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Ted Cruz Laying Strong Groundwork for Iowa Win

In the national polls, Texas Senator Ted Cruz sits back around fourth place on average yet the campaign financial reports and ground game he's...

Candidates beefing up foreign policy credentials before 2016

As the world continues burning, foreign policy will likely play an expanded role in the 2016 presidential election, when compared to 2012. A lot...

Romney 2016: ‘I want to be president’

I know this news broke on Friday but what can I say? That Christmas tree isn't going to take itself down and drag itself...

March 15th Primary Results

Some news outlets are referring to today as "Super Tuesday 3" in reference to the start of "winner take all" delegate allocation in some...

Republican Candidates Plotting Revolt over RNC Debate Rules

Following Wednesday's Republican debate, hosted by CNBC, several candidates launched into the Republican National Committee (RNC) over what they see as unfair and unfriendly...

Trump Rises in Iowa, Walker Loses Top Spot

Following the first Republican debate earlier this month, the polls are now reflecting how things shook out in the minds of voters. For Donald...

Only Breitbart Confident Among Rightwing Sites

The maps in the last two articles (here and here) were all taken from those which were highlighted by 270towin.com. We decided to...

Ted Has a ‘Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

Judith Viorst wrote the children’s book about Alexander’s day, but the title could just as well apply to Ted Cruz’ day on April 19th....

GOP Insiders Split on Whether Trump-mania Has Peaked

With poll after poll out showing Donald Trump continuing to surge, even in places such as Florida where he currently leads Jeb Bush by...

Post Debate: War Between Trump and Rubio Escalates

For months now, Marco Rubio has taken the high road, refusing to run any negative advertising and, for the most part, refusing to criticize...

Cruz Might Have an Outsized Influence on the Convention

Attention is on who will oversee the Republican National Convention. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is slated to do the job, but...

RNC Hoping to Draw Hillary Into 2016 Fray

With barely any Democratic opposition to speak of, the 2016 Republican candidates are busy fighting among themselves over key issues. As a result, it...