Donald Trump was declared the winner in South Carolina Republican Primary just about 45 minutes after the polls closed at 7pm ET. The battle continues for the 2nd place spot with a tight race between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. The results will be coming in for several more hours, follow them live at DecisionDeskHQ.

Report from USAToday:

Donald Trump claimed the South Carolina primary on Saturday, news networks projected, taking another major step toward the Republican presidential nomination as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio battled it out for second place in the Palmetto State.

Early returns projected a closer-than-expected victory for the New York businessman, but a victory nonetheless.

Republican rivals Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Ben Carson were well behind in early returns in South Carolina, raising questions about the long-term prospects of their campaigns.

Trump who led pre-election polls, sounded a cautious but optimistic note shortly after the polls closed at 7 p.m. ET, tweeting that “people (pundits) gave me no chance in South Carolina. Now it looks like a possible win. I would be happy with a one vote victory! (HOPE).”

Here is Donald Trump’s full victory speech from South Carolina:

The next contest, on Tuesday, February 23, is in Nevada where Trump holds a decent lead according to the latest polls.


  1. For you young folks, a “President Trump” is not as insane as electing “a washed-up B-movie star” about four decades ago.

    Remember, in “Back to the Future,” Doc Brown in 1955 asks Marty who’s president in 1985. When Marty says,”Ronald Reagan,” Brown says, “then who’s vice president, Jerry Lewis??”

  2. The Charleston Post and Courier created an anonymous site they’re calling the “Whisper Campaign”
    for South Carolinians to submit tips of any questionable mailers or
    advertisements they’ve seen. So far the site has received 44
    submissions, about half of which have been phone calls. The Cruz
    campaign has been behind most of the submissions that the Post and Courier was able to link to a specific campaign.

      • There comes a time when there is copious past evidence, that any new claim must be given due concern.

        There have been many DOCUMENTED examples of Cruz fraud and misdemeanors. And, here, MOST of the claims of abuse have been by Cruz.

        The thing that stands out is that there have been no substantial claims–in Iowa, in New Hampshire, or in South Carolina–of ANY other candidate playing dirty tricks.

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