These are polling numbers within the United States, mind you, among his fellow citizens. Democrats, and Clinton voters more specifically, have had disgusts for McConnell for a long time, as expected. But his inability to get much of Trump’s agenda passed has created a situation where Republicans are giving him low marks also.

According to the latest PPP poll, McConnell’s sitting at a solid fourteen percent:

As you can see, that’s about 17 percent from Trump voters, and 10 percent from Clinton voters, giving him around 14 percent among everyone.

Compare that to the numbers of Russian President Vladimir Putin and you’ll wonder how McConnell still has a job as the Republican majority leader:

The Pew Research Center published on Tuesday the results of a survey detailing views of Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin, in the eyes of the international community, but also included what Russians had to say about Trump. According to figures gathered between February and May of this year, 53 percent of Russians said they were confident in Trump’s presidency, while only 23 percent of respondents in the U.S. said so about Putin. [Emphasis added]

Finding that 23 percent of Americans are “confident” in Vladimir Putin’s presidency, versus a mere 14 percent of Americans who give McConnell the nod in approval rating should be alarming for the Senator’s office. Yes, “confidence” is not exactly the same as “approval,” but the numbers are still abysmal no matter which way you slice it.

But surely, you must be asking me, among his own constituents in the state of Kentucky, McConnell must be doing alright? To that I would laugh, and point you here to The Hill:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has an 18 percent job approval rating in Kentucky, according to a new survey.

A Public Policy Polling survey found just 18 percent of respondents approve of the job McConnell is doing, compared with 74 percent who disapprove.

That’s … not good among your own voters, especially in a state which voted 62 percent for Donald Trump in 2016.