History was made earlier this evening at Hosftra University where the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wrapped up just minutes ago. The audience size is destined to be record-breaking and both candidates had the potential to win big or lose ground depending on the outcome. The debate was moderated by Lester Holt of the NBC Nightly News and the full video is below for your viewing pleasure.

First Presidential Debate from Hofstra University
Air Date: Monday, September 26, 2016
Candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Moderator: Lester Holt of NBC News
Transcript: Washington Post

Here is the complete debate video:

Report on the event from CNN:

The highly anticipated debut debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lived up to its billing Monday as the candidates clashed repeatedly over the economy, tax cuts for the wealthy and ISIS.

As Trump slammed Clinton for staying off the campaign trail recently as he traveled the country, Clinton responded with her best zinger of the night.

“I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate,” she said. “And yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be President. And that is a good thing.”
The line drew a round of applause from an audience that had been instructed to remain quiet.

Trump’s tendency to make false claims was on full display during the debate as he made inaccurate statements on everything from laws regarding policing, his support for the Iraq War and his contention that Clinton was behind the so-called birther conspiracy.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee, repeatedly sought to correct Trump’s statements — going so far as referring viewers to fact checks on her website — as she aimed to portray him as out of touch with the complexities of the American economy.

“I know you live in your own reality,” she told Trump.

I don’t know if I agree with CNN’s analysis that it “lived up to its billing,” I think the exchanges between Trump and Hillary left a lot to be desired. Both of them were lost at times in the weeds of their own answers, though I got the impression that some of it was meant to simply run out the clock and deny more time to the opponent. Donald Trump had a strong first half of the debate, though Hillary did show her “stamina” and maintained a pretty evenhanded expression and demeanor throughout the full 90 minutes. If I had to guess, I’d say this particular debate might have little to no impact on the polls. Both candidates landed some strong points, though both of them have their own flaws and weaknesses as well. One thing I’m certain of is that Donald Trump might do well to spend a little more time preparing his delivery for the next round on October 9th.


  1. donald did very well . defensive ? no he explained false accusation.He did attack . a lot of negative chi against him , incumbency party?

  2. Funny, Hillary wasn’t asked about Emailgate, Benghazi or the pay for play allegations against the Clinton Foundation. Wonder why. Imagine anyone else but a Clinton behaving the way she does – they’d be drummed out of public life.

  3. Trump was on the ropes a few minutes into the debate. It was obvious that from the first word he spoke that he was dry, and the amount of water he drank was reminiscent of “Little Marco”. His remark about calling her Secretary Clinton, and wanting her to be very happy, was meant to sound patronizing but instead sounded insincere.
    Trump was on defense for the entire debate, and as time went by, he sounded more and more desperate. Someone really should have told him that the split screen meant that he would be on screen for the entire 90 minutes. It might have saved him the embarrassment of the frowns and grimaces he displayed as Clinton hit him again and again. But then again, those were some examples of his “presidential looks”.
    If you were a Trump supporter going into last night, and you still are this morning, you might do well to watch this debate over again. If, after that you still support him, find your deplorable basket and hop aboard. Just try not to hit your head. ( it probably will not take too many more shocks.)
    If you were undecided, and this did not show you that Clinton is more qualified, by orders of magnitude to be president, then you probably are ethier a Trump supporter or a recently escaped mental patient.
    I hope everyone enjoyed this debate because I would say it would take a team of very strong horses to drag Trump onto another stage to face another public flogging like the one he received last night from Hillary Clinton.

    • Hillary came across as egotistcal. There is no way she has any interest in the average small middle class person. Yes I’m one of Your, and her, Deplorables. The people you hate. The people you discriminate against.

      I’m just a hard hat. Went to war. Came back. Just a deplorable who gets up every morning and goes to work.

      Why is it with all of Hillary’s experience that the country isn’t doing better? She’s been in control. Seems like experience in government doesn’t mean much, right?

      • Was she supposed to fix all the country’s problems as first lady, as the senator from single state, or as Secretary of state?
        I am, as you say you are, a common working man, trying to make ends meet. I did not get 14 million dollars or even 1 million dollars from my dad to start a business. So I worked for someone else all my life. At the 2nd of each year I filed my tax returns, and saw a portion of my wages I to taxes. I made such less than millions, yet I paid my taxes each and every year. I heard Trump say that making millions each year 2nd paying no taxes made him “smart”. If that makes you think that he loves this country and understands people like us, then you are justified to support him.
        Hillary Clinton is not now and has never been ” in control” of the country. No PRESIDENT is in complete control of this country. A president does have more influence over than any other single individual, over the direction of the country.
        I will enthusiastically support the only candidate I see that I think truly cares about people like us, Hillary Clinton. I think she will try her best to guide this country in the right direction.

