Well, that was fast. This time frame of three to four weeks could put us in early February for the “Mitt 2016” campaign to become reality. Honestly, I hadn’t even added Romney to my list of possible 2016 candidates until yesterday since I did not expect him to run for a third time.

Report from Fox News:

Mitt Romney, after revealing to donors just days ago he’s considering a third presidential bid, has aggressively cranked up his outreach to political allies — leaving Republican operatives with the impression that he, indeed, is likely to join the 2016 horse race.

The former Massachusetts governor has been calling former aides, donors and supporters from his 2012 campaign — as well as GOP leaders and insiders in the vital state of New Hampshire — as he weighs a 2016 bid, sources close to Romney told Fox News.

One longtime adviser who has spoken to Romney in the last few days told Fox News it is “very likely” the 2012 Republican presidential nominee will announce a 2016 campaign for president in the next three to four weeks. [Emphasis added]

I think this came out of nowhere for a lot of other candidates, like Chris Christie, who did not expect to compete against yet another “establishment” candidate besides Jeb. For Romney to move so quickly following the holidays tells me he would like to clear some of the field and begin establishing a foothold in these early states.

He’s leading in Iowa polling as I type so why not give it a go? They say third time’s the charm.