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Could We See “President Patrick Leahy” Next Year?

Conspiracy theories have said that Donald Trump will not leave office if he loses. Bill Maher has been saying so for several years, as...

Live Results: 2020 South Carolina Primary (Feb. 29)

With the candidacy of former vice president Joe Biden seemingly hanging on the line, we enter the last of the early state contests on...
Trump Pence VP 2020

Should We Vote For Vice President Separately? Vice.run Says Yes

None of us are alive to remember, but there was a time when President and Vice President were selected independently from one another within...
Biden Sanders 2020 Polls

What Do Historical Primary Polls Tell Us About 2020?

Given the literal smorgasbord of (sometimes inaccurate) polling that exists in recent election cycles, we have a vast collection of numbers to sift through...
Trump 2020 Economy

Economic Indicators Point to Trump Victory in 2020?

Sure, it's early, and the Democratic field is still taking shape, no primary votes have been cast, and no debates have taken place. However,...

Why Roy Moore Will Win The Alabama Senate Seat

Remember the Access Hollywood recording? Donald Trump was heard to say that if you’re famous, it’s easy to sexually abuse women. It seemed...

Facebook Founder Prepping 2020 Presidential Run?

It's never too early to start looking down the road at the 2020 Presidential election, so from time to time stories crop up worth...

Russia: Meddling, Da; Collusion, Nyet

The National Review (NR) has a story that pretty much explains the 2016 election Russian connection: Yes, there was meddling. Even Trump...

Who Will Bernie Fans Vote For in November?

As we’ve seen in these pages, no one is more devoted than a Bernie Sanders supporter. The depth of emotion is incredible, and...

March 12th Caucus Results

There were a handful of caucuses today, the most meaningful of which is the District of Columbia Republican caucus and the Wyoming Republican caucus....