Just when it seems like the Republican primary couldn’t get any more interesting, we’re now to the point where Ted Cruz is challenging Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate in Wisconsin ahead of the primary there on April 5th. I highly doubt Trump will take him up on the offer, but that would sure make for a must-watch 2 hours of primetime television. As it stands, CNN will be holding a Town Hall tonight with all three remaining GOP candidates

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
CNN Republican Town Hall from Wisconsin
8pm ET (7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm MT)

Candidates: Kasich, Trump, Cruz
Moderator: Anderson Cooper

Details on the Town Hall from CNN:

Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will air their increasingly acrimonious differences in a town hall Tuesday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, airing on CNN and moderated by Anderson Cooper. Ohio Gov. John Kasich will also participate, rounding out the Republican presidential field.

The event comes one week before the state’s April 5 primary, a critical test of the candidates’ strength before the campaign heads to eastern states later in the month.

This is a town hall event, candidates will each get 1 hour of time separately to answer questions from the moderator and the audience.

However, Cruz is upping the ante, asking Trump to combine his hour into a one-on-one debate. Report from RealClearPolitics:

Ted Cruz challenged Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate at a rally in Wisconsin today. Instead of a planned town hall moderated by CNN where each Republican presidential candidate will appear separately, Cruz called for a face off with the Republican frontrunner.

“Tomorrow [Tuesday, March 29th, 2016] CNN has two town halls back to back. An hour with me, an hour with Donald Trump in the same location. We should make it a debate. Let’s make it a two-hour debate. CNN has already scheduled it. You’ve got a venue. You’ve got a location. You’ve got TV cameras. The only thing missing is Donald Trump because he’s too scared to debate,” Cruz told CNN on Monday.

Here is video of Cruz pleading his case on Monday:


Polls show Wisconsin a virtual tie right now with a slight nod toward Cruz leading at around 1 percent on average. This race will come down to the wire and may be a similarly slim margin such as what we saw in Missouri. On the other hand, I see it entirely possible that either Trump or Cruz catches some support in the coming days and breaks out a 4 or 5 point victory by taking some of Kasich’s votes and winning late-deciders.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker endorsed Ted Cruz today, which could give him the boost he needs to close the deal:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker made it official Tuesday, endorsing Ted Cruz a week ahead of the state’s pivotal Republican primary.

Cruz is “the best positioned by far” to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination and to win a general election over Democrat Hillary Clinton, Walker told Wisconsin radio talk show host Charlie Sykes.

“Ted Cruz is a principled constitutional conservative who understands that power belongs to the states — and to the people — and not bureaucrats in Washington,” Walker said.

Cruz, who worked for the endorsement, has said he is “a big, big fan” of the governor, and that he is a “true conservative.”

The endorsement of Cruz is not surprising. Walker said last week that Cruz is the only candidate who can beat Donald Trump, and Cruz previously tried to help Walker raise money to pay off his campaign debt.

Wisconsin Republicans and Democrats will vote in their respective primaries on April 5th.


Here is the full video of the CNN Presidential Town Hall from Wisconsin on Tuesday, March 29th:



  1. Senator Ted Cruz will win the debate with Trump which is
    why Trump still avoids it. All things work for Good for those
    who love the Lord!

  2. I find it interesting that in reality Cruz is attempting to be a bully, his antics are relative to taunting. He is trying to FORCE Trump to do a “one to one” debate and cloaking it under the premise that if he refuses or doesn’t bite on the bait he must be a coward or hiding the fact that Trump doesn’t have a plan. Now here is where I believe the truth is honestly housed: I believe Trump (by character and history) does not unveil his best laid plans ahead of schedule, a shrewd businessman does not show all of his cards for the opponents to know what he has in place. While it is somewhat important for the nation to know what each candidate has to offer…I have to lean toward Trump for wisdom here in this situation. Due to our current world crisis of ISIS and other hot topics, I don’t really think letting all plans out in the public to be the best idea. ALL I NEED TO KNOW is WHO is willing to be ALL IN to protect our nation and our people here and abroad! NO ONE cares in the slightest about the childish arguments that truly truly truly NEED TO STOP – both Cruz and Trump are gaining momentum in the disgusting realm of slinging crap at one another. STOP THE BS and start talking what you can offer – NOT what the other one is NOT able to provide or is telling a lie about. CUT the crap! We all know political lies and propaganda run rapid everywhere these days – the AMERICAN people have been feed so much BS for the last 7 years that we are EXHAUSTED and sick of the ignorance. JUST speak truth and tell us what you can do for our country!!!!!! GAIN some respect from the average American without the constant bickering nonsense and childish behavior. SERIOUSLY – we do NOT NEED a bunch of punks in the white house, we have that already! – okay, rant over. Just my opinion!

    • Voting for Trump on the premise that you have a ‘hunch’ that he has better plans than he currently displays is asinine. From what we’ve seen so far he’s a failure of a business man who’s no stranger to bankruptcies, and the plans he has put out are so poorly written a child with autism has more foresight than them. Assuming he’s actually smart, cunning and diplomatic but prentending he’s not and that he’d be an amazing president is the biggest turn in logic since denying global warming…Which Trump also thinks is a hoax.

