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Russia’s Annexation of Crimea Unsettled Issue, Four Years Later

After last week’s election, Donald Trump was hoping he could change the dialogue from electoral politics to international relations. That was not helped when...

Mitch McConnell Now Polling Worse Than Putin

These are polling numbers within the United States, mind you, among his fellow citizens. Democrats, and Clinton voters more specifically, have had disgusts for...

Headlines From the G20: Trade and Terrorism

World leaders have been gathered in Hamburg, Germany, for the G20 summit, which is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors...

Russia: Meddling, Da; Collusion, Nyet

The National Review (NR) has a story that pretty much explains the 2016 election Russian connection: Yes, there was meddling. Even Trump...

Putin Offers Asylum to James Comey

Hell hath no fury like a Russian scorned. Or so it seems today. Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered asylum in his...

Dem Senator on Trump-Russia: “No hard evidence”

Over the week, aside from President Trump's tweets regarding wiretapping, there was another headline that hasn't made as much news. On Friday of last...

Hillary and Trump Compared to Past Presidents

A few days ago, Mike Huckabee compared Hillary Clinton to Richard Nixon. It’s not the first time that this year’s candidates have been...