Buried in the news yesterday after Rep. Steve Scalise and others were shot by a gunman in Virginia, was a report from the Washington Post that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice. The investigation that had been trying to determine whether anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia has shifted into whether the President was acting in any way to impede that investigation.

As the WaPo reports, the probe is widening, as some critics of the Special Counsel feared it would:

The special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election is interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe that now includes an examination of whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice, officials said.

The move by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to investigate Trump’s conduct marks a major turning point in the nearly year-old FBI investigation, which until recently focused on Russian meddling during the presidential campaign and on whether there was any coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Investigators have also been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes among Trump associates, officials said.

Trump had received private assurances from then-FBI Director James B. Comey starting in January that he was not personally under investigation. Officials say that changed shortly after Comey’s firing.

According to the last sentence, firing Comey actually ignited the investigation into Trump, which it appeared had been winding down with no real evidence having being uncovered.

Mueller will begin interviewing key players very, very soon:

Five people briefed on the interview requests, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly, said that Daniel Coats, the current director of national intelligence, Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency, and Rogers’s recently departed deputy, Richard Ledgett, agreed to be interviewed by Mueller’s investigators as early as this week. The investigation has been cloaked in secrecy, and it is unclear how many others have been questioned by the FBI.

The President has responded to this report by calling Mueller’s investigation as a “witch hunt:”

President Donald Trump is telling his Twitter followers that they are witnessing the “single greatest WITCH HUNT in American history.”

The president didn’t clarify what exactly he was referring to in the early morning tweet, however he has frequently described reports about possible ties between members of his campaign and Russia as a “witch hunt.”

Trump writes, “You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history – led by some very bad and conflicted people! #MAGA” — the acronym referring to his campaign slogan, Make America Great Again.

Earlier Thursday, Trump tweeted that a new report suggesting that special counsel Robert Mueller may investigate him for possible obstruction of justice after he fired FBI Director James Comey is a “phony story.”

Witch hunt or not, the Special Counsel has a lot of power and can make life for this administration quite miserable depending on how this story unfolds. Mueller can take the investigation anywhere he sees fit, which can turn into a “witch hunt” of sorts.

Meanwhile, liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz actually came to Trump’s defense in stating he doesn’t believe that Mueller can find any crime committed, according to Mediaite:

Well, during a pretty wild little segment on CNN, famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz let it be known that he doesn’t think Mueller has any jurisdiction when it comes to investigating potential collusion between Trump and the Russians over election interference. Why? Because Dershowitz doesn’t think that is a criminal act.

“Let’s assume that’s true,” he exclaimed. “Show me the criminal statute. I still sit here as a civil libertarian. I don’t want us ever to become what Stalinist Russia became when Stalin was saying, show me the man I’ll find you the crime. What is the crime?!”

When anchor Anderson Cooper brought up there is a difference when it comes to illegal collusion, Dershowitz agreed but said that is all in the purview of politics.

“That’s a political issue,” the lawyer said. “That doesn’t give Mueller jurisdiction. Mueller has no jurisdiction to explore whether he made political mistakes, did terrible things, engaged in wrongdoing. Only criminal conduct!”

Dershowitz’s point basically boils down to the fact that it’s not criminal to be politically inept. You can make plenty of dumb political moves that can cause you lots of trouble, but it doesn’t mean that they’re criminal in nature.


  1. As I said on another page, it was stupid of Trump to brag that he’s not under investigation. NOBODY is under investigation until they are. And the fact that he bragged about it made it appear that he was surprised.

    Dershowitz has been a Trump cheerleader, for some reason. In another recent interview, Dershowitz agreed with Nixon, saying, regardless of the act, “if the president does it, it’s not illegal.”

    I agree that these investigations get out of hand. The law should be rewritten so that the Counsel can ONLY look into the specific act for which he/she was appointed. If he/she finds something else, he/she should have to go back for authority to investigate a second matter.

    • I really love the contents of your last paragraph. I am willing to bet that if the Special Counsel keeps on wasting tax payer money looking for the proverbial NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK, he will stumble upon something.?

      Who that has been on this Earth for 71 years is without sin? I’ll bet that President Trump probably pulled some girls pigtails when he was in school. Could that be the SMOKING GUN??

