The General Election happened last month, but today marks the finality of the campaign as the Electoral College electors will vote and certify Donald Trump as the next President, or will they? Analysts tend to agree that all the efforts to sway the electors to “vote their conscience,” and support someone other than Trump, will be fruitless in the end. There are several reasons for that, not the least of which is that most of the electors don’t want to be seen as thwarting the will of the people in their respective state.

Report from NBC News:

In the aftermath of a wild, norm-busting 2016 campaign, it’s only fitting that Monday’s Electoral College vote — the next step in formalizing Donald Trump’s election to the presidency — has generated frenzied, star-studded arguments to somehow change the results.

But regardless of whether you view these efforts as proper and legitimate uses of Constitutional authority, sour grapes or just democracy’s version of primal scream therapy, don’t expect any reversal of November’s overall result.

The weeks since the election have seen an unprecedented number of headlines teasing various scenarios about changing the results in the Electoral College — whose 538 members meet Monday in the 50 state capitals to cast their official votes. Trump won the Electoral College, 306 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232, but lost the popular vote by over 2.5 million votes, the third worst margin since 1824.

A handful of Democrats and even a few Republican electors have embarked on an unusual effort to deny Trump the victory — or at the very least, raise the specter of changing the election.

Some of the electors have reported death threats and threats to their families and livelihoods if they proceed with their bound vote for Donald Trump. The UK Telegraph reports:

Republican electors due to cast the votes on Monday that will seal Donald Trump’s presidency, are facing death threats and organised campaigns in a ditch bid by desperate opponents to avert the outcome of the US election.

Amid concerns that Russia intervened in the election, members of the Electoral College have been bombarded with calls to post-pone this final seal of approval – or choose a different candidate for the presidency.

“This is absolutely unique,” Mary Barket, an elector and long time Republican politician in Pennsylvania, a crucial swing state which broke for Mr Trump, told The Telegraph.

Following one of the most divisive campaigns in electoral history, the intelligence reports that Russian president Vladimir Putin authorised cyber attacks to help Mr Trump get elected have rocked the, usually quieter, transition weeks before the January inauguration.

As Mr Trump continued to openly refute the findings of the intelligence agencies, some 79 of the presidential electors, most of them Democrats, called on James Clapper, the director of national intelligence to authorise a classified briefing on the Russia hacking allegations before the Electoral College vote.

Even as Mr Clapper rejected the call, a barrage of other organisations have taken it upon themselves to campaign to stop the electors on Monday casting the votes, according to centuries old tradition, in accordance with the popular election result in their state.

The “Russian hacking” story is not being taken as conventional wisdom by the media and being pushed heavily by supporters outside and within the Clinton campaign. The FBI stated yesterday that it agrees with the CIA that Russia attempted to alter the US election by releasing damning information against Hillary Clinton. This operation could lead back to Vladimir Putin, but that trail seems vague depending on the source.

In total, it appears that today should mark the end of the campaign with Donald Trump officially being named the victor in 2016. Then again, this is 2016 and anything can happen so stay tuned.


  1. It would be awesome to see an end to this debacle, but people are more inclined to save their own asses, going with the flow rather than prevent this racist, misogynist despot from coming to power and thus marching America backwards in its progress regarding human rights and equality. Got to hope for the best.

      • Thumbs up for an obnoxious, racist misogynist? Seriously? As a woman, you should be ashamed to enable such disrespect for women. Don’t enable misogyny, oppose it.

        • Read real news or internet. Lies accusations fabrications proved wrong. Money grabbers. And u excuse bengarzi. Death. Etc. you should focus on bill for disrespect. And now hrc throwing huma under bus. Shame on you!!

          • I am not going by the media. I am basing these observations on what Trump himself has stated repeatedly. Perhaps you should listen to his statement regarding getting away with grabbing women by the genitals without consent, or his statement regarding having no respect for women or the court cases against him for discovering against black workers. Listen to HIM, not the media. His own words tell the whole story. He is a self-confessed racist, misogynist and antagonist of the 1st amendment. How OWN words. Read them. And feel your rightful shame and disgrace for voting this abomination into office.

    • Hillary only won the popular vote in CA. She lost the popular vote in all the other states.

      How can millions of votes be wrong when they voted for Trump?

      • And yet again, you fail to understand why states are irrelevant to the people’s or popular vote. We, the people. Not we, the states.

