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Biden Sanders 2020 Polls

What Do Historical Primary Polls Tell Us About 2020?

Given the literal smorgasbord of (sometimes inaccurate) polling that exists in recent election cycles, we have a vast collection of numbers to sift through...
Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

Bernie Sanders Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

As we reported over the weekend, it appeared that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was inching closer to launching a 2020 Presidential campaign by recording...

Bernie Says He ‘Meant to do That,’ But Hillary Still Winning

Bernie Sanders had a big weekend, with landslide wins in three states. Does that mean he has a chance of winning, after all...

Hillary Clinton to Present ISIS Strategy in Speech Today

In what appears to be a response to the terrorist attack in Paris last Friday, Hillary Clinton will provided a detailed outline of her...

Vice President Joe Biden still considering 2016 bid

It's been months since I've been able to comment on Vice President Joe Biden, but it appears he's still thinking over the prospects of...

Report: Team Hillary looking at Julian Castro for VP spot

You might be asking, "Julian who?" If you are asking that, I commend you since you probably spend more time enjoying your life and...

Bernie Sanders launching 2016 campaign for Democratic nomination

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed socialist and lone independent in the United States Senate, has declared he will and seek the Democratic nomination...

Biden: Yes, there’s a chance I’ll challenge Hillary Clinton

Speaking today on Good Morning America doing a State of the Union recap, Vice President Biden was asked whether he is considering a challenge...

‘Run ,Warren, Run’ heads to New Hampshire

The coordinated effort to draft Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race seems undeterred by her frequent statements indicating she has no...

Hillary targeting early April for campaign launch?

The speculation has gone on for months but it appears Hillary's 2016 timeline is coming into focus. Now that we're a few weeks into...

Elizabeth Warren seeks to drive the 2016 Democratic platform

Whether or not she decides to run, Elizabeth Warren's themes have already made it into the discussion among top Democrats likely seeking the presidency...

Iowa Democrats Shun the ‘Inevitable’ Clinton Candidacy

The media has certainly embraced the "inevitable" story line with regard to Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Democratic nomination, but many Democrats in the...