      I am curious as to why there wasn’t a Special Counsel to look into Bill Bubba Clinton aka as the GREAT FORNICATOR? What about the COMMUNITY ORGANIZER his administration did more vile things, than I can count. I wonder why a Special Counsel didn’t look into their misdeeds? Perhaps it was because they so flagrantly violated the law, it was clear for all to see.?

      President Trump is correct in saying this is a Witch hunt. Mueller may find something after wasting millions of dollars. I however wonder if anything that President Trump did as a private citizen will have been worth it??

    • Did he brag? Or did he mention that on 3 different occasions he was told he was NOT under investigation by Comey. That was true and somehow the ONLY thing not leaked. ?
      The mainstream media, Democrats, liberals, and celebrities love to condemn Republicans. They develop tunnel vision and now just spew out lies and insults. This hatred will continue until people learn to debate and discuss in a way where facts are put up and feelings are toned down. I keep reminding people are feelings? can be controlled.. ugh.

      • You’re being silly.

        You don’t put out a media release about whom is NOT being investigated.

        “Today, the FBI chief announced that Mickey Mouse is not being investigated, as well as Britney Spears. A partial list of whom is not being investigated will be on News at 11, and will continue until the 11 pm report on March 8, 2019.”

            • What it shows, as I’ve said, is that the real problem with the media is that they are lazy. In this case, LOCAL TV stations got this media release from a corporate interest. It had a nice hook, so they all used it, as is.
              However, since these are all local stations, it’s unlikely that anyone would ever notice. One of the first rules of journalism is that when you get a release, you rewrite it.

              I liked the reference at the end to the great movie, “They Live!” in which big time wrestler-turned-actor Rowdy Roddy Piper shows us that we are being brainwashed by commercials. Did anyone doubt that?

          • You’re arguing against yourself. You want to think Trump is innocent, but you point to “evidence” that he’s not.

            Note that it does not say the info came from the FBI.

            • No, I am not. Afterwards in the Comey testamony he did say that Trump was NOT under investigation. A fact that failed to be leaked while CONGRESSMEN knew the truth and still talking nonsense.
              I just see alot of manipulation. From the very beginning of the? election. I mean the Democratic party is becoming a hateful group.
              I just hope the radicalization ends with this nutcase from Illinois that shot up Republicans practicing baseball.
              Seems like the hatred is spreading like cancer. I did not like Obama one bit. But I never hated him. The left is becoming radicalized. Can’t you see it?

            • It’s just nutty.

              Reminds me of when Spain’s dictator, Francisco Franco, was on death’s door for many weeks in 1975. Foreign news reports kept reporting Franco was still alive–as if that were news.

              That’s just like this. “Trump is still not under investigation” would not be news. Repeat after me: things that are not happening are not news.

              Franco finally did die. The funny thing was that after weeks of hearing, “Franco is still alive,” Chevy Chase, on SNL, started a running joke, reporting, “Franco is Still Dead.”


            • Lol. Chevy Chase is great.
              So what you’re saying is that it is either wishful thinking from the left or just really bad reporting.
              Either way, the Trump administration has done so many wonderful things that are yet to be given any recognition..

            • No, I’m saying Trump would be better off if he’d learn to shut the f up sometimes.

              What kind of moron says, “I’m not under investigation.” “I’m still not under investigation.” “Nope, not under investigation, yet.” “They say I’m not under investigation.” “Why isn’t EVERYBODY saying I’m not under investigation?” “I’m not under investigation, you know.” “He sad so THREE times.” “That must mean I can never be under investigation, right?” “I mean, I’m not under investigation now.”

              To me, that sounds like the old Bart Simpson line:

              “I didn’t do it. . .Nobody saw me do it. . .You can’t prove anything.”

            • So in other words you would like to have the mainstream media continue to say “wh sources” say all kinds of idiotic things and NOT be held accountable nor have any push back from neither the man the accuse of being under investigation nor the congressmen that know better. What the heck.
              How freaking horrible is this. They poison the water with there lies then get mad when they get called out for it. #fakenews media is a real problem. CNN has been front and center. Just ask me about all of them. I have a wonderful list, as well as YouTube videos of the on air hypocrisy. That is not journalism, that is propaganda.

            • No, journalism is reporting news. And news is often rumors. Technically, they should get at least two sources for a story. If they are told something, they have a duty to report it.