        • Of course, you know, that under current law, it is in fact the states under the Electoral College system, not the popular vote. This is a quadrennial exercise where the losing side gripes about the system unless if benefits them.

          • Actually, no. The popular vote and a rightful end to the Electoral College have been campaigned for since 1954 consistently every election with a majority in favor of abolishing the electoral College regardless of outcome. I would be saying the same if Hillary had lost the popular vote. Not much chance of that though given the racism, hatred and misogyny inherent to Trump. Fortunately, there are always more decent people than bigots in any grouping.


            • No, I’m pretty sure you’d be the first one commenting about how awesome the Electoral College would be in that case because it kept the “racist misogynist” out of the White House.

            • Fortunately, this is merely presumption on your part and a grossly incorrect one at that. I have always stated that the electoral College should be abolished. We simply cannot have a truly democratic election where the voice of the people is heard until it is gone. It may have been useful at the time, but no longer. It desperately needs to change to reflect modernity. Republicans seem unable to cope with change though. Which is why you are acting as apologist for a broken, outdated system now.

        • Your starting to understand. It’s “We The People of the United States” The United States. It’s not we the people of California.

          Lol. Your Hillary won the popular vote in 1, one, State. The founding fathers were very wise.

          • We are not going to get anywhere until you actually understand what popular vote is. It means everyone, regardless of where they are in the US, votes for who they wish to be president. Who gets the most votes, wins. Location of each person is completely irrelevant to that method. I could move the entire population of California to Mississippi and the result of the popular vote would be identical. It doesn’t matter where you are when you vote. What matters is that each INDIVIDUAL’s vote is counted. Currently, if you live in a non swing state and you vote for the underdog in that state, then your vote is as good as being thrown in the trash because it makes no difference to the end result. In popular vote, EVERY person’s vote counts. Now stop trolling the same feigned ignorance of what popular vote means. Or if you are genuinely so ignorant that you cannot grasp this simple concept, then there is no pointing debating further as you are way out of your intellectual depth. I hope for you that you’re just trolling. I would hate to think that anyone could be so dumb.

            • I believe you are a foreigner correct? Therefore I must allow you to make foolish statements. You Do Not understand Why the founders developed the electoral college. That’s ok. It’s not your fault. Many people in other countries don’t understand such a complex system either.

              Just today I read an article in an Asian newspaper. The editor didn’t understand the electoral college. He, like you, was confused. It is difficult.

              The preamble to the U S constitution says “We the people of the United States.” Do you understand? We the people of the United States. United Stated. I know it’s probably difficult but I have faith in you. Try to do you best to understand.

              So, Hillary won California’s popular vote. So she got 55 electoral votes. That’s almost 1/4th of the votes she received. So California’s votes do count. They count a lot.

              The election could be won by the candidates just going to the East and West coasts. California is a given for the dems.

              Do you see why it is important for every person to vote in each state as long as they have the electoral college?

            • Not only is this ad hominem fallacy, it is plain wrong.

              I understand the concept fine. The only system that makes states make a difference is the electoral college system which we currently have. In popular vote, states are irrelevant. Until you understand the difference between the two methodologies, you are not in a position to argue over them.

            • Whatever. The popular vote is the easiest way to decide an election. It is the wrong way for the United States to determine an election for the presidency.

              You’ll never agree. You want the popular vote period. You’ll just continue to degrade anyone who doesn’t agree with you. That is wrong.

            • Not only the easiest way, but the only truly democratic way of doing it such that every person’s vote is worthy and equal.

              Go live in a liberal state and try to claim your vote matters. It does not. Which is undemocratic and wrong. If you feel degraded by simple truth and facts, then you as thin skinned as Trump himself.

              Thanks for the discussion, but there is no more to say. See you in four years with no wall in place. Lol.

            • Actually, the Electoral College serves a very good purpose in reducing challenges. Most states are considered “safe” by both sides, so only the “battleground” states are in question.

              If it were a straight popular vote, we would likely have recounts all over the country, because a few votes here or there could change the result, and it could be many months before contested areas are decided.

              My only real complaint about the Electoral College is that people in Wyoming have four times as much influence as Florida. That’s just not right. If the Electoral votes were distributed fairly by population, or even votes in the last election, that would make a big difference.

      • What utter and total nonsense. While it’s true that Hillary won California by more than the 3,000,000, it takes a truly warped view to suggest that she won no other state.