        • I wonder what it is in hilLIARy’s charmed life that makes you think she could possibly understand “people like us”? At least Donald Trump has run an actual business.

          she “cared” about Haiti. How did that work out for the Haitians?
          Did she care about the flood victims? Nah. She was more interested in “fundraising”. How much did she “care” about her friend Christopher Stephens, when she ignored his plea for increased and better security? But you think she cares about you? Did you make a substantial donation to the foundation?

    • If the crooked one thinks so much of Mr. Trump’s tax papers … why does she not take the offer Mr. Trump offered: QUOTE … “show the deleted e-mails and I –against my lawyers’ advice- WILL disclose my tax papers”!!!

        • Those e-mails are about “something”… whatever.
          She definitely made back-ups to hold her respondents up to their words and mutual agreements. Meaning : stick to the deal or else! If I go down … you’l go down deeper !

  4. Factions are so dug into their respective “confirmation bias” corners, which in this election has such blurred fact-free intimations that have been widely debunked as to be clear, overt lying even the debate can hardly move the needle one way or the other to either side. They serve each side just to dig in harder and deeper and double down on what each team already believes; so, the debate served as a contribution to public discourse only to harden the resolve of each side. Finally, it is intriguing to ponder whether if the founding nation were trying to ratify our Constitution today under the current political climate whether the Constitution could even be ratified, especially if the current POTUS supported its ratification.

  5. The moderator was COMPLETELY supporting Hillary the entire debate. This was rigged in her favor, anyone could destroy her in the polls IF it was a fair fight; which it will never be with an elitist like Clinton.

  6. I’m shocked at the bias of this website. Ignore the first 26 minutes? Only give Clinton’s rebuttal words above? Shame on you; let the people decide fairly and stop trying to spin the win.

    • Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it “bias.” What we do here is bring you quotes from other media, for your comment. Quotes from elsewhere are the gray boxes. Can’t blame us for what’s said there.

      Nate actually said, “Donald Trump had a strong first half of the debate,” and “If I had to guess, I’d say this particular debate might have little to no impact on the polls.”

      Lighten up. Your boy will do better next time.

      • I didn’t say anything about the content of Hillary’s comment. I am saying if you want to truly be fair, you would have posted a comment from both candidates. And why do you have the video start 26 minutes into the debate? You are projecting an obvious bias and if you didn’t mean to, it is how it is conveyed. Why do you have the video start 26 minutes in?

        • The video does not start 26 minutes into the debate. The video I posted originally was from NBC News and had 26 minutes of NBC reporting before the actual debate starts at the 26 minute mark in the video. If you played it you would see that was the case.

          I have replaced the video with a better copy so as to avoid this confusion.

          • Hi Nate,
            I did play it and watched the entire debate from your link. I was able to go back to the start of the debate but it did start at 26 minutes into the debate when you first click on the link. Perhaps you grabbed only the debate and thought you were editing out the NBC reporting but in fact, starting 26 minutes in. Whatever happened, I’m glad you corrected it.

            If your goal is to have a fair & impartial site, it is important to do the extra effort to give both sides equally and to correct errors when pointed out, which you have done. This is a crazy election and people need to know they can trust a site that claims to be impartial. Otherwise, it would be better to just state a bias upfront so the people do not feel they are being deceived.

            • Our interest here simply lies in presenting all available information in it’s entirety including news stories and videos. If something is my error I’ll take responsibility.

      • As far as Trump doing better next time. He is convinced that he won the debate hands down. If you won, you don’t need to improve.

  7. Why weren’t Gary Johnson and Jill Stein invited to this debate? They are presidential candidates. Are they trying to keep the public ignorant of these alternative candidates?

    • Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are polling well below the 15% threshold requires to be in the debate.
      Historically, third party candidates have made little differenice in the presidential race, sometimes being accused of being “spoilers” and skewing the results of the race.

    • They had three rules. The third was that candidates must reach 15% in specified national polls. In other words, you can’t get known at the debates if you haven’t already gotten known through the benefit of the money and backing of a major party.

  8. Just read USA Today’s headliner about why Donald Trump should NOT be President–thank you, thank you, thank you. Between the article yesterday about the diagnosis of “poltical anxiety syndrome” that I am now afflicted with, and the affirmation of how seriously we should be taking his potential election–I ask for more coherent articles and editorials about how dangerous this man is.

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