Courtesy of the White House, no less. Give it a watch and you tell me what the Vice President is selling other than himself and his own credentials of the last several years:

Description of the video from the YouTube page:

In order to more efficiently accommodate massive post-panamax ships, the United States needed to widen and deepen many of its channels and harbors. TIGER grants have channeled federal transportation funding directly to 38 port projects in 22 states designed to increase efficiency and grow the economy. President Obama has proposed new investments in transportation infrastructure to jump-start job creation & build a 21st century American economy.

But, where’s the President? The video was released by the White House but what other reason do they have to push the Vice President under his own agenda? Campaign ad or bust?


  1. Interesting. But here’s another read: Obama’s numbers are low. He’s not the one to make the pitch.

    But Joe is like Wonder Bread–nondescript–so it can appear that it’s all about “the American worker,” instead.

    You know, sequel to
    “Morning in America.”

    As such, it might be a stealth pitch for 2014–happy talk for Democrats. We’ll have to see what else they do, but on just one sample, I’m not thinkin’ it’s the Joe Show.

      • Nate: I’m skeptical of polls, too. It’s all about what the questions are, and how they’re asked.

        I’m particularly dubious about these polls, since the numbers for both Obama and Biden account for more than 94% for Obama and 93.5% for Biden.

        Is the American public that clear about anything? Almost everybody has either a favorable or unfavorable opinion??

        I’ll bet an honest poll would show a lot of people who (a) don’t know, (b) don’t care, and (c) probably 10% for Obama and 30% for Biden who would say, “who is this again?”

        But I do agree with you. I said elsewhere that “Uncle Joe” is the only Democrat who seems to have a favorable rating among blue collar white voters. If he got the nomination, he could run a “new Democrat” campaign like Clinton’s in 1992. Then, if the GOP nominated an “I’m smarter than you” candidate, like Ryan, the election would be sealed.

    • Surf: Che Guevara???

      Biden’s more like the new Jose Jimenez. (I figure you’re old enough to remember Bill Dana on the old Steve Allen show: “My name. . .Jose Jimenez.”)

      • Goethe Behr — LOL, good one!

        How about Biden speaking like Jose Jimenez, dressed like Che Guevara…with a bandolier of shells, a red beret on his head and a shotgun in his hands?

  2. Has to be NWO (New World Order) Nirvana — we got a Kenyan for Prez and a mental retard for VP!

    And what do we have for Sec. of State, Attorney General, Chair of the Federal Reserve Board, and the majority in the Supreme Court — more freedom hating, liberal anti-American scumbags!

    Isn’t it time to put a stop to this travesty?!

    Vote in Tea Party candidates 2014 — win the Senate, kick one of the worst anti-Americans out office, Harry Reid, start the end Obamination Socialist Care, that must end by 2017!

    Build on these successes so 2016 will be the Year the NWO scumbag putsch FINALLY ENDS in America, and Rand Paul once elected as President returns us back to limited Gov, respect of the US Constitution; return to Privacy, Liberty and Justice for All!

    Either this — or have someone like Joe Biden in the White House, AGAIN (when clearly he needs to be placed in a mental institution, instead)!

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