              NYT tried an experiment years ago, refusing to report if they couldn’t use a name with it. Result? Their sources dried up. The administration always plays this game, too. They tell the media something. Then, if the public reacts unfavorably, they deny it.

              Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong.

            • Give me one example.
              I can name you at least 5.

              Honest reporting versus tabloid. Integrity has been replaced by greed and self rightousness.

              Ratings that is all I hear about, oh and polls… Why what exactly is so important about both when they cater to their base? It is just like social media where you meet like minded individuals and become a mule. Never able to take direction from anyone else, much less listen to their replies.
              I do try. Still. I try to slowly decimate every single falsehood they repeat. Why because it may not get thru to that person but maybe someone else will read the comment section and say, wow. Here it is. Truth.
              It should always be up to debate. The wonderful thing our country has is freedom to speak your mind, regardless if people agree.
              But to spread propaganda, or twist, distort, and muddy the truth as I see so many “news stations” do is horrible and goes against our First Amendment. At this day in age when we have the capability to record anything by using our phones…well why should they not request additional proof?

            • By your own words…
              I say this is SAD.
              Integrity. We have seen our journalism go down the drain. No one wants to be “right” they just want to be first.
              We get the news from “sources” that turn out to be press releases.
              We get fed rumors and told they are “Insiders” that turned out to be a lie. But it gets repeated over and over again until that is what is believed.
              If you do your JOB without HONOR are you really worth anything?
              Heck, I guess I am old school. I was taught that every job done right was a good day and worth feeling accomplished.
              Now as long as you manipulate as many people in the name of journalism it is ok.
              I am not referring to you. ?
              Ttyl, Goethe.

            • No it is not true that “journalism=news=rumors.” Journalism = news, and sometimes, all they have is rumors to go on.

              Anytime a reporter says “undisclosed source” or “anonymous source” or “unidentified source,” they are doing their job of pointing out that this is NOT a confirmed fact. Intelligent people get that distinction, and take it with a grain of salt–until it’s confirmed a few days later.

              Anytime anyone claims that something happened, as I’ve said here many times, it is dubious if the person doesn’t point to a PERSON who said or did the thing at a specific TIME and PLACE. Especially last year. We had one “report” that the pope had “endorsed” Trump, for instance. Another “report” said that the pope had excommunicated Trump. Such claims didn’t say when or where, so they were both clearly fabrications–and they were, by the way, NOT reported by, what you call, the MSM.

              The government will never voluntarily provide information that makes them look bad. Only ethical people within the government will “leak” what they think the public needs to know. We might still be fighting in Vietnam if it weren’t for Ellsburg. (That war was highly profitable for arms suppliers.)

              Give me an example of “insiders that turn out to be a lie.” Are you saying someone was called an “insider,” but was not close to the situation? That would be a problem, but if you mean the “insider” gave facts that turned out to be wrong, that’s the fault of the “insider,” not the reporter, although there should be a retraction printed. Give an example.

            • http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/geoffrey-dickens/2017/06/14/cnn-decades-fake-news
              I simply googled CNN fake news. And behold a ton of examples came up.
              But who cares? Honestly, the ones that do have integrity are gone, the ratings were not high enough. No the ones that make the most and make the outrageous claims get the most views.
              I guess that is why I watch Fox Business. Lol. They are strickly monotone, don’t get too excited and don’t yell as much.
              I wish I could post screen shots on here. I have several good ones that prove my point. I am limited. ?

            • Let’s begin by agreeing there is no such thing as “fake news.” There is only “accurate” or “mistaken.” If it is mistaken, there should be a retraction.

              In the link you provide, it starts with the report from the 1991 Gulf War that allies struck a milk plant. YET, even your anti-news site admits that the report said that “Iraq claimed.” That’s news. It’s reporting a claim. It’s not reporting that the event happened. And even the “claim” was countered the very next day.

              Next, there was the report about Laos. And, again, CNN retracted the story when more facts came to light.

              Third, the complaint that journalists in Iraq couldn’t report bad news about Iraq. I’m old enough to remember these reports. There was no question that they were reporting the Iraqi side of the story.

              All of these stories admit that the reporters ONLY what they saw and heard. That is all you can expect from anyone. It is the essence of good journalism.

            • Now you want to analyze the word “fake”? Fine, I will go with your name as “mistaking” news, although it doesn’t do it justice does it?

