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Media Battles Over Hunter Biden Laptop While Joe Biden Avoids Questions

Call it an October surprise, or just another ordinary day in the year 2020. In case you missed the news last week, there is...

CNN Democratic Debate With Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on Sunday

Despite ongoing concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting the 2020 Democratic Primary, the debate scheduled for Sunday will be going forth as scheduled, with just...

Sure Looks Like Bernie Sanders Might Win Iowa, But So Could Joe Biden

The Sanders team is trying to build momentum ahead of the Iowa Caucuses set for Monday, February 3. With a long-fought battle happening since...

Joe Biden on Beau Biden’s Passing: “He Walks With Me, He’s Part of Me”

Former vice president Joe Biden speaking with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Wednesday, Jan. 22, reacts to a question about the loss of...
Joe Biden Primary Debate Clips

Watch These 5 Classic Joe Biden Primary Debate Clips

Many voters may be too young to remember the 2008 Democratic primary, the last time when former Vice President Joe Biden actually stood on...
Joe Biden 2020 Announcement

Biden Announcement Set For Thursday Followed By Campaign Tour

As we reported here on Monday, sources within the Biden campaign indicated that not only has the former Vice President made up his mind...
Joe Biden 2020 Announcement

Report: Biden Will Announce Presidential Campaign This Week

Over the Easter holiday, reports began to surface late last week that former Vice President Joe Biden has finally made a decision on his...
Biden 2020 Selfie

2020 Democratic Primary News Roundup (April 12, 2019)

As we head into mid-April, the new cycle slows a bit as most of the country is on vacation for Spring Break and observance...

Poll: Biden Holds Top Spot After Week of Accusations

We've chronicled some of the accusations and "open secrets" about how Former Vice President Joe Biden tends to be a little overly friendly when...
Biden 2020 apology

Biden Makes Pledge On “Respecting Personal Space”

This is an undesirable way to kick off a presidential campaign, but it's the situation in which former Vice President Joe Biden finds himself....
Biden 2020 Announcement

Biden Considers VP Announcement and One-Term Pledge

Perhaps the question to ask concerning why Joe Biden would feel the need to dabble with campaign gimmicks like announcing a Vice President on...
Joe Biden Stacey Abrams 2020

Biden Meets With Potential Vice Presidential Pick in Georgia

As Joe Biden finishes the final steps necessary to launch a national presidential campaign, he recently took time to meet with a popular Georgia...