          • Then, you’re agreeing that your previous comment was total and utter nonsense–exactly as true as saying Trump, therefore, won NO states at all.

            • Hillary won 20 states and Trump won 30 states. I’ve said that before. Trump will be the next president. I’ve said that before.

            • Nobody’s questioning the Trump win. Trump admits that the Electoral system is unfair, but that’s what we have. He says if the system were different, he would have campaigned differently, and still won. That’s a reasonable response, and a good defense.

              But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t begin to get some of the kinks out of the system–which Trump called “unfair” during the primaries, and then, “unfair” during the general election.

              The trouble with electoral reform is that the winners no longer care about fairness, and the losers have no power to change anything.

            • I read that in 2012 Trump said the electoral college was a diaster. He nows says it is genius.

              When I first read your post I thought I remember hearing Trump, in his Thank You tour, saying the fathers were pretty smart coming up with the electoral college.

              Your right that Trump would have found another way to win. At least he would have found another way to win against Hillary. She seemed tired/bored with the whole political progess.

              Trump once said he admired her drive but I didn’t see it. At least I didn’t see her campaigning as much as Trump. Example: When she was supposed to be in Vegas at a rally, could be another place, someone stood in for her. Sure she’d go to Vegas for a closed door fund raiser.

  2. The results of the vote are presented to a joint* session of Congress in January. Do we, the people, get to find out the results before then?

    (* not a drug reference)

      • No, we just found out just now. In November, we voted for Electors. Yesterday, the college cast its vote. I was wondering about that results. Trump lost 2, but not to Hillary. Hillary lost 5, none to Trump.

        • You can talk about the 12th amendment and all that But the election was over in November.

          Yes, on January 6th (I believe it is) the house will certify the electors decision to make Trump the next president.

          Yes, some democrats will continue to embarrass themselves as they can’t accept the will of the people.

  3. If they do this they risk history books for their grandchildren to. read how they destroyed tht america we knew. Electorates vote trump? For Anerica

  4. Sadly, Mr. ManoDestra. you are as misinformed as the “snowflake” crybabies who don’t understand what “misogynist” really means, and worse, you don’t have a clue that Trump will restore America’s real progress regarding human rights and equality. Barry Soetoro has damaged American Progress in rights and equality so badly that today there is again a resurgence of Racial hostilities as a direct result of Democrat interference in our society. The current President and his racist wife have done nothing but harm equality by taking away human dignity from millions of citizens and forcing them onto welfare roles instead of creating a respectable, proud, and decent working living for them. You need to become more aware of how Democrat policies destroy American progress in rights and equality before you spout off about the President-Elect who will save this country.

    • Bragging about sexual assault and declaring an open disrespect for women is misogyny by his own admission. What would you call that?

      And don’t try to claim he will be good for rights when he has openly attacked the first amendment on multiple counts. He is the single worst thing to happen to America for a good time. He is only going to March us backwards. Hopefully, he will fail every atrocious promise. I will be asking about the wall, Hillary being jailed and all Muslims being prevented entry in four years, if not sooner. I can guess the result already. He will fail to deliver.

      And if all you have is racist BS, then I have no wish to hear it. I don’t consort with racists or misogynists which is why Trump will always have my loathing, as should every other decent human being.

      • The fact that Trump has the loathing of a KNOW NOTHING on a blog will I bet keep him up at night.

        As far as you being decent are you sure that you didn’t mean to write DEMENTED!!!?

        Trump for PRESIDENT 2016 & 2020.?

        • Actually, the “Know Nothings” were the opposite. They were the Native American Party, mainly fearing that immigration threatened a nation of “Real Americans.”

  5. Dear ManoDesire: It is so sad you are incapable of seeing reality in front of your own eyes. You’d rather swallow the drivel which the biased, Fake News delivers to you. One day you’ll wake up/

    • No, Trump’s own words says it all. Nothing to do with media. He is a self-confessed racist and misogynist and one that is thoroughly inept and ineloquent. Any one who aligns themselves with Trump aligns themselves with racism and misogyny. And my conscience simply will never allow me to align myself with those ideologies. Basic human decency is all that is required to oppose Trump. Something now deeply lacking in today’s America.

      • It’s nice to know there are fine and superior people like yourself in our humble surroundings. Doesn’t it just drive you nuts that Trump doesn’t give a rip what you think?