              Who has the duty to provide accurate not mistaking news? Is it the viewers? Is it the reporters? Now, riddle me this… How is it that the RETRACTIONS don’t get the same amount of air time as the “mistaken” news? Wouldn’t you think that in itself be news? In fact it would be accurate news.
              Do you think that news agencies have a duty to try to get the facts before publishing? Now, let me make myself clear. I think it is high time that the MSM try to strive for accuracy and less rumours. What is so wrong with that? Wouldn’t it be great to hear facts instead of opinions? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a verified and accurate statements?
              I am still hearing from the left that Melania Trump was a call girl. She took them to court and won. Yet on the memes and heads of many liberals they use it to attack her. Same thing with POTUS it keeps being repeated before the election that he was being under investigation… Sources say….. Well heck, that was WRONG. The only one that had an investigation or “matter” was HILLARY CLINTON. Just look back at the old posts. How many times was it brought up?
              And news agencies now repeat other news agencies as the truth. Well, Washington Post has become a good “mistaken” media recently also. Yet they are being referred to still.

            • It is, of course, the duty of every citizen to, well, think. If the reporter uses words like “claim” or “according to sources” or “it’s being said” or “allegedly” or such, the reader/viewer should realize that the reporter is just telling what they’re told, but cannot verify.

              Prove to me that ANYONE reported that Trump–personally–was under investigation.
              You are faking right now.

            • Ok.
              You oy have to go to YOUR app to see everything.
              June 7 Liberals have their own conspiracy theories.
              You mentioned” fake news”.
              March 23, 2017
              On your App…

              The FBI has been investigating a Trump-Russia connection since July, according to FBI Chief James Comey. That was earlier reported in the New York Times on October 31, 2016.

              Then again on March 6th Nate put out an article
              Drm Senator on Trump Russia..

              Now you started this whole thread about President Trump repeating over and over again that he was NOT under investigation. And how you thought it was not necessary. (I am being nice).
              Why was it in the news if they KNEW he wasn’t under investigation? How did the insider really do? Not good. Obviously. Because we heard straight from Comey that TRUMP WAS NEVER UNDER INVESTIGATION.
              This is your app. These are your writings. You rely on the New York times and they make others look like a liar, and you are not angry? I hate repeating fake news. Just hate it. I feel just as responsible if I was the one that made it up. I even apologize if I find out I spread it. Cause it is embarrassing. This isn’t even my lively hood and I still feel guilty. I guess that is cause I really don’t like to lie and liked to be trusted.

            • Angela: Honestly. [Shakes his head.]

              I went back to the March story. The word “fake” does not appear anywhere at all.

              Once again, just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it wrong, or as Trump says,”BAD!”

              In that article, we merely pointed out what THE FBI CHIEF said–which is why we said, “according to.” Are we not allowed to report what the head of the premier investigating unit in the USA says, just because you don’t want to hear it??

              The only way that is what you call “fake news” is if you can prove that Comey didn’t say it. Can you?

              As for who we “rely on,” if you are honest, you’ll admit that almost ALL of my articles quote your Breitbart, Daily Caller, or Newsmax, while I don’t know if I’ve quoted the NYT at all.

              Are we not allowed to EVER quote a source that you don’t like? I thought you said you were willing to hear both sides.

              I thought you were savvy enough to understand, but maybe I should clarify: “Trump” is not just Donald J. It refers to his campaign or his administration. Just like when they say “the White House,” you know that the building isn’t talking. Right?

              Comey did say that–at that time–Trump-the-person was not being investigated, but it’s obvious that Trump-the-campaign, and Trump-the-administration have been. Campaigns and administrations ought to be under CONSTANT examination, or don’t you think that either?

              Why on EARTH are you so afraid of Trump being investigated??? Are you that afraid of what they might find???

            • Because it was on the June 7 story. ? “Fake news”
              I wasn’t talking about you or your site… Goethe ?.
              I HONESTLY don’t think he is under investigation.

              I am happy his Lawyer is on Defending Trump from the attacks. Even from “conservative” Chris Wallace. I think he is a “RINO”. OR A “CUCK”. that
              is a 4chan or Reddit word.
              Gotta love the internet.?

            • Then. . .why did you say,”you mentioned fake news on your app”? I have no idea what story you refer to on June 7.

