Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of the Nevada Democratic Caucus though the margin of her victory is not yet known. As of the time of writing, with 79% precincts reporting, she’s leading Bernie Sanders by about 52% to 47%. Based on returns so far, the race has been called in her favor.


Report from the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appears to have won Nevada’s caucuses.

The Associated Press called the Nevada race for Clinton around 2:15 p.m., and Reuters reported that Fox News did the same, according to Reuters.

Clinton was beating Bernie Sanders 52 percent to 48 percent with 66 percent of the state’s precincts reporting as of about 2:15 p.m., AP reported.

Turnout was heavy at the party’s caucuses in Southern Nevada. Reports from the presidential voting locations showed long lines and big crowds late morning and early afternoon.

Review-Journal writers Tweeted that some people who showed up were not allowed to participate and that at some sites, the doors were closed and people were left standing outside.

They also reported that people were getting testy, and that at least one site was running out of registration forms.

The Becker Middle School caucus was running more than a half-hour late. A party official expected it to begin after 12:30 p.m., noting that officials didn’t anticipate so much turnout.

At stake is Nevada’s pick for president.

There are about 250 caucus sites throughout the Silver State.

Just weeks ago, polls showed Clinton with a 20 point lead over Sanders. If the end result comes down to less than a few percent difference, it speaks to the inroads Sanders has made since his New Hampshire victory. From here, the race heads to South Carolina next Saturday, February 27.

More to come including candidate speeches.


Here is Clinton’s full victory speech in Nevada:

Will update again with Bernie Sanders when he addresses his supporters.


Here’s the concession speech from Bernie Sanders:

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