Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush teased on his twitter account today a “major announcement” happening on June 15, 2015. We can only surmise this will be the date on which Bush will transition from exploratory mode, into an official 2016 presidential campaign.

Report from Buzzfeed:

It’s almost official, another Bush will be making a run for the White House. Jeb, who announced about six months ago that he was exploring a presidential run, will make his official announcement in less than two weeks.

The former Florida governor, who is also the son of former president George H.W. Bush and younger brother to former president George W. Bush, will make the announcement on June 15, 2015, according to a tweet he sent out Thursday morning.

According to Bush’s website, the big reveal will happen at 1 p.m. at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus.

Bush has been “exploring” a run for the past six months while raising millions of dollars for his Right to Rise Political Action Committee. This arrangement has generated some questions about the line Bush is walking to circumvent campaign finance law and raise money for his PAC while not yet acting as an official candidate.


  1. Is there no one left to make the midnight ride to rally America? Not even Bernie Sanders comes to mind. Corruption is well known but Whistleblowers (True Patriots) are usually vilified and often sent to jail so we can’t count on them. James Madison warned of unbalanced power
    in our government system, calling it powerful factions and corruption. He’s gone so we can’t count on him. The FEC who is responsible for enforcing
    campaign finance laws is so broken that it ignores the law breaking politicians so they can’t be counted on. The Supreme Court basically created the problem so they.can’t be counted on.

    Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Scott Walker are the top Violaters of the Campaign Finance Laws and will probably never be called to task. But the harsh truth remains they are personally willing to knowingly break the law to get what they want. If you want a president who is honest, trustworthy, without criminal intent, these three can’t be counted on.

  2. Newsflash: *Surfisher to announce presidential run on June 16th!*

    I’ll be running as both a Neoconservative Republican and Democratic candidate (for there’s hardly a difference).

    I’ll be changeling Bush & Neocons and Hillary & Dregs with the following Unbeatable Platform: “I promise to steal Less Money and get Less Bribes.”

    My winning slogan will be: “Vote for me, The Less Crooked Politician!”

    And may God bless Israel….

    • When this topic first came up, I thought, “Where is Surfisher when we need him?”

      But you’re moving too fast, man. You should have announced that you have been asked to consider running. Then a press release about the fact that you’re considering it. Then a story about consulting your family. Then go on a thirty-city exploratory (and fund raising) tour. Then. . . .

      As for your slogan, I’d be more pro-active: “Invasion!! Taxation!! Free stuff for everybody!!”

      • More trying to keep his head from exploding, from things these people tell him in an interview. . .

        • Viva la Schieffer! He is old time Texas culture at it’s best.
          With Schieffer and Letterman gone, CBS programming will be void.

            • Jeb was well rehearsed and Schieffer really didn’t press him on certain subjects. On immigration he neglected to remind Jeb that his wife came to Texas as an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Yet, he wants all other Mexican immigrants to wait years and go through certain steps
              to become citizens. Being an immigrant certainly did not prevent her from becoming a lovely and charming woman. I just think Jeb would gain a lot of votes if
              he softened his stance. But, of course, it is proven over and over, what a candidate says he will do…is not what he does as president.

              I like Stephen Colbert but will he retain the character he created or will he be his true self? I’m sure I will watch and find out.

            • Jeb married Columba which earned her citizenship. To my knowledge, she wasn’t here illegally. I think that’s a rumor. I see lots of speculation of that all over the place but no sources I found definitively prove anything. Do you have a link explaining it?

            • Evidently, you are not a researcher. What I wrote is no secret in Florida as well as Texas from newspapers and the internet. Why don’t you send me a link that says it isn’t true that her father entered Texas illegally and at one point she was in Texas illegally. I think of it as a lovely ending for her, marrying Jeb. I commend him for converting to Catholism and speaking spanish in their home. I have high praise for Jeb Bush in the way he handled his children’s troubles. He is the better Bush. I think from his personal knowledge, he could find a better soul fulfilling answer to the immigration policy

            • Lighten up, Jumpy.

              There’s a leap from being “no secret” to being a documented fact.

              You argued with me vehemently about the Clinton Foundation and dismissed all allegations of wrongdoing as nonsense. I provided you dozens of links from credible sources.

              I’m just asking for 1 credible source. I’m not even saying you’re necessarily wrong! You simply stated something that I, not being from Florida or Texas, am totally unaware of. I assume you, the one stating the opinion, have some credible, factual content to back up your claim.

            • It’s all very sad. Look up any “charity,” and you’ll find that they’re lining their pockets, not helping anyone very much. Even the Red Cross was investigated and found wanting recently.

              I know it will make your head explode, but it makes you wonder if the private sector can do anything right. I mean, you’ll find inefficiency in government programs, and once in awhile, some graft. But private organizations such as these have the skimming built right into them. It’s intentional.

          • Liberals will be disappointed in Colbert. He is, at base, an entertainer. He was playing a part on his old show. He won’t be making any statements anymore. On Late Night, he’ll be just helping to promote movies, music, and books.

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