              To tell you the truth, I don’t think Donald J is personally under investigation, either, and no one actually said that. As I noted, “Trump-Russia” refers to his campaign, just as “Russia” doesn’t mean every single babushka in Siberia. It’s shorthand, and the paranoia about a possible investigation makes one suspect there may actually be something untoward there.

              As for the language you’re celebrating, “cuck” is short for “cuckold,” which refers to a husband who has been humiliated by his wife’s having sex with other men (often purposely to demean him). It was first used as a hateful alternative to “RINO.”

              The gleeful use of “cuck” is an illustration of how low our society has sunk.

            • I say we “gotta love the internet” Because they have transformed so many words and adjectives to describe “the establishment”.
              Which I feel Mr. Wallace is, or at least a ratings whore.
              No I can tell you how low our society has become. One where BLM shuts down freeways, cops are killed for bad reporting. And college professor attack reporters and protesters. Or the shut down of free speech on Campus. But I think the icing on the cake is the shooting from a Bernie supporter from ILLINOIS that listened to all the crap on TV. and did not pay attention to the “alleged” “uncomfirmed” “sources” etc………
              Yup they are cucks…. Sitting around watching the burning of our country (something they should love) and letting it get violated.

            • Also, while you’re ecstatic, the only people who think Trump has done “so many wonderful things” are the 35% or so who would follow him anywhere. Most people couldn’t name a single thing he’s done which they consider “wonderful.”

              And that’s his problem. His base has nowhere else to go. It would be a lot smarter of him to try to find things that would make more people think he has done a “wonderful thing.”

            • Well maybe it is simply because they are not being informed. I was watching the screens at the gym President Trump was giving a speech about Infrastructure Reform, common sense stuff. The bottom of the screen read (I am repeating from memory) CNN- Trump’s comments after Comey testimony, MSNBC-Trump first speech after Comey, Fox Business-Trump Infrastructure Reform.

              This is what I am telling you. It is the stupid “wag the dog” policies the left has taken. I can name you hundreds of every single day hypocrisy. In fact, I brought it up several times.

              Did you hear about the Allepo kid? His parents are speaking out.

              Did you hear about the CNN “photo op” after the London Bridge attack?

              Did you hear about the INTERVIEW afterwards with the Mayor of London where he admits over half come back from “vacationing? in Syria” and may have fought. They don’t know who they are….
              Pier’s Morgan/Good Morning London.

              No what you heard is that Trump tweeted we really need to get our travel ban together.
              Oh but Iran did not want to face the ban, so we are working on getting our people out of that nation that were kept prisoners.

              I guess I NEED to be his cheerleader now more then ever. Because we have to be louder then ever before.

          • Angelica: People seldom follow blind links. I do, because I have to make sure they’re not spam or porn.

            If you’re going to provide a link, tell us what it’s supposed to prove.

            In this case, the guy talks about media consolidation, but ends up saying that’s a good thing, because it helps small voices to be heard. Was that supposed to be your point??

            • I never thought someone would put up a link like that.?
              My point is simple. Propaganda, Manipulation, and Distortion can be controlled if you wish to. Obama did a very great job of it. Trump does not.

            • Goethe you have got to check out Hannity today on Rachel Maddow!!!!
              June 21, 2017.
              It’s a compilation of her.

            • Precisely why you should!!
              Regardless of the fact that it was extremely funny/sad..it also shed a little light on the propaganda and manipulation we have been talking about. How they use the words “alleged” “if” “unsourced” “it’s been said”…
              It was great.
              Anyway, besides bretbart, Washington Post, and Fox news and Business I can’t see any other conservative channels. Do you? Can you name me one that comes close to being in the middle? I have to watch both. Sometimes to laugh at the meltdowns, but that’s mean.

  2. Why wasn’t bill Clinton investigated for obstruction of justice when he met with Lynch? Does anyone believe they we’re talking about their grandchildren?

    • What makes you think he wasn’t investigated? It’s not “normal” for the FBI to announce what they’re investigating or not investigating. And if they did investigate, and found nothing, it’s not normal for the FBI to announce that, either.

      The only reason there’s so much talk about Trump investigations is that Trump won’t shut up about it.

      • Trump or Polosi, Schumer, and Maxine go on every talk show and spew the same garbage. We see it on MSNBC CNN ABC NBC and at every conference Hillary Clinton is in. That is alot of people attacking his character, don’t you think he has the right to defend himself? Even after Comey testified Maxine still out their wagging her ?

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