The endless parade of Republican candidates continues today with former Texas Governor Rick Perry tossing his hat in the ring for a second time. Perry, if you’ll recall, fizzled out in 2012 after some poor debate performances was not able to gain much traction. Overnight, Perry launched a new website declaring his candidacy which will be followed up with an event today near Dallas.

Report from USAToday:

Former Texas governor Rick Perry will announce Thursday that he’ll make a second bid for the White House.

The campaign’s new website went up early in the day, saying that Perry offers “tested leadership” and “proven results,” particularly in job creation.

Perry, who served as Texas governor for 14 years, plans to stress his experience, saying in a campaign video: “It’s going to be a show-me, don’t-tell-me, election.”

Later this morning, at a small municipal airport just north of downtown Dallas, Perry will join a growing field of Republican candidates for president that includes fellow Texan Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and former business executive Carly Fiorina. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are also likely candidates for the Republican ticket. Bush said Thursday morning he would announce his decision on June 15.

Though he left office on Jan. 20, Perry has unfinished business back home in Austin. He was indicted last year on felony counts of abusing his power as governor by threatening to veto funding for a district attorney unless she resigned because of a drunk-driving arrest. Perry has denounced the case as a political witch hunt, and conservatives have rallied to his cause.

Perry, 65,begins the race with a slate of deep-pocket donors such as billionaire Red McCombs, founder of Clear Channel, who have bankrolled his Texas campaigns. He has hoped to draw voter support from leading the booming Texas economy the past 14 years. But the state lost 25,000 jobs in March and oil projects have stalled in the wake of plunging oil prices, though the state’s 4.2% unemployment remains well below the national average of 5.4%

As noted, Perry has some deep pocket backers which is what he’ll need to carry on through the summer into the primaries if he hopes to have a shot. However, ever since the infamous “oops moment” during a 2012 debate, Perry has been licking his wounds politically. If he does, in fact, make the debate stage, many eyes will be watching to see whether he has polished his delivery and spent time ensuring he will not have an “oops” moment in 2016.


            • Weird that the losers are “segment A” and those with a chance are in “segment B.”

              Only goes to show that comedies get better ratings than tragedies.

            • I think it refers to the order of segments.. losers go first…

              What I’m wondering is how much time will be allocated to A. Surely B will be 2 hours, but could A last only 1 hour?

            • I hope not. The A-Team will be more desperate and, therefore, more entertaining. The B-Team will be more reserved, trying to avoid mistakes.

              It’s good that the losers will go first, so that they can give the moderators ammunition–“So-and-so said this about you, what’s your response?”

              Of course, they’ll have time to practice an answer, but as with JEB’s recent flap, sometimes, there is no “right” answer.

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