFP…

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