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Former 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate To Speak At 2020 Democratic Convention

Which 2016 candidate, you ask? Why, it's Ted Cruz, of course. No, just kidding, Cruz is all-in with the Trump campaign in 2020. It's...

McCain Slaps “Half-Baked, Spurious Nationalism” in Philly Speech

Say what you will about his health, but the Senator from Arizona certainly has not forgotten why it is that he loathes President Trump....

Right’s Reaction to Afghanistan Speech: Riled

The response to Donald Trump’s Afghanistan speech was quick and negative—from the right. All eyes were on Steve Bannon, who was eased out...

Afghanistan Becomes Trump’s War

President Obama went through the same gauntlet when taking over the White House from President Bush in 2008. Each new administration must pickup where...

Bernie Comes to Ann Coulter’s Defense Over UC Berkeley Speech

Conservative firebrand author Ann Coulter was set to speak at the University of California in Berkeley this week, sponsored by a Republican student group...

What is the Legacy of the Obama Era?

On Tuesday night, President Obama delivered his "farewell address" to the nation, speaking from his hometown of Chicago to a large crowd of supporters....

Cruz Gets Boos: Are his Presidential Ambitions Finished?

This is the reason why liberals should be very, very afraid. Even in the worst of times, Donald Trump finds a way to...

Melania Trump’s Speech: Cover-Up Always Worse Than the Infraction

The cover-up is almost always worse than the infraction. It’s even more ridiculous when the “infraction” is no big deal. Yes, this...

Marco Rubio declares 2016 candidacy, will speak at 6pm ET

Advisers close to Marco Rubio (R-FL) have indicated the Senator has declared his intention to run for president in 2016 and will make it...