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Steve Bullock 2020 Montana

Can Montana Gov. Steve Bullock Defeat Trump Nationally?

Add another to the list of 2020 Democratic contenders by way of Montana Gov. Steve Bullock. The red-state governor announced on Tuesday his intention...
2018 Midterm Senate Races

2018 Midterm Senate News Update

There has been movement in some U.S. Senate races where Republicans have gained ground in Arizona and Texas. Democrats are also pouring some money...

Latest Midterm Senate Race News and Polls

The Kavanaugh hearings and eventual confirmation seem to have shifted the momentum in some U.S. Senate races around the country. There was a noticeable...

Race Spotlight: Montana Senate – Tester (D) vs. Rosendale (R)

Montana is known for being a deep-red state that has a tendency to send moderate Democrats to Washington as U.S. Senators. Donald Trump won...

Republican Gianforte Wins Montana Seat Despite Reporter Assault

The margin of victory for Republican Greg Gianforte was much narrower than polling suggested, but he easily carried the day over Democrat Rob Quist....