There is a somewhat of revolt brewing in Colorado where the local Republican Party decided to scrap a caucus and instead select their delegates by a state convention. As a result of this decision, which was made public in August of last year, the Ted Cruz campaign was able to organize strongly on the ground and come away winning all 34 pledged delegates in the state.

As you can imagine, the Trump campaign was displeased and had some harsh words:

A day after being trounced by Sen. Ted Cruz in Colorado, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted the state party’s process for selecting national delegates and called into question the results.

“The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!” Trump posted on Twitter on Sunday evening.

Moments earlier, he posted a tweet that asked: “How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger — totally unfair!”

The Cruz campaign ran the table in Colorado, capturing all 34 delegates at a series of seven congressional district meetings this month and the state party convention Saturday in Colorado Springs.

Colorado GOP leaders canceled the party’s presidential straw poll in August to avoid binding its delegates to a candidate who may not survive until the Republican National Convention in July.

Instead, Republicans selected national delegates through the caucus process, a move that put the election of national delegates in the hands of party insiders and activists — leaving roughly 90 percent of the more than 1 million Republican voters on the sidelines.

The bottom line here is that these rules have been in place for almost 8 months with all parties aware of how Colorado was going to select their delegate. Since this year has turned out to be a tight delegate race, there is now a level of scrutiny on outcomes like this that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten much attention. Voters are rightfully feeling some anger at being left out of the process, especially given the high level of interest and intensity the 2016 race is garnering.

Cruz issued a statement touting his campaign’s unarguably strong organization skills when it comes to state conventions:

In a statement Saturday night, Cruz said the win proves that Republicans are coming together behind him.

“Today was another resounding victory for conservatives, Republicans, and Americans who care about the future of our country,” Cruz said in the statement. “Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and tonight’s incredible results in Colorado have proven this: Republicans are uniting behind our campaign because they want a leader with real solutions who will bring back jobs, freedom, and security.”

The Denver Post cried foul back in February concerning the Colorado GOP’s decision to select delegates by convention and wrote some strong statements on the matter at that time:

The Colorado Republican Party’s decision last summer to jettison a presidential poll at its caucus on Tuesday looks worse with every passing day.

GOP leaders have never provided a satisfactory reason for forgoing a presidential preference poll, although party chairman Steve House suggested on radio at one point that too many Republicans would otherwise flock to their local caucus.

Imagine that: party officials fearing that an interesting race might propel thousands of additional citizens to participate. But of course that might dilute the influence of elites and insiders. You can see why that could upset the faint-hearted.

By contrast, far-sighted party leaders should have welcomed the extra attention to their caucus and the potential activism on the party’s behalf it would have spawned.

That marks ten state conventions where Cruz has out-maneuvered Trump by playing the small game at the local level to come up with big delegate wins. In a campaign this close, these victories are starting to add up.

Moving to New York next will once again return the race to a large primary state, the type of battleground where Donald Trump has had the most success.


    • Cruz is not a corporate attorney. He’s a constitutional lawyer. Please check your facts. He was a clerk for Anton Scalia and as Solicitor General of Texas he authored 70 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and presented 43 arguments, including 9 before the Supreme Court.

      • In his book, Cruz notes that he represented Federal Express, Kimberly-Clark, Dentsply, and AstraZeneca.

        Cruz also notes in his memoir that he represented a Chinese company that had been found to have stolen trade secrets and designs from a US-based tire manufacturing firm.

        He worked for B. Braun Medical, Inc., to punish a whistleblower, who refused to be involved in illegal kickbacks. Cruz lost, and her attorney said, “He was a run-of-the-mill corporate defense attorney who’d defend anything anytime a corporation wants to defend something.”

        Cruz represented Kraft in a major
        lawsuit against Starbucks. He represented Pfizer when a California
        county accused the drug manufacturer and other pharmaceutical firms of
        overcharging. He defended Eagle Freight Systems when drivers sued the company
        seeking unpaid overtime wages and expenses. In a controversial move, he represented
        a Pennsylvania developer who was a central player in a corruption
        scandal that exploited juveniles, handling a dispute this crooked
        developer had with his insurance company.

        Businessman Robert Mericle bribed two judges to give minors
        harsher sentences in the infamous “kids for cash” system. Why? To make
        money for his private juvenile detention center. Cruz lost the case, but
        he took home hundreds of thousands of Mericle’s money.

        Corporate Lawyer who has “Washington DC values.”

        • I apologize. Trump just opened my eye’s. LOL. Trump has been a registered democrat and A power broker in the largest most corrupt corporate city in America since the 1990’s. Trump is right about the system being corrupt. TRUMP RECEIVED 37% of the popular votes in the Republican primaries, well short of a majority, yet HE GRABBED 47% OF THE DELEGATES. The system is rigged alright, in favor of your gangster candidate.
          Ted Cruz successfully won crucial cases before SCOTUS as a constitutional lawyer. He won the landmark case before SCOTUS in D.C. VS HELLER, striking down D.C.’s ban on the the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. He successfully defended the death penalty in the state of Texas in Medellin vs. Texas AGAINST THE PETITION FILED BY THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. Oh Cruz is a bushie.
          Afterwards he was a successful as corporate attorney from 2008-20011. I guess we punish success in our country, unless if it’s trump. THE IRONY IN ALL OF THIS, TRUMP IS CORPORATE AMERICA, GIVING WORK VISAS TO MIGRANTS TO WORK IN HIS RUN DOWN CASINOS AND HIS RICH FRIENDS CAN HUMP YOUNG LATINAS. Trump is the most disgusting, repulsive, exploiter I have ever witnessed. You Trump drones need to grow:
          1. a conscience
          2. a brain

          If trump becomes a nominee, fast track for hillary. Get it short bus?

