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Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

Bernie Sanders Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

As we reported over the weekend, it appeared that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was inching closer to launching a 2020 Presidential campaign by recording...

Ohio Gov. John Kasich enters 2016 presidential race

Governor John Kasich, of Ohio, will likely be the last major Republican to enter the 2016 presidential race. Kasich spoke today at his alma...

Gov. Scott Walker officially joins the 2016 race

It had been planned since the beginning of July, when Governor Scott Walker filed his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission, that his formal...

Former Va. Senator Jim Webb Announces 2016 Presidential Run

Odd timing for a Thursday afternoon before a major holiday weekend. Then again, nobody pays me as a campaign consultant so I'll shut up....

Scott Walker sets July 13 launch date

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is one of the two remaining holdouts on the Republican side who have yet to declare a candidacy. The other...

Video: Chris Christie announces 2016 presidential run

As of this morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has officially joined the 2016 Republican field. This makes a total of fourteen Republicans with...

Ohio Gov. John Kasich to announce 2016 campaign July 21

Ohio Governor John Kasich has been laying the groundwork for months in preparation to launch a 2016 presidential campaign. As far as polling goes,...

Report: Chris Christie launching 2016 campaign next week

The speculation has continued in recent months as to whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would forgo a 2016 campaign in light of faltering...

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal launches 2016 presidential campaign

As of today, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has formally announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination in 2016. Jindal enters the race with...

Scott Walker forms ‘testing the waters’ committee

We're down to the last three or four remaining well-known Republicans who have yet to declare a presidential run, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being...

Video: Donald Trump launches 2016 presidential campaign

It's true, the day has come to pass. "The Donald" is in the race for the 2016 Republican nomination. He's an officially filed candidate...

Jeb Bush officially launches 2016 presidential campaign

After the completion of a six month exploratory phase which consisted of endless fund raising on behalf of his Right to Rise PAC, Jeb...