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Trump Debate 2020

Will There Be Presidential Debates In 2020?

We’re all focused on the Democratic debates, but it got us to thinking, what if Donald Trump refuses to debate—not only his GOP challengers,...
Trump Rally 2020

Can Dems’ “Blue Wall” Hold Back Trump’s “Red Wave”?

Democrats are crawling all over the Midwest, hoping to bring States like Wisconsin and Michigan back into the Blue column. If they can, they...
Castro Booker 2020

Corey Booker and Julian Castro Still Trailing

In the era of “identity politics,” there’s no question that Donald Trump makes direct and veiled appeals to what he sees as the interests...
Biden Iowa Caucus Poll 2019

Latest Iowa Caucus Poll: Biden 24, Harris 16, Warren 13, Sanders 9

We've been mostly looking at national polls of Democratic primary voters following the first debate but what about state polls in the early caucus...
NBC Dem Debate Night 2

Full Video: Watch Night 2 Of The First 2020 Democratic Debate

The second set of candidates took the stage in Miami on Thursday for part two of the first Democratic debate. This night featured most...

Full Video: Watch Night 1 Of The First 2020 Democratic Debate

The first night of the first Democratic debate is in the record books with the first group of candidates giving it their all on...
2020 Democratic Debate

Candidates Plot Strategy For First Democratic Debate

With just one day to go before night one of the first Democratic debate of the 2020 primary season gets underway, candidates have been...
Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Student Debt

Student Debt Cancellation: Bernie Sanders vs. Elizabeth Warren

The topic of student loans and educational debt spawning from the ever-increasing cost of higher education has been a topic discussed during every modern...
Joe Biden 2020

Democrats Roar Into Debate Week Attacking Trump And Each Other

This is the week we've been talking about since late December when the Democratic National Committee first announced the schedule of twelve 2020 primary...
NBC News First Democratic Debate 2020

New Democratic Debate Rules Draw Complaints From Candidates

With the first two Democratic primary debates being essentially wide open to at least 20 of the 24 declared candidates, the decision by the...
Donald Trump Elizabeth Warren impeachment

What Democrats Risk By Pushing Impeachment (Part 1)

Many Democrats have been angered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because she has refused to lead a fight for the impeachment of Donald Trump....
Elizabeth Warren Trump Impeachment

Where Does The Impeachment Train End For Democrats?

In all likelihood, the impeachment train will continue limping along as an undercurrent during the entirety of the Democratic primary. However, does it really...