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When Will We Elect an African-American President or VP?

Back in 2008, there was a lot of talk about the end of racial discrimination. Disappointed white people, whose stereotypical, corporate white...

Biden’s VP: Kamala Harris Announced as 2020 Vice Presidential Nominee

Former Vice President Joe Biden has announced Sen. Kamala Harris as his 2020 vice presidential nominee. The selection follows days of speculation, as well...

Would Michelle Obama Accept Biden’s VP Spot?

The "Veepstakes," as it's known, runs far and wide in the weeks after a nomination appears to be wrapped up and the presumptive nominee...

Could We See Trump-Tulsi 2020?

With all the reporting on the New Hampshire Primary, we heard that Bernie won with 28%, followed by Mayor Pete at 26%, Klobuchar at...

Biden Says VP Pick Must Be “Capable of Immediately Being President”

Former vice president Joe Biden speaking to voters in Iowa acknowledges his age and says that any potential vice presidential candidate he selects must...
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Should We Vote For Vice President Separately? Vice.run Says Yes

None of us are alive to remember, but there was a time when President and Vice President were selected independently from one another within...
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Biden Considers VP Announcement and One-Term Pledge

Perhaps the question to ask concerning why Joe Biden would feel the need to dabble with campaign gimmicks like announcing a Vice President on...
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Biden Meets With Potential Vice Presidential Pick in Georgia

As Joe Biden finishes the final steps necessary to launch a national presidential campaign, he recently took time to meet with a popular Georgia...

Dump Trump? Dispense With Pence? Hail Haley?

With all the Democrats and Republicans lining up to challenge Donald Trump in 2020, we may not have noticed all the subplots. For instance,...

GOP Insiders Secretly Wish for ‘President Pence’

More and more, as the Russia thing is ongoing and as the Special Counsel ramps up, some within the GOP are looking forward and...

Veep ‘Battle’ May Seem More Like a Love-Fest

The big news over the weekend is discussion of the vice presidential picks. Neither pick was official just four days ago. There...

Will Hillary’s VP Pick Please Bernie Fans?

Now that the Republican convention is over, attention turns to the last personnel question: Whom will Hillary pick as her vice presidential running...