The news Saturday (aside from Cruz winning the low-delegate state of Wyoming) was that Donald Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago, because of threats of riots, according to the Chicago Tribune:

A nation’s deep and angry political divide collided on a Chicago college campus Friday night, keeping Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump from taking the stage at a major rally just days before the Illinois primary.

The volatile convergence of thousands of Trump supporters and protesters, which resulted in sporadic skirmishes inside and outside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion, reflected the two extremes of the political landscape — a disaffected right wing and a dissatisfied left wing. . .

Five people were arrested at the shuttered event — charges against them are pending early Saturday, police said — and two officers were injured. They were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. . .

Here’s a short report on the Friday night rally from CBS News:

Then on Saturday morning, there was a disruption at a Trump rally in Ohio, according to NBC News:

A Donald Trump rally took a dramatic turn Saturday when a disturbance broke out behind him — causing Secret Service agents to jump on stage and form a wall around the candidate amid the commotion.

A campaign spokeswoman said that a man at the Dayton, Ohio, event “attempted to breach the secure buffer and was removed rapidly and professionally.”

The suspect was identified as Thomas Dimassimo, 32, and was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic — both misdemeanors, Chief Mike Etter of the Dayton Airport Police Department told NBC News.

Dimassimo jumped the bike racks and tried to climb onto the stage, but was stopped by Secret Service stationed there, Etter said. He was being held at the Montgomery County jail in Dayton.

Here is video of the disturbance on Saturday:

Of course, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio jumped in to blame Trump for the disturbances, but it may have boomeranged on them, as Breibart reports Facebook comments from former supporters:

Jerry Shalow: Cruz you lost my vote for using this protest for your political game. Rubio also. Trump has my vote.. . .

Pappy Beagles: I’m a Texan, I voted for you for the senate, and was supporting you for president, up until you blamed Trump for the savage behavior of Hillary and Bernie supporters in Chicago. . .

Gayle Natale: Mr. Cruz, I just listened to your response regarding the protestors who caused Mr. Trump to cancel his rally in Chicago. You did not mention the violation of the first amendment once during your speech. I am extremely dissapointed in you. . .

Jace Conners: Ted Cruz… i was an undecided voter who was leaning your way then you blamed trump for the actions of violent protesters. I am now voting Trump thanks for helping me make my choice tonight.

Mike John Monseur: . . .I’m so disappointed in you Mr. Cruze. You lost my vote.

Roy Stiles: Ted Cruz. . .after you comments tonight in response to what happened at the Trump rally in Chicago I can assure you that I will not only not support you again for Senate in Texas, but I will actively campaign against you.

Dave Schiff: Cruz. . .You say you are a constitutional conservative defending the rights of individuals. You are a fraud and no better than Obama. How dare you. I would not ever vote for a fraud like you.

Danny Ashman: Pathetic rubio fraud. How about defend our 1st amendment rights here instead of sniping at your competitor who is crushing you

Mary Minerd Speegle: When Carson left , you were my pick. Sorry Marco but your words have consequences too. Trump 2016

Sarah Hanchey: Marco, you crossed the line by blaming Trump for the violence that protestors bring to his rally or to any other event. Your words will have consequences for you.

Pam Steiner-Conley: I am listening to Rubio on the Trump rally protest and laughing at his comment that words have consequences, Yes Marco, words do have consequences as you saw, since your words spoken about Trump lost you a lot of votes.

For those of us old enough to remember, Chicago is the same city that hosted the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the most violent in history. The protestors didn’t like that the party establishment passed over liberal Eugene McCarthy, and nominated more-centrist Vice President Hubert Humphrey.

It might be noted that four years later, the radicals won, and nominated George McGovern, who lost in the worst landslide in American history. But the real message is that the protestors turned America against their party. And when America feels threatened, here or abroad, they have always, in recent times, turned to the Republicans to bring back “law and order.”

And that is the irony of the protests. Not only are they alienating people from their cause, they are giving Trump the nomination—especially when his opponents are so tone-deaf in their response. And, of course, if the protests continue, the country will likely turn to the Republicans, in general, to put their foot down on unreasonable dissent.

Could this year’s election have even more surprising twists and turns for us??


  1. I am afraid I do not understand. Why is it that it is okay for Trump to be belligerent and demeaning to anybody he pleases, let alone encourage violence? Yet it is not okay for others to speak out against him? What am I missing here? I would not vote for Trump – at all – under any circumstances. He is a buffoon and a media whore – if he was not receiving media attention he would be gone from this race. Wake up America!!!

    • What you’re missing is that rallies are constitutionally protected assemblies, where a speaker and his audience have a right to conduct their business without interruption. The free speech of the protesters applies OUTSIDE the rally, not inside. Protesters are free to yell and chant all they want outside; inside if they disrupt (and it’s up to the speaker what counts as a disruption) they can and should be ejected. (Perhaps necessary to say, this applies to all speakers, not just Trump and not just political speakers.)

      Glad I could clear that up for you.

      • There have been instances of politicians (notably, Bush43) doing background checks of people before they could get tickets to an event. That’s why you didn’t see protests of the Iraq War in 2004.

        But if the doors are open to anyone, you can’t really complain if someone gets in.

        What protestors don’t understand is that violence turns people off to their message. And, of course, the rally organizers miss that same point–so people might also turn against the rally.

        For instance, in the recent episode, people didn’t like the protestor who disrupted things, but once he was in custody, it was even more despicable that he was physically attacked while being held.