        He got your attention didn’t he. That was his goal. Then he walked away with the presidency.

        Meanwhile the Dems were left wondering what happened. Fools.

        • You voted a racist and misogynist into the greatest office in the world, so yeah. The only fools are those who will soon discover a heap of broken promises. HR has already welched on several of them. Hillary won’t be prosecuted (no evidence to do so anyway, but he said he would). And I will ask every day, where is this wall you promised? I guarantee it will never appear. So a ton of racists and white supremacists will be sorely disappointed. Mark my words for future reference.

          • Only in your mind is Trump a racist and misogynist. Millions of people voted for him. That’s a lot of your so called racist people.

            You said HR has welched on several of the promises. Who is HR? Is that Hillary?

            Trump isn’t the president yet. So he hasn’t welched on anything. When you read that he’s welched on any of his promises that’s junk news. Reporters trying to make up stuff.

            That wall will be built. People like you said Trump was going to lose the election. They said his businesses were failing. He not only won the election but his businesses will boom.

            Sounds like your in denial. You might need some counseling.

            • Firstly, boasting about sexual assault and grabbing women by the genitals was his own words, not “in my mind”. Or stating that most Mexicans are rapists and criminals was also by his own words, not “in my mind”. If anyone is in denial here, it is you. You are blind to his racism and misogyny because the cognitive dissonance is just too much to bear. Or you actively are racist and misogynist yourself and are just too gutless to own it, like most racists.

              You keep waiting for that wall. Sure… It will be built… Yeah… You keep believing that, despite it costing so much that it would utterly cripple us financially. Dream on. SMFH.

              Trump welched on his promises, not HR. That was an auto-correct. He failed on his promise to jail Hillary if he were president. That is for a start. The other failures, such as “the wall”, you will perceive in the coming four years of retrogressive oblivion we about to ensure.

            • You were offended by his words but millions of women weren’t. If the women can move on so can I.bThe women eere obviously tougher than you are. So please don’t try to sound holier than thou.

              You wsnt Trump to fall. It is obvious you don’t understand the power of the United States.

              Your also used to the lies that politicians like Clinton tell potential voters. Yet you believe and support them.

              Trump said he’d build a wall. He’s used to building things. He’s used to getting things done. So why wouldn’t it be built? There is absolutely no reason it wouldn’t be built. But people like you, who are used to being lied to by the clintons of the world can’t see it.

              Hello. Trump isn’t president yet. How can he jail Hillary until he is? So Trump hasn’t welched on anything.

            • You do realize that someone being a racist and a misogynist is not affected by how people react to it, right? If you punch and beat someone badly and they get up and walk away as if nothing happened, they were still a victim of violence. Some people ignoring his racism and misogyny doesn’t affect the fact that that makes him unfit for the greatest office in the land.

              And he has already stated that he will not prosecute Clinton. You are either completely wilfully ignorant or plain trolling. Which is it?

            • You give me a link to an obviously biased and non-credible source and expect me to take that seriously? Look at the other ludicrous invented stories on that site. You’re just embarrassing yourself now. Posts from a credible source only. Evidence, not supposition, crazed conjecture and lies.

            • I could have given you a link to Snopes or fact check and you still would have called them a non credible source. The only one whose embarrassing theself is ManoDestra.

              You want to believe just those news outlets that You agree with. That’s it. You probably believe Donna Basile (spelling?) Never gave Hillary advanced questions to the debates. Sad.

              That wall just got 10 feet taller.

  6. Trump will finally end all these racist, misogyist, crying and two face asshole out of power. Finally a president that is hiring people because they will be great at the job, not just because they are friends.

  7. Manodestrs. Check out nees. Looks like 7 dem electoral votes for hillary switched to trump. Nc elrctorates ealked into state house to vote trump singing god bless America. Start paying attention open your eyes. You are with America, stop trash talk, or you are against America. We all want unity and jobs. Good jobs. Merry Christmas.. hope you dont take offense to that also.

    • I am FOR America, which is why we should ALL be against Trump. American values do not celebrate division, hate, racism, misogyny or privilege. Trump is all these things. We should be celebrating freedom, hope, love, equality, education and basic human rights. Trump’s vision is the exact opposite of American values.

      • That is Trumps vision. Equality. Education. Human rights for All legal Americans. Legal Americans. Not illegals.

