After the revelations in the past 48 hours of this campaign, there were rumors swirling that Indiana Governor Mike Pence could simply withdraw as Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee and abandon the campaign. Pence took to the media this morning and firmly squashed the rumors saying this campaign has been a “privilege” of a lifetime.

Report from CNN:

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Monday that he did not consider leaving Donald Trump’s presidential ticket, saying it’s the “greatest honor of my life” to be nominated by the Republican Party as Trump’s running mate.

“You know I’ll always keep my conversations with Donald Trump and my family private. But it’s absolutely false to suggest that at any point in time we considered dropping off this ticket,” Pence told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota in an interview on “New Day.”

Pence was then asked if evidence surfaced that Trump had groped women, like he described in 2005, would he drop off the ticket. But he deflected to accusations against Bill Clinton.

“Alisyn, he said last night very clearly that that was talk, not actions. And I believe him and I think the contrast between that and what the Clintons were involved in 20 years ago — the four women that were present last night — was pretty dramatic,” Pence said.

He said the general election is a choice of “two futures.”

Pence signaled he will stick with Trump through the election, following his debate performance Sunday night in a tweet.

Here is video of Pence speaking this morning on the subject:

I have to imagine Pence was miffed by the video released on Friday, but what is he really supposed to do about it? If he were to defect from Trump, he’d certainly face a backlash from Trump loyalists for the remainder of his political career. On the other hand, sticking by Trump until the end will at least leave him in good shape with most factions of the GOP long after this election cycle is finished.

It may be the case that others were pushing this narrative, specifically Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, who was actively calling for Pence to withdraw from the Trump campaign and formally endorse the Libertarian ticket.


  1. In June, Pence was a nobody who was going down in the polls in his own state. Being on the ticket has made him famous, and showing up Trump has made him a superstar.

    My guess is that Pence was overjoyed by the 2005 tape–and reports that there are more tapes all over the place (The Apprentice, Geraldo, etc). Pence has positioned himself to run for president in 2020. He’d be just second banana if Trump won.

    • Your right, he was a nobody. In fact I was disappointed when Trump announced him. I wanted Newt.
      But Trump seen a good running mate. And we now can see why he chose him. He is another great man.
      I think he would be much better off fulfilling the duties of presidency then Kaine. So there you have it… Hillary is nota spring chicken, neither is Trump…. Who would you rather have?

      • The trouble with Newt or Christie or Guiliani is that they are all “bulldogs.” Trump is already a “bulldog.” He needed someone who was sharp enough to miss the landmines while placating the establishment.

        • I agree… They were and he needed a more balanced approach. I was and continue to be pleasantly surprised with Pence.
          What I seen is that together we can do some serious work. This is unlike any other President lately, to pick an equally strong VP. We can see usually the clear leader of the two. Here we see a powerful duo. Some who will probably debate and discuss policy .

          • Well, that’s not true. Obama picked Biden, and has given him a lot of responsibility. And many thing Bush was a pawn of Cheney, at least for the first six years. Bill gave Gore a lot to do, and he was strong.

            GHW Bush thought he had to throw a bone to the far right, so he picked his pet boy. And while GHW Bush was tough enough, he totally knuckled under for Reagan, just as Humphrey knuckeled under for LBJ.

            Mondale was stronger than Carter. Ford and Rocky don’t count. Agnew was tougher than Nixon in some ways. LBJ was tougher than Kennedy (but not given much to do).

            So I’d say, for the past half century, Dan Quayle is the only veep who was not as strong as the president.

            • Lol. Quayle… I agree with most, exception again is Al Gore. His was almost a distraction from the Clintons. His global warming kind of spread, they invested alot of money.

            • That was mostly afterward. Gore lost because he chose a Bill enemy for veep, refused to take credit for any of the successes of the previous eight years, and wouldn’t let Bill campaign for him.

            • No, actually, just the opposite. Bill left office quite popular. If Gore had let Bill campaign for him, Gore would have won hands-down.

              Gore even picked Joe Lieberman as running mate–the main Democrat attacking Clinton during the impeachment proceedings.

              Then Lieberman practically campaigned for Cheney. He was running for his own senate seat, and didn’t care about Gore. Karma.

            • Exactly, of we learned anything else.. it is that if Pence was to back out now, it would be detrimental to his chances in 4 years. His sticking to his commitment will be looked upon as loyalty instead of a “Gore”.

      • Pence any day over Kaine. Kaine was so bad during the debate. Why she picked him is anyones guess. Poor judgment.

  2. Look, Donald Trump is still this Country’s best hope for a path away from the political corruption that we live in. Our status quo politicians fear the exposure and change that he will try to bring to this Countries citizens. Listen to his words and you will see that his desire and dedication are sincere. We all make mistakes but we are not all criminals. Go Donald Trump my wishes and my vote are with you!

    • So, you align yourself with misogyny, racism, xenophobia, incitement to violence and normalized sexual assault? Interesting. Good that you’re so brazen about it though. At least we can spot exceedingly bad people with ease. I applaud your nefarious honesty, at the very least.

        • Your ad hominem fallacy merely weakens your position. And consolidates you as a quintessentially hateful Republican. You can do better than that, surely?

          I see no disagreement regarding Trump’s xenophobia, misogyny and racism. No surprise of course as it is impossible to refute. A vote for Trump is a vote for xenophobia, misogyny, racism, hate and the dismantling of the constitution, especially the first amendment. The American people will never allow that to occur.

          • Basement dweller alert. ?. Never answered my question…. Are you a US citizen? Or just overstaying your visa?

            • Wow. And xenophobia rears its ugly head again. Firstly, it is none of your business. Secondly, it is entirely irrelevant and red herring fallacy. I am a permanent resident of the US. One who cares about this nation far more than Trump who wants to single-handedly destroy it and its constitution through divisiveness and hatred. American values of unity, diversity and freedom will destroy him. He can’t bring that down and never will.

            • You can not vote! So why are you so obsessed? You’re a permanent resident that hasn’t become legal. Why? Do you not want to pledge allegiance to the country you reside in? Do you see my problem with your remarks?
              I have had a good feeling about your true intentions. 🙂

  3. The Pence story about him leaving was a media plant. Only trust FNC or Drudge. The media lies, deceives and omits truth. & most of all don’t follow any polls, even on Fox. Delete CNN, HLN, PBS, & MSNBC. Trump is going to win easily, even though the scum-o-crat media will lie and say she’s ahead. Let all that propaganda go. She can’t win unless they cheat somehow. In the privacy of the voting booth this country will rise up to save itself even more than it did to stop John Kerry in 2004. If you think I’m wrong about her chances of winning, you’ve been listening to all the misinformation. Step away from the noise and use your head. This good country is not going to allow such a disaster to happen. Remember, we are a movement.

    • Yes, Trump is a movement alright. Sadly, it is of the bowel variety. He is going out of his way with all his might to lose. He must be because he is doing a great job of alienating every single person who has even a modicum of humanity. This vile bit of work will never ever be president.

      • Too many lose humanity. Chaney got us into a failed war. Oh, just follow the money. It leads to that military complex.

        • And no wrongdoing was found after multiple investigations (by a leading CIA Republican, no less). No evidence whatsoever of anything remotely untoward. I take it the Republican CIA investigators were all in on your conspiracy, yeah? Evidence please, or your claim is dismissed. Conspiracy theory is insufficient, I am afraid.

          • They have to be right. I’m sure there very honest.

            So please tell me once Saddam was removed why ISIS is now running wild? Cutting off heads, etc. If you say because we left too soon then your saying we shouldn’t have gone in and removed Saddam, right?

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