A little ahead of even the schedule I expected but it appears the Reagan Library has announced intentions to hold a Republican primary debate in September, 2015. It must be noted that the Republican National Committee, which recently took greater control over the primary debate process, has yet to officially sanction this debate.

Report from the Associated Press:

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced Thursday that it will invite GOP presidential candidates to attend a televised debate at California’s Reagan Library in September 2015.

The announcement comes two years before voters will decide President Barack Obama’s successor. In some ways, the next presidential contest is already up and running. Prospective candidates in both parties have been jockeying for position while helping colleagues in midterm contests from Iowa to New Hampshire in recent weeks.

It’s unclear if the Republican National Committee will sanction the debate, set for Sept. 16, 2015. The RNC recently adopted new rules to limit the number of primary debates. [Emphasis added]

As noted, we’ll see how the RNC responds to this debate. Perhaps they were on board but the question will be what moderators they decide on. It remains to be seen just how the RNC will control these debates and how strongly their new rules will be enforced. As in 2008 and 2012, the Reagan Library GOP debates were co-sponsored by NBC News which will likely mean moderators that don’t pass muster with the RNC.


  1. Off topic — if I may (Nate, it is about the 2014 elections, after all…).

    *America: The Headless Horseman*

    Excerpts from this superb, short but to the point, article:

    1) “If the polls are right, President Barack Obama‚Äôs second midterm election losses will be a record in modern history.
    Recent two term presidents and net losses in the House of Representatives during midterm elections: Dwight Eisenhower 66; Ronald Reagan 31; Bill Clinton 49; George W. Bush 22 — Barack Obama is expected to lose between 68-75.”

    2) “Recent two term presidents and net losses in the Senate during midterm elections: Dwight Eisenhower 13; Ronald Reagan 7; Bill Clinton 8; George W. Bush 5 — Barack Obama is expected to lose between 11-16.”

    3) “What makes this moment in history different is that President Obama is ignoring these election setbacks…. unlike other presidents, Barack Obama may see a role for himself in the world beyond America, a post presidential international role. So he may be appealing to specific power groups and constituents beyond this country.”


    This is why Obama MUST be Impeached — he cares nothing about America, but only for himself!

    • Bob — good one!

      Thinking of a poster for 2016 to carry for election day. Input by all meritorious posters is welcome.

      so far (for a 3×4′ placard):

      Neo-Cons = drones!
      Democrats = rats!
      Elect a Patriot 2016!
      Rand or Revolution!

  2. The Real American People need to send a message to Washington that come 2016 we will no longer tolerate the Ever-Growing and All-Encompassing Octopus that the US Government, in all its machinations, has become!

    This bloating parasite that reaches with ever-extending tentacles trying to SUCK OUT and NEGATE our Liberties, our Constitutional Rights, our very freedoms and existence as free people, our prosperity, our morality, our independence from illegal governmental interferance, our sovereignty as Free Individuals — MUST STOP…or else!

    It is good that Dems will lose in a few days — 2014 midterm elections! But not enough, since the neo-Cons winning are hardly different!

    We need a Champion of Freedom to become US President in 2016 — Rand Paul (the son of the greatest US Patriot, Ron Paul, this century)!

    The message that we HAVE HAD ENOUGH must be CLEAR and SCARY to the Scumbags in Washington:

    *Rand or Revolution!*

    Nothing else will do!

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