        • Except for women, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, LGBT and anyone who values their first Amendment rights. Apart from that, everyone. SMH.

          • Your wrong. Trump said he wants to improve the inner citieses. Trump wants to improve the lives of everyone.

            Hillary was the one who merely blew smoke at African Americans, etc. Had she really wanted to improve their lives she would have done something about it. She’s been in the public arena for 30 years.

            Yet the inner cities are still a mess.

      • Maybe you should “sh*t or get off the pot”. In other words, become a US citizen or go home and change your country. Where are you from anyway… You look polish, or check.

  8. Dear Mr. ManoDestra: It is time to switch to your “Big-boy Pants” and stop crying and whining. Live with it.

      • Democrats should begin focusing on just that – rebuilding for 2018 and 2020. They’ve been decimated in the states under President Obama. It’s time to rebuild the party and start fielding good candidates in the rest of the country, not just the coasts. Howard Dean achieved this in 2006, they need that kind of thinking now. Hillary Clinton was her own worst enemy in this regard, not an exciting candidate even for ardent Democratic voters.

        • In the Democrat primary all the potential presidential candidates were old white people. They need some younger diversity.

          Yes, under Obama the Democrat party fell apart. He’s the leader yet the Republicans took state houses and the list goes on.

          Falling apart seems to be Obamas weak point. He’s basically allowed the jv team to run wild. He’s now trying to play catch up.

          It certainly doesn’t look good for the Democrats in 2018, 2020 and beyond. It especially doesn’t look good when one hears that an old white guy, Biden, may run. Well,, Biden does have the ability to smile.

        • Let’s not confuse coincidence with cause-and-effect.

          Dems didn’t lose “because” of Obama. They lost since 2010 because they forgot what Tip O’Neill used to say: All politics is local.

          What he meant was that people care about local issues more than national ideals, but the GOP also realized that Congressional districts are drawn by local folks–so all you have to do is focus on local elections to control the whole country. And once the districts are slanted, the advantage can’t be undone.

          Considering that districts are drawn by the state legislatures, the state legislatures are now overwhelmingly Republican, and gerrymandering has made almost all seats “safe,” Democrats will never win the House again–ever–unless the courts step in to reverse the gerrymandering.

    • Should someone who has suffered from physical assault or rape simply shut up and “stop whining” about it? There has been a serious American tragedy here and a failure of and toward the American people, and the rest of the world. Everyone is reeling, not by a democratic loss, but by an obnoxious, inept, racist and misogynist win. He is not just a Republican who beat a Democrat. That has occurred before and it did not bother me. This guy is offensive, inept and unfit for office in so many ways. He is dangerous and is seriously detrimental to the values of the United States. I have every right to complain given what has occurred. You may wish to align yourself with racism and misogyny, I do not.

  9. It isn’t nice to keep kicking the person who was questionably knocked out. That is an inhumane act performed by diabolical and remorseless persons. Hillary Clinton won the people’s popular vote. Trump won the electoral vote. She called Trump, conceded the election, and wished him well. So why keep piling vileness and cruel recourse upon her? That is not the American Way.

    • Hillary won the popular vote in 1 (One) state. CA, that was it. Trump won the popular vote in all the other states. So, the American people wanted Trump.

      She may have called Trump to concede but she hand in hand with Stein asking for a recount. A recount where Trump got even more votes.

      • However you want to cut it–Clinton won the popular vote by millions which states that the American people wanted her as president. It is immaterial which state put her over the top. The people of California are still American citizens. The electoral college voted for Trump so, good or bad,Trump will be our next president. Only time will tell if he can fulfill all his promises and threats.

        • What you said is true.

          I think the state that put her over the top is important. But as you said Trump will be the next president. So it doesn’t really matter.

          The electoral college will not be done away with. It’s too difficult. Besides it works.

            • The electoral college is democratic. The larger states, with more of the population, have more electoral votes. California can wipe out around X states as they have more electoral votes.

              The current situation in the USA has nothing to do with the electoral college.

            • No. It’s not proportional. The Electoral College is not based on the states’ population or voters. It’s based on the number of senators (two for every state, regardless of size), and representatives, which is also figured in a bizarre way.

              While it’s true that large states have more electors than small states, it’s not equivalent. Wyoming has FOUR TIMES the elector-per-voter than Florida.

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