          • Are you assuming I’m supporting Trump?

            See my other response below, regarding the 37%/47% nonsense.

            Typically, whenever someone is circling the drain, he demands a 1-on-1 debate. Remember when Bush demanded the same thing?

            Anyway, I hope the rant made you feel better.

      • Well, look at the reaction to 9/11.

        New Yorkers stood together, helped each other, and worked to rebuild.

        The DC crowd passed The Patriot Act and other fearmongering, used that fear to push unrelated legislation, and led us into unending war.

        • I have no real problem with New Yorkers’ values as what you posted it more accurate than Cruz’s version I was taking a well-deserved shot at.

            • Nice to hear from ya!

              Oh, bouncin’ around. Had a couple of jobs, took care of my 91-year-old dad after surgery…

              Basically just haven’t had the time I’d like to hang around.


            • Well, we’ve been waiting for your glowing praise for The Donald, now that he has the nomination in his little hands. . . .

            • Lol.

              Any ‘glowing praise’ of him from me would be residual radiation from the tactical nuke I dropped on him. Not that I’m anything like a fan of Hillary either.

              What a choice. Acid drops on one foot ’til it’s gone or chopping up the other in half-inch cubes one at a time.

              Thanks, guys.

              I assume you heard about the obit viz Trump/Hillary, Whomever wrote that should get a prize.


  1. Both RNC and DNC will choose the candidate. As soon as America understands you don’t matter we will all be better off. I am embarrassed as a proud American of our political process. I can’t stand Trump but he has been screwed by the RNC as Sanders has been screwed by the DNC.

    • I don’t know that we’d be better off so much as things’ll just be easier when we realize we have no say.

    • Trump hasn’t been screwed by the RNC. He’s only won 37% of the pirimary and caucus votes combined, but he has already received 47% of the delegates so far. He’s the one benefitting from the system big time. Stop buying into this BS that he’s been denied. The pig is denying others.

      • Trump’s ratio of delegates-per-vote (46%/37%) is about the same as Cruz’ (34%/28%). But Trump is not really complaining about the rules, per se, but rather, how they are being manipulated. Cruz has been packing the “Trump” delegations with hypocrites, who promise to vote for Cruz as soon as allowed. Worst case is Ronna Romney–yes, Mitt’s niece–who is a so-called “Trump delegate.” in Michigan.

        • Trump is not complaining about the rules? This is the statement he made yesterday in Staten Island, NY.
          “You’re going to have a very, very angry and upset group of people at the convention,” Trump said at an event in Staten Island, New York, on Sunday. “I hope it doesn’t involve violence, and I’m not suggesting that. I hope it doesn’t involve violence and I don’t think it will. But I will say this: it’s a rigged system, it’s a crooked system, it’s 100% crooked.”

          REALLY. He’s definitely not inciting violence, but you’re going to have extremely angry people, you know, the kind that will support him even if he shoots someone in the middle of 5th AVE.
          “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, okay, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?” Trump said at a rally in Sioux Center, Iowa as the audience laughed. “It’s, like, incredible.”

          No wonder he lost in Iowa. I didn’t volunteer in the U.S. Army just to come back and watch trump do a laughable audition for the cast of good fella’s as a presidential candidate. This guy can’t even figure out how to open up a can of beans.

            • Hitting the pavement and burning rubber, talking to delegates and mobilizing your support base is not abuse my friend. It’s called hard work, and trump prefers to hang out at trump towers and give 4-5 bombastic speeches a week.
              After all, trump has an army of attorneys working for him on a full time basis. He should have no problem proving abuse in the delegate system if it actually exists. He just doesn’t like the rules, and every state has their own delegate system, whether it’s a primary, caucus, or hybrid system.
              Cruz has displayed more energy and vigor. Trump is 70 after all, and Cruz is still a young man at 46.

            • We are a federalist system after all. Each state has earned it’s right to choose a delegate system most appropriate for their electorate. It’s a right we’ve earned in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and et al.

  2. Any chance Trump leverages this kind of thing into sympathy votes, especially if he ends up running in the general election as a third party candidate?

  3. So the guy who incessantly claims he will make ‘great deals’, who claims to have a ‘very good brain’, and reassures us he knows how to find ‘the best people’, and defends his huge donations to the NY and DC establishment as playing by the rules, can’t sort out the state primary rules.

    If Trump can’t win on this level he doesn’t deserve a shot at the world stage.

    • Most people think votes decide elections. Trump has more than 2 million votes more than anybody. Most people would excuse him for thinking that should matter.

      • Thats when the field had 6 candidates before Carson, Rubio, and Jeb dropped out. Rubio, Jeb, and Carson still have their delegates in the first ballot. During the convention, Rubio will encourage his delegates to side with Cruz. because trump is too liberal with transgenders sharing male and female bathrooms comment. Which makes him Mr. ultimate P.C. Trump will avoid having a substantive discussion at any cost, because he has no values. He wants to tell liberals what they want to hear in the east and west coast, and evangelical conservatives what they want to hear in between the coasts. He’s a total scumbag bag. He has no principles.

  4. Bottom line, trump’s delegates were unable to get enough votes to be counted in the CO state assembly. Trump didn’t even bother to organize many of his delegates properly. You don’t buy and sell delegates in a state that uses the caucus system. Each campaign is responsible for mobilizing their own delegates in their own district on the county level, then sending them to the state assembly. Trump lost miserably in that region. Look at Kansas, Texas (my home state), Oklahoma. He’s not popular there.
    Don’t buy the hype that he was robbed. It’s a load of crock. And of course he insults the people of CO by insulting the caucus system they’ve been using since 1912, because that’s the kind of man he is. If he doesn’t get his way, he throws a temper tantrum. And that’s why he’s popularity is plummeting.

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