        In case you missed it, the attacker was interviewed and said they’d kill him the next time.

        Not the way to “win friends and influence people.”

        • Do you REALLY believe ‘PROTESTERS’ swong first??

          That’s a fucking oxymoron!! And, we’ve seen enough times that Trump’s supporters aren’t afraid to swing first!!

      • Being ejected from a rally is one thing – being beat up is not acceptable. If you think Trump is not encouraging the violence inside his rallies – you are swinging on a rainbow – he has offered to pay legals fees for one of his fans who was arrested after he sucker-punched a protester.

  2. Yea I don’t get it. The party that was hosting violent riots in 1968 was the Democratic Party.
    Do you think people are fucking stupid? WE WILL stand up to this intolerant, hateful fascist. The protestors themselves have been PEACEFUL it is DONALD’S GOONS who are out of control.

  3. You have it completely backwards. In ’68 the Dems had horrible protesters because of the Vietnam war and the way LBJ was handling it. Their golden boy, RFK, was taken out leaving a lackluster candidate, Hubert Humphrey, to run for U.S. President. The GOP repackaged Nixon to run for president with a solid support from the GOP. Now we have a fractured violent GOP and a calmer (than the GOP) Dem. Party. I think voters instead will vote Democratic in 2016. We will see, as always.

  4. “Protesters”…? Try the proper term — Agitators!

    Last ditch effort, clutching at straws, using paid agitators against Trump to stop free speech — it will backfire, again.

        • Then you admit your illogical bias? Given Trump’s supporters have a tendency to push, punch, and spit on protestors.

          Your argument makes no sense, unless it’s in Trump’s favor right?

          Nobody is paying these people to stand up for their rights. Trump is losing to Bernie in more national polls than he can count on his tiny hands. GG Trump.

        • This site confuses me… I commented on the app, which sent me an email that I was replied to so here I am >~<.

          I thought you were the other guy, mb lol. Friendly Fire!

  5. I don’t understand why people hate Trump…like if you listen to what he actually says and not what the media says he says, then you will realize that he really is trying to make America Great Again!

    • Trump = People Power — America for Americans!

      The Establishment and Main Stream Media can’t stand the truth, or they become obsolete!

      End of story.

  6. If anyone has noticed Trump REACTS.
    He does not start up anything but only is reacting to the bad condition the Establishment has put the nation into.
    There are a lot of parts to that argument and he has been explicit on how he will correct them all.
    Although denouncing political correctness has never had such a heyday before him!

  7. While I understand the premise of this article, I wouldn’t say I ‘completely’ agree.

    I say I ‘understand’ because I’m one of those people that can’t stand protestors (even if I share in their cause). It doesn’t matter how good the intent, in generally stirs a ‘group mentality’ into disorderly conduct. It builds, supports, and justifies the anger within people who are already angry enough to rally together. This is why so many protests often lead to riots, looting, disruption (such as blocking streets & freeways). Even in peaceful protest, a group can stir disdain (or even hatred) for onlookers who are affected negatively by their actions or words. Protestors like to be heard, and will often do whatever they can to get media attention (to broaden the scope)… and the ‘group mentality’ often leads to people doing things they otherwise wouldn’t do on their own; things that often affect other bystanders (again, such as road blocks or confrontations when someone disagree with their actions, ect).

    All that said, this article neglects the other side of these events… Trump is leading untraditional rally’s; he’s running on hatred and disdain, and inciting bigotry. When you watch a Trump rally, it has much of the same affect on (unsupporting) onlookers as one ‘could’ say many feel about protest. And this same ‘group mentality’ affect is in play with his supporters. The media ‘does what it does’; it shows the outrageously loud and intolerant people at his rallys, as well as the rally supporters mistreating protestors who sneak in and speak out. His rally’s are inciting anger into hundreds millions of Americans who will never support him; never vote for him.

    Let’s not forget that Trump has the HIGHEST unfavorables of all candidates… and his vote has pretty much leveled off at 35% of the Republicans, which only makes up 16% of the general public. Believe me when I say; Trump doesn’t stand a chance. The only reason he’s winning the primary is because the field is too large (65% of the vote that doesn’t support Trump was spread between too many other candidates).

    • Good points, Captain. This article is stirring up some good debate, which is always the intent here. Disagreement and analysis makes it more interesting. Thanks for adding your opinion with some facts and further analysis.

    • Good reponse, Cap’n.

      Reminds me of my favorite quote from MEN IN BLACK: Will Smith says, “People are smart. They can handle it.” And Tommy Lee Jones replies:

      A PERSON is smart.

      PEOPLE are dumb,
      panicky, dangerous
      animals. You know it.

    • Wait a minute.
      Remember when Obama was running in 2007
      Hope and Change?
      All he did was run on hatred of conservatisim and distain, how we had to be progressive and lean forward and away from the party of the little tent of old white people
      He reminded the country daily (and the media as well) about the horrible military killing innocent people,
      Democrats were ugly and very nasty in 2007-08
      That is how Obama won.

  8. Lamebrain liberal troublemakers can’t deter Trump. Illegals, welfare recipients and BLM racists don’t like his message but he will triumph in the end. Sorry losers, maybe you’ll have to get a job and start pulling your own weight for a change.

  9. Then Jesus says to him, “Return your sword into its place; for all those having taken the sword, will perish by the sword.

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