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Hillary Maintains 57 Point Lead in Latest Poll

With all the talk of Elizabeth Warren or Jim Webb giving Hillary Clinton a run in 2016, it's easy to lose focus on just...

Open Thread: Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare subsidies

The court ruled in favor of the Obama administration's claim that, despite the specific wording in the health care, subsidies for the cost of...

Bernie Sanders Leads in Latest California Primary Poll

This race is coming down to the wire, at least in California, where the latest poll gives Sanders a 1 point edge among Democratic...

There Are Many Forms of Socialism: Where Does Bernie Fit?

With Bernie Sanders gaining widespread notoriety by challenging Hillary Clinton this year for the Democratic nomination, his record as a "Democratic-Socialist" has come under...

Future of the Major Parties: ‘Trumpism’ and ‘Clintonism’

Michael Lind, a contributor to Politico, claims the two parties were realigned by Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, but that it is Donald Trump...

Grading Sunday’s Debate Will Be Tough

Many have criticized Donald Trump for what appeared to be a lack of preparation for the first presidential debate on Sept. 26. Ted...

Bernie Sanders Wins Wyoming Democratic Caucus

Bernie Sanders won the Wyoming Democratic Caucus on Saturday marking his seventh straight victory of contests held since the Idaho caucus on March 22nd....

Will there even be Democratic primary debates in 2016?

That question remains to be answered and it depends on whether any formidable challenger to Hillary Clinton emerges in the next few months. The...

Obama immigration push bad news for both parties?

This topic will have great implications for both parties leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Republicans will be trying to avoid appearing too...

Iraq War Disagreement Shows How Upside Down This Year Is

You’ll never see another election year like this. Everything seems to be upside-down. Now we’re back to talking about George W. Bush’s Iraq War....

Hillary faces questions raised by ‘Clinton Cash’ book

At this point, the media stories are too numerous to mention individually so I'll try to give a little rundown of what is happening...

Why Monday’s Debate Will Be “Yuge”

People are saying next Monday’s debate (Sept. 26th) will be the most watched debate in American history. You know why? Sheer entertainment....