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A Few Surprises in Tuesday’s Primaries

Happy July. We’re now just four months away from the general election, and June ended with some significant primaries. The most notable...

Live Results: Democratic Primary Voting in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois (March 17)

There was supposed to be four states voting today, but now it appears only three will be heading to the polls amid the Coronavirus...

Live Results: 2020 South Carolina Primary (Feb. 29)

With the candidacy of former vice president Joe Biden seemingly hanging on the line, we enter the last of the early state contests on...

Live Results: 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus (Feb. 22)

What a week this has been in the 2020 Democratic primary. Following the winning results for Sen. Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire last week,...

Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire While Buttigieg and Klobuchar Beat Expectations

After a long-fought evening of a lead which shrunk and grew at times, it looks like Sen. Bernie Sanders has hung on to claim...

Live Results: 2020 New Hampshire Primary (Feb 11)

After the debacle in Iowa last week, voters will get another chance at stamping a mark on the 2020 Democratic primary. Here's everything you need...

Iowa Caucus Results: Buttigieg, Sanders Locked in Virtual Tie With 97% Reported

The Iowa Democratic Party has continued to dump new results into the stream since Tuesday afternoon, now with 97 percent of precincts reported, we're...

Confusion Tuesday Morning as Democrats Scramble for Iowa Caucus Results

Report from the CBS Early Show on the delayed Iowa caucus results. Iowa Democrats were stunned and confused Monday night as technical issues surrounding the...

2020 Iowa Caucus Results (Feb. 3, 2020)

Results and analysis of the 2020 Iowa Caucuses from the Des Moines Register and other live video streams below. Alternate Live Streams: Washington Post (YouTube),...

Recap: Tuesday’s Primary Results in AZ, FL and OK

As we noted yesterday, some states are still in primary season in the run-up to the 2018 midterm election on November 6, 2018. Arizona...
Tony Evers Wisconsin

Recap: Tuesday’s Primary Results in CT, MN, VT, WI

On Tuesday, there were primary races in four states. These races included two primaries for Democratic gubernatorial candidates, in Wisconsin and Vermont, as well...

Wisconsin Democrat Turns Trump District Deep Blue

Back on Tuesday there was a special election in Wisconsin for an open state Senate seat. Wisconsin's 10th Senate District, which spans several counties...