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Former NY Gov. George Pataki to announce 2016 bid

Former New York Governor George Pataki is set to launch a presidential bid this Thursday. Am I crazy or is everyone, and I mean...

Will it Happen? Bernie Accepts Trump’s Offer for Debate

Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Donald Trump was asked a question about whether he would consider debating Bernie Sanders. Trump said he'd love...

Full Video: Watch the ABC News Republican Debate

The leading Republican candidates squared off in New Hampshire on Saturday night at a debate sponsored by ABC News and the Independent Journal Review...

Rand Paul to focus on Donald Trump

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has struggled lately to gain traction and get his message out to voters. Once a strong contender for front-runner six...

GOP insiders want fewer candidates at CNBC Republican Debate

The third Republican debate, hosted by CNBC, is coming up on October 28. Following the first two GOP debates, which saw a split into...

Scott Walker surges in latest Iowa poll

Following decisively positive reviews of his Iowa Freedom Summit speech, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker now leads the latest poll of Iowa caucus voters. Interesting...

Full Video: Fox News Republican Debate from Detroit

The four remaining Republican presidential contenders took the stage in Detroit, Michigan, for a debate sponsored by the Fox News Channel. The debate opened...

Almost 1 million votes already cast in 2014 midterms

This is certainly a topic which transcends election years and as more and more states embrace various methods, early voting is becoming all the...

From Judges to Emails, 2016 Issues Simmer in Background

We see a lot of episodes and anecdotes in the campaign season here. Most of them are not worth an article on their...

Confirmed Trump Cabinet Picks So Far

Here's a short list of who Trump has picked for his cabinet so far. Rumors abound that a Secretary of State pick is imminent...

WWRW – ‘Who Would Reagan Want?’

Ronald Reagan is the “patron saint” of the Republican Party. His name is invoked more than any other human being, living or dead....

Cruz Citizenship Case Goes to Court in New Jersey

For many years, there have been arguments about the exact meaning of the Constitutional phrase, “natural born.” It’s a requirement for one to become...