Here’s a short list of who Trump has picked for his cabinet so far. Rumors abound that a Secretary of State pick is imminent and the list has come down to a small handful of finalists, including Mitt Romney, General David Petraeus, and Rudy Giuliani, according to CBS News.

However, here are some of the official picks we know so far:

Betsy Devos – Education Secretary
Devos hails from outside the governor, originally from Michigan. She’s apparently a proponent of charter schools and was previously in favor of common core, though she has retracted her prior support for the national standard. This issue was noteworthy since Trump ran on a platform of ending common core with intention of restoring education to the state and local level.

Mike Pompeo – Directory of CIA
Pompeo is a “Tea Party” Republican Representative from the 4th district of Kansas and is labeled as a “sharp critic” of Hillary Clinton by the New York Times.

Nikki Haley – U.N. Ambassador
Gov. Haley, of South Carolina, was a strong Trump critic during the earlier part of the campaign, though she softened in the latter months. Haley doesn’t have much dedicated foreign policy experience, though it’s speculated that Trump selected her for her success in negotiating expanded business deals into South Carolina during her tenure as Governor. It’s also speculated that she was chosen as a means to fill out her foreign policy resume with the possibility of a future run for the Presidency of the United States.

Jeff Sessions – Attorney General
Session is a Senator from Alabama. He’s known as an “immigration hardliner,” and may face some stiff opposition from Senate Democrats.

Also noteworthy, is that Trump offered Housing and Urban Development to Dr. Ben Carson, though Carson has yet to officially accept, but reports indicate he’s inclined to do so.