      • Actually if you were paying attention Trump is not a unsuccessful business man. Let’s be honest. Cruz most likely won’t be the candidate for the general because he wasn’t born in the United States but Canada. Kasich went off on that one guy when he talked about Ohio it was to funny. I’m like none of these candidates are fit to run this country

      • and you’re worth how much exactly?? I think being worth billions qualifies as a good business man.. you idiot!!

        • So being rich inherently makes you a good ‘business’ or ‘wise’ man? Donald Trump is rich because he inherrited what Daddy built. He doesn’t ‘build’ anything but debt, going bankrupt 4 times in his life. Each time at the expense of those who invested in him.

          Trump’s poor business decisions have put him FAR behind many businessman who started at around the same wealth. Like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, who, since 1988, have gone from a net wealth of 1 and 2.5 billion to 80 and 68 billion, respectively. While Trump has only gone from 1 billion to 4 in that same time frame.

          But if THAT isn’t enough proof for you, look at his biggest real estate rival and golfing buddy, Richard LeFrak. Who’s worth over 7 billion today.

          So even by business standards, Trump is below average at best. And, despite his bold claim to be worth 10 billion, there is ZERO evidence to support that. Add in the fact he refuses to release his tax returns for a shady reason, and we’re just supposed to ‘take his word’ that he’s worth as much as he claims to be? I don’t know about you, but proof that you’re as good a businessman as you claim to be for president is plenty reason enough to demand his tax returns. But he won’t, because he’s not. But, YOU decide. Maybe next time you should




          before you vote next time.

          • He did inherit the money he helped his father make it a big money business. He created his fathers fortune. Are you kidding me.

            • No. Just, no. His FATHER made that money. And you’re missing the point. Trump didn’t start from the bottom and make 4 billion as his father’s firm provided an enormous platform from which to branch out. He didn’t accomplish anything outstanding in any light.

              If you were paying attention I pointed out how ALL of his colleges are worth more than he is today thanks to his poor business descision. He’s used bankruptsies to avoid going broke FOUR times in his life. And it should make you ask…who’s going to pay the bill when he bankrupts America?

          • Go Trump!! I don’t care if he is rich. But I do care what he believes. I want the job! And get y’all illegal immigrant out of America!!!

            • Do you honestly think somone who actively ships jobs overseas is going to bring thembsck once he gets in office? That’s fundamentally contradictory. I admire your passion, but it has made you blind. Trump is going to use you like a business asset; and bankrupt you.

  3. Trump is a complete fool, and talks like a sulking bully about… everything. He’s beyond ridiculous. Cruz is a phony and is frightening. Kasich is the only candidate who speaks with complete sincerity and sense that comes from a strong background. There is absolutely no question about who won tonight’s Town Hall. America, get with Kasich…. and I’m a diehard Democrat.

  4. I really think Anderson Cooper didn’t have a control of that meeting with Donald as every minute” Donald was excuse me”….he has no respect for anyone elses opinion only his own. Just look at his face when he walks in and sit down and answers questions… you can see he only wants the fame and ratings…. he doesn’t care about the people…..He is above all the low and middle class but yet they don’t see this.. I can safely say that at least for Ted Cruz, when he was asked a question from the crowd, he mentioned the person name and was polite and I think he answered the question and thanked them and the other hand Donald didn’t even do any of that… Why you ask? we are all below him and his nose is in the air and lips are in anger shapes…. any body taking a body language class will know he doesn’t want us….he only wants fame and to rebuild he business…. he talks about Ted Cruz and lies and yet he can’t provide any evidence of being audited…. I would like to see the IRS version of his taxes and not his audited version as they can tweak it to make us think we is very rich…
    Donald is rich in property but he is not in liquid assets…. Anderson asked about the contributions to his campaign… he said” awwwww Usd7 here and Usd.250 there” that peanuts and I have done this and I have done that…. he doesn’t appreciate the monies the small folk is giving his campaign… so again why give it to him???
    He doesn’t like China, ( yet he boast that the rents one of the largest buildings in Manhattan to the Chinese Development Bank) Japan, Mexico and has said bad things about Canada , Germany and now Brussells is a ” hell whole” …does he not know that America cannot survive on its own as the lone soldier or only country in the world??? Think about that…. England has already said they don’t want his on their shores and that to start…
    Again Donald flip flops and is all over the place and never answers a question Direct as he thinks he is fooling the American people with his TV and Apprentice ways….
    I have never wrote about this and I think this is my last….he really is an educated idiot……
    BTW_ he talks about illegals in America and I agree something needs to get done but I hope everyone heard the Dairy Farmer in audience when he indicated they have to get Latinos to milk their 2800 cows as its 24 hrs as Americans won’t do it…….
    People really need to listen to Donald and see his is wolf in sheep clothing and he only telling those people what want to hate the current administration what they want to hear…. I have never heard anything from him structurally on how to resolve the debt crisis, immigration, foreign policy….etc…
    I also blame the networks they only have him on for ratings as the more ratings they get the more advertisements they get form drug companies to push Xaralto, Cialis and you name…..so if he wins and God I hope Donald never wins… we have media networks to blame…more CNN…
    BTW- The rest of the worlds thinks this is most crazy thing they have ever seen and heard.

  5. once again , political insiders , so the governor owes Cruz money for his past election , so Cruz bought the endorsement , again the same old BS …. go Trump

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