The coordinated effort to draft Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race seems undeterred by her frequent statements indicating she has no plans to launch a presidential campaign. The group, now calling itself “Run, Warren, Run,” is headed to New Hampshire to drum up support.

Report from Yahoo News:

Progressive activists hoping to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race will hold their first meeting in the key early-voting state of New Hampshire on Saturday.

Members of and Democracy for America are starting their “Run, Warren, Run” New Hampshire effort with a meeting in Manchester. The groups hope to persuade the populist Massachusetts senator to seek the Democratic nomination in 2016, even though she has repeatedly said she is not running.

In an interview published Tuesday in Fortune, Warren answered a simple “no” when asked, “So, are you going to run for president?” Asked for comment, Warren spokeswoman Lacey Rose said Tuesday: “As Sen. Warren has said many times, she is not running for president.” [Emphasis added]

The architect of President Barack Obama’s consumer financial protection agency, Warren would be able to quickly raise millions from an enthusiastic following, many of whom are wary of the leading potential Democratic candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Saturday’s meeting comes a month after a similar gathering attracted about 75 people in Iowa, which traditionally holds the earliest presidential caucuses just before New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primaries.

MoveOn plans to spend $1 million on its Warren effort, and Democracy for America has pledged $250,000. The groups are seeking staffers in both states and are trying to build volunteer and donor support.

I think the continued push from activists hedges on the fact that Warren is not currently running for President. Which means she may, at some point in the near future, be running for President.

We’ll see what happens but at this point, she’s either playing hard to get to seem like she’s being dragged into the race by the Democratic grassroots, or she really intends to avoid it entirely and not run in 2016.