The New Jersey Governor has been fairly quiet in recent months about any possible 2016 aspirations he may have. However, it appears his team is assembling and may begin the processing of fund raising and quite possibly could launch a political action committee as well.

Report from the New York Post:

The Republican National Committee’s top fundraiser, Texas-based Ray Washburne, is preparing to join Christie’s team. He told the AP on Monday, “I won’t be the national finance chairman at the end of the week.” He declined to comment further because Christie has yet to announce his 2016 intentions.

Washburne was a leading fundraiser for Bush’s brother, former President George W. Bush.

Christie’s team is expected to start making moves to raise money for a prospective presidential campaign by the end of the month, according to a person who has been in touch with Christie’s team, but who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss the plans publicly. [Emphasis added]

That could include the potential formation of a political action committee to begin raising cash that can be used to support a prospective campaign, the person said.

Between Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Chris Christie, is there really anymore room in the establishment niche for someone like a Scott Walker or Marco Rubio? This will create a crowded field assuming that all three of the top tier contenders (Bush, Romney, and Christie) actually do launch campaigns.


  1. I think it’s insane that so much money is spent on campaigns. But I think it’s even more insane for people to PAY the money. I think it shows how corrupt the system is. Some of us are “more equal than others,” and at this early stage, when candidates with the same political stands are beating up on each other, the only justification for contributing to any one of them is to gamble that that person will win later–and owe you, big time.

      • Sorry. I’m still not getting notifications. I just go from page to page to see if there’s anything new.

        OK, here’s my idea: If you cannot VOTE, you shouldn’t be able to BUY votes. So I’d eliminate ALL foreigners, ALL corporations, ALL unions, ALL groups of any kind. Only individuals could contribute–and more specifically, only registered voters.

        And then, I’d limit the amount that each voter could contribute. We should not have such a disparity in the influence people can have on elections. [And, again, corporations are NOT people, my friend.]

        There really SHOULD be some things that “money can’t buy,” and one of those things should be American elections.

        • I assume you also limit personal money from a campaign? For example, my name is Fitt Zomney and I loan my “Fitt for 2016” campaign a few million from my own wealth..

          • Yeah. Elections should be won by the number of people they impress–not by the number of dollars they’ve horded. A candidate is also a voter and there should be a limit from any voter.

            I didn’t say it was likely, since the political process runs on money, and instead of representing us, they start on day one to beg for the next election.

            • OK, but what if my name is Fim Webb and I don’t have the name recognition and I’m not allowed to raise much money.. meanwhile, Beb Tush over there doesn’t need a dime and already he’s a well known candidate..

            • Same thing. We live in a different time. If people care about something, whether it’s Ron Paul or the Arab Spring, the word will get around. And the word will get around commensurate with how much people care. As it should be.

              Fim Webb should rise or fall on word-of-mouth, or word-of-Twitter. But when people are faced with a billion dollars of well crafted propaganda, the truth doesn’t fare well. And, I guess, that’s the point.

              People tweet what they truly believe (right or wrong)–while advertisers purposely and universally tell LIES.

              The 1% own 50% of the wealth in the country–they shouldn’t also own 100% of the elected representatives.

  2. Nate: Here’s another matchup I’d like to see: Christie and Webb. Now THAT would be something to see. Maybe profanity, maybe even fisticuffs. Wow.

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